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  1. Lopezgdanny

    In Progress Companion dialogue skip

    Summary: Companion dialogue gets skipped if you talk to them from the town screen. How to Reproduce: Pick "talk" from the town screen on the tavern, and if you talk to the companion, their dialogue will be skipped by 1 time (they'll start from the second page of their dialog). This has happened...
  2. Resolved After battle dialogue with lords crashes the game.

    Hello, awhile back, when I started playing Bannerlord, I created my first save in which I cant remember having any problems, I joined Vlandia, but then I wanted to make my own Kingdom (I did take a break from the game for awhile between the saves) to try it out so I made a new save in a more...
  3. Hajenso

    Resolved "Default - should not appear" in lords' opening dialogue

    I'm seeing an opening line of dialogue that ends with ”(Default - should not appear)” when meeting lords for the first time. It's happened with at least four or five of them so far.
  4. Resolved Rhagaea is not a man. I think.

    Asking a Southern Empire noble to defect and he says that Rhagaea is his friend and couldn't think of betraying him. Rhagaea is a woman though so... yeah.
  5. yodakiller

    Resolved Minor: Talking to brother too early in tutorial phase leads to confusion

    At the beginning stages of the game, I went back to the village to recruit more troops before going after the raider camp. While in the village I decided to speak to Nogand. He was talking about splitting up and let me select my family name etc. I found the dialog confusing because he was...
  6. Resolved [Beta 1.3.0] Asking about Neretzes’ Folly, then demanding surrender closes dialog without attacking

    Asking an NPC about the main quest (one that wasn't present at Neretzes’ Folly), then trying to attack them causes the dialog to close without starting an attack. The only way to attack these NPCs is by telling them to surrender without asking about the main quest.
  7. Resolved Crash after dialog options

    After convincing a lord that is besieging my castle to convert to my kingdom the game crashes. Unable to continue the game as I will lose if the castle is besieged
  8. MinhTien

    Resolved Cannot accept "Bandit hideout near X" quests, all notable NPCs talk to me as if I am at war

    Summary: I reported this issue before here, just want to expand that as I continue playing, most NPCs (not the Nobles), whether friendly, neutral or hostile, all speak to me as if I'm at war with their factions. I can still accept most quests, except for the Bandit Hideout one. How to...
  9. Resolved Neverending Dialogue

    Situation as follows: I am playing as vlandian, being engaged by a western empire lord who i am at war with. i manage to convince him to join king derthert through multiple choice answer option. the lord then joins vlandia. when i try to leave and click on the map, the lord immediately engages...
  10. Resolved Error on a conversation with Town Leader

    Talking to Qarais of Fanab, with a quest to "Train troops for Qarais of Fanab" started with 9/10 borrowed troops trained to veteran (but the quest doesn't register any of that, 0/10). This weird message is said when I spoke to him:
  11. Resolved Dialogue not implemented: "Default Intro for Famous Player" appearing

    This has occurred a few times, but as a relatively new character (Renown 43) I've seen this pop up with a number of NPCs. I'm guessing I don't need to post my computer's specs but if you want the info let me know.
  12. MinhTien

    Resolved Notable from my faction sometimes refuse to give certain quests. Saying "factions are at war", treating me like enemy.

    Summary: I recently (1 in-game day prior) became a vassal to Khan Monchug. Visited Usek village to buy stuffs, see a notable have a quest to clear Bandit hideout. He has -2 relation with me. Talk to him but he refuse to give me the quest, saying "our factions are at war." Before I can get quests...
  13. Need More Info Single Player Map/Interaction Bug

    While sieging a city I was attacked by mercenaries from another faction and then I paid them to join my faction through the dialog menu. After this I have been stuck in siege mode without being able to assault the city or leave the siege. When clicking around the map the siege camp rotates to...
  14. Need More Info Dialog issue (famous player)

    Initial NPC "Temion" dialog line shows up as "(Default intro for famous player. Will try to make sure this does not occur)".
  15. CoolMcCoolJ

    Resolved Dialogue keeps starting after convincing enemy lord to defect

    I had just convinced an enemy lord to defect, and after returning to campaign map, attempted to leave but was forced back into dialogue with the lord. After attempting to exit the dialogue, was immediately sent back into it as if I had run into him. This happened several times until I was able...
  16. Resolved missing dialogue for final marriage arrangements

    as the title says, the dialogue option for making final marriage arrangements, is missing when talking to the clan leader after successful persuasion. I'm in the same faction as the spouse. I did ask about an alliance through marriage before hand and only got the "never mind" option, then the...
  17. Need More Info New friendly lord still engages combat dialogue, doesn't attack

    Summary: Converted a lord to my faction instead of fighting an outnumbered fight. Had success on all the dialogue checks, but now the lord (Mesui) keeps engaging the combat dialogue, but the dialogue options are only friendly. Can't move on map as our avatars are basically on top of each other...
  18. Resolved !!!CRITICAL!!! All Dialog options broken, Game broken

    When returning to complete a quest for Slowhand Genalf the Guard at the gate stopped me. This was my first time using the dailog options to try and convince someone to let me through and I did not understand it. Having made an error I choose to reload. When I reloaded I was inside the city and...
  19. Resolved Can't proceed with dialog anymore (Persuasion bug)

    So I had to do this quest where a Lord assigns you to sell his mercenaries to another lord. To do that you have to do a persuasion test where you have to win two arguments. I quicksaved so I could try it on every lord present in the castle and then move on. But after doing it, if I enter any...
  20. Resolved Bugged Companion Introduction

    It looks like this companion is supposed to reference specific NPCs when introducing herself, but it's gone wrong somewhere.
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