SP Fantasy The Battle for Helm's Deep - a Lord of The Ring Mod

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My 3 mates and I are developing this mod by love of LOTR and to learn how modding works in Bannerlord. This is our first mod and we had no experience in modding a game before starting this project so please keep this in mind. As said in the video: Do not expect a total conversion mod for M&B II Bannerlord from us but a small experience to enjoy one event of The Lord of the Rings.

The Battle for Helm's Deep is a mod with the goal of giving you the chance to play the great siege of The Lord of the Rings: The Two Towers. For now, the mod will let you play on the Helm's Deep map with a predefined army. You will have to defeat the Isengard army with the troops you have. The player will play as Theoden and will have to master the art of commanding his army in a siege map to reach victory.

If you have some skills in Bannerlord modding, we are looking for scripters and 3D modelers.
Send me a private message on discord if you want to help: https://discord.gg/n8m9Y5q :xf-smile:
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