1. genrev0914

    Option To Watch Neutral Battles

    When you approach a neutral party that is fighting, you don't have other choice but to leave, but sometimes it's nice to see some epic battle between AI specially if it's two armies clashing, Another thing is, other than send troops, an option to watch the battle even though the Main Hero is...
  2. nereid

    Resolved [1.5.7] Endless loading screen while loading battle

    I started a new campaign yesterday and tried to continue today. The game loads without any problems and I can enter towns and speak with the notables, but as soon as I try to start a battle I will land in an endless loading screen. The save file should be uploaded.
  3. Amatör Ahmet

    Can you give me the map battle sound.

    I want to listen to a sound effect from mb warband. Im searching for the sound which we hear while we're on the map,two other groups fighting nearby,and a crossed swords appearing over them. This is why i liked this sound effect can someone give me a file of it ? And that sound is in both...
  4. Soldiers in a circle formation don't attake

    When AI infancies form a circle formation,they only hold shields to defend instead of seizing the opportunity to fight back.And archers in the circle seldom fire because infancies have blocked their eyes. Plz fix it or forbid AI forming circle formation until it's fixed.
  5. PeasantOP

    Worldmap scene matches with maps scene

    Fighting in an open area is fighting in an open area Explanation: I am a Sturgian lord fighting against vlandia between Caleus village and Nevyansk Castle, why is the scene populated with trees even though its an open area. Or even has or have many hills, swap, etc... When anyone fights near...
  6. Sultan Mubashar

    Champion Warfare

    There must be a pre-battle champion warfare where both sides choose their champions (max of 3 for each side) who engage in one-on-one combat resulting in morale boost for winning side and morale penalty for losing side. After that, losing side reassess the outcome of the battle. If odds are...
  7. Sh1mbo

    In Progress Captain battle, units adopting square formation instead of skern

    i found this bug twice, in the island of deriad and in the dessert village(not jawwali) for some reason when i choose my units to adopt the skern formation they choose the square formations, it happened to me the first time with sturgia, after the match i validate my files in steam but later i...
  8. Eagle'

    TR_Match_Making / AKTİF

    TR_Match_Making sunucusu, Warband klanları ve toplulukları için halihazırda girip maç atabilmeleri, yeni oyuncular kazanabilmeleri için açılmış bir sunucudur. Topluluk katılımcıları kurallara uymak zorundadır. Sunucumuz 21.12.2020 tarihinden beri hizmet vermektedir. İstek, şikayet ve...
  9. Tomlolo

    Need More Info [1.5.5] Army battle bug

    Summary: When fighting a battle while in an army, if you do not command any troops (either because you didn't have any or they all died) then you will be unable to view the scoreboard and leave the battle. How to Reproduce: Enter a battle while enlisted in an army, when prompted what regiment...
  10. Squirrel_of_Chaos

    Multiplayer Captain Battle new patch 1.5.5 problem

    I am a great fan of captain battle multiplayer and play only this mod. Since the news patch 1.5.5, I am very dissapointed, my men walk instead of run, sheildwall are now not fun to use, they change control keys to commande your troops.. they change too much thing and the game is now not fun...
  11. chepox2004

    Betrayed by cavalry?

    having a big battle against khuzait 1000 v 1000 we are winning ,at the middle stage of the battle suddenly all my cavalry flee from the battlefield (about 150 cavalry troops including my brother) just flee from the battlefield , ?? whe supose to have high morale or at least not low, but they...
  12. chepox2004

    how about surrender

    how about , losing armies, instead of fighting until last men stand( 900 vs 30 men who dont lose morale) actually surrenders on the battlefield to be captured alive
  13. Some battlefield ideas: spooky horses, replace "riding skill not enough"

    It'd be a nice balancing act if horses could be spooked when attacking head on to projectile charges or spear charges. As it is now, cavalry can just charge into a shield wall, and sometimes the horses rear up, but it'd be neat e.g. if they sometimes just refused to charge. Also, it'd be neat...
  14. Enable fast-forward after battle has been won

    Currently, the game allows you to fast forward after your character has fallen in battle. However, if you survive the battle, this option is disabled even though there are still enemies on the map. I suggest enabling the same fast-forward option for when your units are chasing down those last 5...
  15. Susel

    Resolved Cavalry spawning on a clif and getting killed

    Summary: Cavalry (group 3) spawns on a clif, then jump down and die or get wounded. How to Reproduce: Start a battle near Epinosa Castle Scene Name (if related): Media (Screenshots & Video): In game: Casualties: Location:
  16. BL Coding How to reduce Crossbowmen reloading speed.

    I know how to make archers slower reducing the thrust speed in spitems file but it does not work well for Crossbowmen. Due to some devs’ really bad decisions about making ranged units OP, I would like to know if it is possible to increase the Crossbowmen reload speed? Do you know any way to do...
  17. Apocal

    The AI should retreat and autocalc throwing hundreds of dice is bad.

    "Discretion is the better part of valor." A lot of stuff is still janky or under development or imbalanced, but it would really, really help if the AI didn't suffer absolute stackwipes constantly. Up front: I'm aware the AI does sometimes break away from bad autocalc fights occasionally. My...
  18. nereid

    Shield Wall formation and Advance command

    Hi folks, as far as I can see the Charge command lets the infantry run haywire to the nearest enemy, while the Advance command will make them hold the line and charge in a little bit more orderly fashion. My main problem is the Advance command in combination with the Shield Wall stance. It...
  19. Short_n_quick

    In Progress [1.5.4 beta]Single transparent traingle obscuring view in battle

    While in battle, there is single triangle "floating", attached to screen, but rotating dependent on player orientation. It is visible only when said triangle intersects with dust effect or troop overhead banner. On screenshot below it is visible intersecting with overhead banner of archer in...
  20. Lucian was right

    Small Change concerning battles.

    So in battles in game right now if you're running at max (1000 units) it is possible obviously that at some point you'll get battles where both sides have more units then the engine can support. I was wondering if it be possible if we can have the option to get a warning when its likely...
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