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  1. wizcas

    In Progress General GAME CRASH if banner color IDs are not continuous from 194

    Summary: When a mod uses custom color IDs not starting from 194, the game will crash when loading a saved game or creating a kingdom. How to Reproduce: Create a mod In the file ModuleData/banner_icons.xml, add some colors with IDs not starting from 194, for example: <?xml version="1.0"...
  2. killyouready

    someone at youtube make a video introduce all my mod trials,that‘s good

  3. killyouready


  4. Mod de Fallout

    Hola, soy Wulfen. Soy nuevo pero ya llevo años jugando a Mount and Blade y me dio el interes de desear crear un mod basado en la saga de juegos de Fallout. Alguien me podria aconsejar como empezar o al menos que herramientas requeriria ? Tengo pensado hacer uso del mapa de toda Norte america...
  5. TeenBrunette

    SP Medieval European Chronicles of War

    Hello every body, I would like introduce you: European Chronicles of war. I am already part of Lemmy's Europe Campaign Map project team: but I decided few months ago (I started on my own in November 2022) to make a mod according to my vision. The mod is set in the 1300s, at the beginning of...
  6. callahan9119

    Can anyone point me towards a tutorial on how to create a module with edited unit trees?

    I know how to edit the xml in spnpccharacters.XML, but I don't know how to make it a mod that overrides vanilla. All I want is to edit the units with more diverse armor, so they don't look like clones, but have something saved and moduler so every update doesn't mess up the file. I had hope my...
  7. Resee


  8. Lluid

    BL [Résolu] Comment s'adapter au sexe de l'interlocuteur dans un dialogue ?

    Bonjour, J'ai peu d'expérience en programmation mais j'ai récemment fait des mods (notamment "culture switch - companion") et des chinois m'ont fait savoir qu'une traduction serait appréciée. Du coup j'ai essayé, à grand peine, déjà en français pour m'entraîner. La traduction fonctionne presque...
  9. killyouready

    wonder if we should change the style and way of making warband mod and make warband great again

    wonder if we should change the style and way of making warband mod and make warband great again: I often wonder if the mod for this game would continue to prolong its life, delay its obsoletion, and continue to attract players with a variety of gameplay, like Minecraft and Warcraft, if it did...
  10. Warband enhancement mod

    It happened so that M&B is one of the few games that I can run on my current machine at reasonable frame rate. After installing Warband and playing for a couple of hours like in good old days I decided to buy a new weapon - War Hammer. It happened to be broken, and unfortunately, the latest...
  11. Decompiling and recompiling an abandoned mod with Diplomacy for Warband

    Hello. I am relatively new to Warband modding, however, I had found one mod to be quiet enjoyable when I rebalanced it, it is called The Last Age of Calradia mod (LOTR but in Calradia). Sadly, the developer abandoned the project around 4 years ago, and while many aspects of the game were...
  12. Can we have a mod launcher within Bannerlord main menu when full mod tools releases or sooner?

    Can you have a mod launcher and downloader like Paradox Mod Launcher for Crusader Kings 3? But in your own unique style, or as Bethesda's built-in mod downloader and launcher? The purpose of this, apart from the main purpose, is to provide a way for people to download mods even if you are...
  13. Luizfabbr99

    Current Campaign Map Limitations 1.6.+

    What are the current Campaign map limitations? Like limits on settlements. Agents spawned.(if it works like the battle map 2048+ agents, the game will crash) New settlements types, is it possible to create? (I imagine like a tribal settlement, it would work like a town, but with low defenses...
  14. Looking for C# Programmers (Bannerlord Co-op)

    Bannerlord Co-op is actively looking for developers. If you have free time and would like to assist with the mod, you can join the discord and apply or directly message me. If you know someone that would be interested, please reach out to them. We need more developers to reach the dream of Mount...
  15. CaptainFracas

    SP Fantasy The Battle for Helm's Deep - a Lord of The Ring Mod

    My 3 mates and I are developing this mod by love of LOTR and to learn how modding works in Bannerlord. This is our first mod and we had no experience in modding a game before starting this project so please keep this in mind. As said in the video: Do not expect a total conversion mod for M&B II...
  16. Owenwb

    In Progress Scene Editor Vertex painting (material blending) isn't working

    Seems the vertex painting tools are still making meshes disappear, does this tool have any documentation anywhere at all? I'm trying to finish up a scene that I've been working on for months and the last bit of polish I need is locked behind this tool. In the 1.5.8 notes it was mentioned that...
  17. Schizophren

    Different breeds and species Mod

    Merhaba. Çok oyunculu modda farklı ırklarla bir mod yapmak istiyorum. Nasıl yapabilirim? cüceler veya devler gibi.
  18. DrunkenFrenchman

    Creating Elephant Mounts

    Hi, I am the author of Blood **** and Iron, a total troop overhaul which seeks to thread the line between fun gameplay and historical accuracy. I am currently working on a big minor factions overhaul and require some help since I have no experience with modelling tools like the ones available...
  19. Is there a modding discord or forum or community or something?

    Hi! I was wondering if anyone knew of a discord or group or something where modders can help each other out? I've seen other games where this is the case, so I was hoping there might be one for bannerlord, though I do understand that bannerlord's quite a new title!
  20. **Patch Update?**

    @Callum or whomever, I recall the initial beta announcement specifying a weekly release schedule where we'd have some kind of patch and communication on progress. I was just curious if last week's patch/update was delayed for some reason? Holiday? Lockdown? Too many shots of Raki? :P Some...
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