1. Error when reporting crashes. Crashing during the inventory screen.

    My PC can handle multiplayer on very high and stable FPS, but for some reason there are crashes in inventory, party and character screens in campaign. 16GB Memory, 8GB VRAM, Ryzen 5 2600. This is the error I get when reporting the crash.
  2. Resolved Hard Crash from Trade Screen

    Hi Guys, Basically every time I try to exit the trade screen I get a hard game crash to desktop. I'm also getting the error sending error reports so I can't send in the collected information. Cheers, Battleaxe
  3. K1NG01

    Resolved Missions in Pen Cannoc causing infinite loading screen isssue.

    Both missions in the city Pen Cannoc are causing infinite loading screens, when you click on the character who offers the mission so that you can talk to him.
  4. K1NG01

    Need More Info Sea raiders lair infinite loading screen.

    Hi there, just reporting a problem that occurs when you attack a sea raider lair. There is an infinite loading screen, meaning that you have to restart the game. It doesn't seem to happen in other lairs, only sea raider ones. Thanks.
  5. Need More Info The game doesn't start

    Привет, я купил игру в Steam, купил и скачал без проблем. Игра в игры запускается при нажатии кнопки «Играть» в лаунчере. Обновление .NET до 4.8, но произошла ошибка с VCredist 2015 ++ C, и компонент не был установлен (в итоге я установил, но результата не было). Есть ли способы решить эту...
  6. Nimai

    Resolved Cannnot log in bug

    I bought Bannerlord yesterday the second it came out and from then I couldn´t log into multiplayer. I tried it several times but still the same, so I sticked to SP (Which is absolutely great) and then tried again the next day. But it did the same and I couldn´t find any solution on the web also...
  7. Need More Info [BUG] ERROR: COMMENT_STRING variable has not been sent before

    Found a not too terrible bug, I apologize if this has already been reported before. It's kind of an issue since after accepting the quest to deliver some goods for Danos the Smith, when you leave he automatically talks to you about stealing his goods. If you refuse saying something about how...

    merhabalar. oyunu 6 saat oynadıktan sonra 1084 yılında hata vermeye başladı. ne yaparsam yapayım,saveli dosyayı yüklüyorum açılıyor ilerletiyorum yada şehirde bekliyorum application crash hatası alıyorum. aynı hata multiplayer modda oyuna girmeye çalışırkende çıkıyor. oyun başlamadan aynı hataya...
  9. Resolved Unable to submit crash logs

    For the second time after I crash when I try to submit the crash logs it gives me an error. Here is a screenshot of the error
  10. Buttered_Oranges

    Resolved Game Fails to Launch. Giving Error about Direct3D 11 and how it is not present

    Bug prevents game from even launching. Bug reproduction: In my Case, Launching the game How often it occurs: every time i launch the game The Game will be in a white screen for 10-60 seconds then give me those error messages in the image above. CPU: i7-8750H GPU: GTX 1060 Max Q 6gb Ram...
  11. Resolved Can't upload dump files

    Getting a 403 Forbidden response when trying to upload the crash files to TW. Don't mind the crashes, early access and all, but I think it'd be helpful to actually be sending the dump files. I am assuming this is a server-side error as I'm getting the full Azure Storage stack trace, but if...
  12. Launching problems

    Hello guys, big mount and blade fan here. I have issues regarding the launching on the steam platform. When i start the game Steam says its running a first time setup but after that i kinda chrashes without even opening the game. Im running .net framework 4.6, RX580 and 16gb ram, and a amd 5...
  13. In Progress Large black marks cover all people in battle

    In my first battle large black marks suddenly appear and cover all people in the battle making it impossible to play. Forum add photo button is broken as well so here is the link.
  14. In Progress Crash - Game freezes and after 5 mins or so d3d error

    Hello, when I try playing the game, sooner or later it freezes in one of the cutscenes and then gives an error message. Any solution to this? I updated windows & drivers to no avail. Also reduced the graphic settings, still crashes. My config is: radeon rx 570 - 8 gb ram - amd ryzen 5 1600x...
  15. Resolved Bannerlord'u İndirmeme Rağmen Tekrardan İndiriyor

    Bugün Bannerlord'u alıp indirmeye başladım 31 gb oyunu indirdikten sonra tekrar 31 GB'ı indirmeye başladı. Fakat \Steam\steamapps\common\Mount & Blade II Bannerlord klasöründe oyun mevcut. Oyunu doğruladım, indirme önbelleğini temizledim. Yani silmek dışında bütün her şeyi denedim fakat oyun bir...
  16. ZerooDawn

    In Progress Game crash at the start

    Hello, few seconds after i start the game, the game crashes. Sometimes in the loading screen and sometimes when i create a character. Everytime i get the same ERROR-Message: My graphic drivers and DirectX are up-to-date! When i run the...
  17. Glasforce81

    Game Crashes over and over again

    Hello everybody , My game crashes ovar and over again when im just wandering around the map. Tried several things to prevent it but no success so far. When it crashed the M&B crash reporter shows up and i can submit my crash. Does anybody else have this problem ? related specs : Cpu : i7 9900k...
  18. Help! Error in the game

    When I open the game launcher, as well as any menu in the game, it works fine for me, but the fonts do not appear on the buttons, or they appear as simple white squares. Do you know any solution, or what can happen? Thanks
  19. In Progress [Critical Bug] Loading Back Save Corrupted Game

    So i encountered a weird bug. When i was in a small town i got a quest to help deal with some raiders extorting them. I accepted it and did a manual save. I was supposed to wait by the villagers for when they came. Being the impatient person i am i sped up the time missing the raiders and...
  20. Купил, а игра не запускается.

    Ребята, нажимаю PLAY, все скипается и запуск не происходит, не синг ни мульти. Что делать? Возвращать бабло не хочется. Я ее долго ждал.
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