1. CaptainFracas

    In Progress [1.2.9] Banners floating on top of settlements in the campaign map

    When the player enters in a settlement on the campaign map, his banner and the ones of the parties following him in a army are placed on top of the walls. When the player enters in a scene of the settlement and exit back to the campaign map, the banners are bugged. Floating in the air. Here is a...
  2. PitViper

    Resolved Xbox series X crash

    Summary:Game crashes every time I try and load up my previous campaign. Just got the newest update and haven’t played in about month or so, crashes every single time in the loading screen. Tried restarting it a couple times to no avail. Just seeing if this is a known issue. How to Reproduce:by...
  3. Need More Info I'm helping the enemy attack my ally's castle.

    Summary: How to Reproduce: Click the castle being attacked -> Assualt the siege camp. Have you used cheats and if so which: Scene Name (if related): Media (Screenshots & Video): Computer Specs: OS: GPU: GPU Driver Version: CPU: RAM: Motherboard: Storage Device (HDD/SSD):
  4. Resolved Birth and aging

    With the new 1.2.0 I notice when turning On birth and aging, they still produce kids, is there a way to disable birth? For longer playthroughs too many AI lords make the game run slower and economy collapse with food shortage, is there a way to disable birth? I wanted to do no death/birth...
  5. In Progress Garrison can't be starved out.

    Summary: My town, Quyaz, has been besieged by the Aserai army for quit a long time. The food stocks have gone long ago. But There was not a single man wounded. How to Reproduce: Use my save. Media (Screenshots & Video):
  6. Montanakill12

    Resolved Bug npc appearance and main caracter appearance.

    Summary: How to Reproduce: Scene Name (if related): Media (Screenshots & Video): on PS5, several characters have black "teeth" or dark shadows in their mouths, including the main character in character creation, I hope they fix it so I can play again.
  7. In Progress Xbox Series S Map stutter

    Summary: After recent update to version when in map view playing on my campaign save. Every 2-3 seconds the game freezes briefly (1 second) and then resumes again resulting in an extremely bad stutter and no input is recognized during the short stutters. This did not occur until the...
  8. Resolved Campaign Crash System file error. PrisonerDontation issue

    Summary: Campaign System crash when on the world map riding around. How to Reproduce: Just loaded my save, venture around and it pops everytime Have you used cheats and if so which: Tried with cheats and then a fresh start and i still get the crash. Scene Name (if related): Media (Screenshots &...
  9. Need More Info The game freezes forever when starting new campaign or sandbox. BL

    Summary: Hey guys! Attempting to start a new game to enjoy the newest update but I find that the game freezes when I select an option from the "Your Youth" category in the character creation screen. Happens both in sandbox and regular campaigns. Unable to start a new game at all! How to...
  10. SP - General Governor assignment

    Hey, In actual 1.7.2 and earlier version we cant assign own character at governor position (like compagnon) but we have skills for +1 millitia with a skill and for example but no effect because we cant select own character. Guess it would take an adjustment for like our guys being selected as...
  11. Need More Info Unexpected game crash on any action after the same amount of time

    Summary: My game crashes no matter what I do, no matter if mods are enabled or not. At first, the computer worked fine, I did not change anything. The error appears with and without mods. BetterExeptionWindows says the following is the cause of the error (both with and without mods*): Source...
  12. SP - UI Campaign Stories & Other

    I wonder if something like this would be of use and possible to implement. I see great potential in a feature like this. For example, in VC we had some companions tell us about the story of a place, maybe if it would be possible to do something similar but without interrupting your activity in...
  13. Did they cancel the feature where you can draw nearby friendly troops into a battle in 1.58? Or is it a bug?

    Did they cancel the feature where you can draw nearby troops into a battle in 1.58? Or is it a bug?
  14. Kenzo-0-

    Editing Death Rate

    I dislike the death rate, vehemently. I'm wondering if there is a way for me to edit my game files to reduce death rate the way i like, couldn't find a mod that does the job. Don't feel like braking the game files so if there's anyone experienced at modding the bannerlord, perhaps we can solve...
  15. LuProHD

    Can someone explain me the upcoming new setting "birth and death" in the 1.5.6 beta patch?

    Does this setting for example disable the Death so my character cant die in battle? And does it disable born to my childs? If so then i dont understand why taleworlds is not making 2 settings one for death so my character can die in battle and one for birth so my character can become kids! I...
  16. Wanderer/companion amount?

    So i have multiple saves and in each i have different amount of wanderers available. It seams the longer the day count in the game the more wanderers i can meet but i have'nt found out what is the reason in game for increasing available wanderer amount and can all possible wanderers be unlocked?
  17. Observation - Aserai and Khuzait rarely go to war

    After playing ~800 hours, I have only seen Aserai and Khuzait go to war a handful of times and only when one of the factions has taken Danustica. My understanding from reading developer responses is that factions generally only go to war with neighboring factions. However, looking at the map...
  18. Solutions for Competant AI?

    I would argue the solution to most problems in this game is a solid, reasonable AI. The AI should not discriminate other targets and gun it for the player. The AI should not be used as a means to challenge the player, but to challenge everyone in Calradia, which would logically include the...
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