1. Need More Info The game crashing every time even i'm not doing anything

    I'm just opening the game, playing it for a few minutes and its just suddenly crashing. I love that game but i can't play it more then a few minutes. That error thing makes me crazy. My first 3-4 hours in the game was perfect but after that 4 hour i can't doing anything. If you guys know how can...
  2. Need More Info Crash when moving somewhere

    So this is the third time I have got this error in the screenshot. (the image button will not function so i have posted a link to it instead.) I am at a complete loss as to how to fix it. help?
  3. Bazı hataları sizlerle paylaşmak istiyorum. (Umarım okunur)

    Arkadaşlar merhaba. Ben Burak, Bannerlord'u çıktığı ilk andan beri severek - saatlerce oynuyorum. Bazı hatalar gördüm, bunları sizlerle paylaşarak yetkililerin görmesini ve oyunumuzu daha iyi bir hale getirmeyi amaçlıyorum. 1) Karakter becerileri kısmında çoğu yeteneği arttırmama rağmen...
  4. Finnvid

    Need More Info Hero stuck

    A hero from my party is stuck on mountains without being able to move. What kind of bug is this? Is there any way to correct it?
  5. Ackdam

    Early Access note from the developers as is posted on the Steam Store

    For those who do not recall what they agreed to when purchasing the game through Steam, here is the note (copied and pasted as-is) from the Early Access section: Note: The store page can be found: HERE Also of note is Steam's own warning from the same page: Note: Again the store page can be...
  6. Wife/Companion Map Bug

    Hey there moderators, I just have a bug to report that has happened to me in my single player playthrough. My wife who is in her own party got chased by looters into the mountains and now she is stuck running in place and can’t move or join my army or get back to my castle. I tried getting...
  7. wherearewee

    Big battles freeze completely, music and ambient sound still going, no error report

    Last night had a big battle between Empires that locked up completely, waited five minutes but never any error message so I shut down Bannerlord manually Reloaded my save this morning from earlier point, very next big battle froze up the same way, no error report, had to force shut down
  8. Vitold I

    Resolved When can I play multiplayer again?

    After 1.0.4 patch, i can`t play in multiplayer!!!!!! Singlplayer - Work! Who else faced such a problem?
  9. Arenor

    Resolved NPC skills in encyclopedia show error

    I was looking at the encyclopedia and when i ran my mouse across an NPC's skills i noticed they all had "ERROR: newline variable has not been set before". I don't know if this is helpfull but I thought I should point it out
  10. Need More Info Error with Starting New Campaign! The application faced a problem.

    Hey Mount and Blade Community, I just bought the game and I am super hyped to play but when I try and start a new campaign the game keeps crashing. It says: "The application faced a problem. We need to collect necessary files to fix this problem. Would you like to upload these files now?" I...
  11. isqbswe


    Traveling into a large city "center" or attempting to "talk" with a NPC located in "center" of a large city / castle causes my machine to die completley. Have tried numerous stress-tests/benchmarking software on GPU, CPU, Memory and Storage - all without any trouble/crashes and no other game...
  12. isqbswe


    Hello forum, I experience the following playing Mount&Blade II singel-player: Traveling into a large city "center" or attempting to "talk" with a NPC located in "center" of a large city / castle causes my machine to die completely and generates a CRITICAL KERNEL ERROR ID 41 Have tried...
  13. Resolved Error rglBuffer crashes at battle

    So with the new update I loaded my save and started crashing on any battle I join, and if I send my troops it alright. Thinking it the new update not working with a old save I started a new one. Was working fine so far, before day 10 did a couple of battles, just about to do a battle with a...
  14. Need More Info Error starting the game

    Hi, I bought the game on Steam, bought and downloaded without problems. The game does not start when you click the "Play" button in the launcher. Update .NET up to 4.8, VCredist 2015 ++ C is also installed. Are there any ways to resolve this error?
  15. Need More Info The game hangs on loading.

    Здравствуйте, я столкнулся с проблемой зависания при загрузке самой игры. В первый день все было хорошо, но в следующий раз меня не пустили в игру. Она просто повесила и закрыла окно загрузки. Такая ошибка при просмотре событий Windows 10. Системные требования удовлетворяют минимуму и игра...
  16. Meowricio

    Crash on load after update

    Hello, after update i cant load my pre-update save because game crashes on the load. After a try to load i get a choice about modules mismatch, but both of them lead crash. (Image N1) Also games "not sure" which version of M&B is installed (Images 2,3,4)
  17. kotatsu2012

    Need More Info The error in the time of the quest

    Hello everybody! today I came across a problem with the time frame in the quest "army of porachers". the number of days to complete the quest is -9, and after leaving the city, the quest fails.
  18. Dave1004

    Need More Info Massive Memory draw/leak

    Current OS: Windows 7 Specs: Intel Core i5 4670K @ 3.40GHz NVIDIA GeForce GTX 1060 3GB 16.0GB Dual-Channel DDR3 The game is currently installed on my Western Digital SSD. I have had no issues like this in any other game; ever. When I start Mount & Blade: Bannerlord, my Memory usage is at about...
  19. Need More Info "The application faced a problem." Error when trying to save or load game. Makes M&B Unplayable

    A lot of people are getting this error when trying to load or save. "The application faced a problem. We need to collect the necessary files to fix this problem. Would you like to upload these files now?". After clicking yes it closes the game and pulls up a list of crash files and gives you the...
  20. igfrosty

    Resolved 4 Hours gameplay than Crash

    First of all, it seems to be worth what we've been waiting for years. Early access will necessarily have mistakes. I think its okey. After playing for 4 hours, I got a mission related to the night raid from Agola City to Alatys village. (Maybe the problem is due to the mission. Because it was...
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