Can we have a mod launcher within Bannerlord main menu when full mod tools releases or sooner?

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Can you have a mod launcher and downloader like Paradox Mod Launcher for Crusader Kings 3? But in your own unique style, or as Bethesda's built-in mod downloader and launcher? The purpose of this, apart from the main purpose, is to provide a way for people to download mods even if you are playing on the cloud. Cloud gaming is becoming more popular every month and honestly this is specific, but not overwhelmingly, specific to a small number of people. Personally, I will never be able to have a computer powerful enough to handle Bannerlord for a long, long time. That's why I play in the cloud. I can't run anything on a potato laptop with 4GB RAM and some other horrible stuff and honestly if it has a built in mod downloader then we cloud gamers don't have to try to break the cloud gaming guidelines on their Websites just to play a single mod in your game and overall it would help fill in some of the gaps in Bannerlord and if you get it right you could even make money from it. Honestly, You've got a lot on your plate, but please consider this and at least think about it. Honestly i don't want to compare games to other games and point fingers saying "you should have that". it's an idea that i think would improve the game for me and fellow cloud gamers and believe it or not there are people that cant afford to buy computers that actually can handle your game and i just happen to be one of those people. Cloud gamers aren't as small as a community as many thinks. either way thank you for listening to me this far and thinking about it - PaladinBonds
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