Soldiers should echo commands to simulate relaying the message

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It would be really cool if, after you order your troops to do something and your character yells the command, if the affected troops echoed the commands among themselves.

Something like if you send infantry into a shield wall, you yell "make a shield wall" and then a few of the infantry soldiers (if we want to get specific, it should be a few of the highest ranking ones) would yell things like "everyone shield wall" or "shields up now!".

Another example you yell "horsemen with me" and another soldier in the direction of the horsemen, not necessarily cavalry themselves, could yell "horsemen, to the commander!" This could sound really cool, especially if the troops you're ordering are too far for your yell to reach them realistically.

A last example of something cool would be if troops remind each other of what their orders are. Example: You've ordered the troops to form a shield wall a minute or two earlier, but only now do some arrows and bolts hit their shield. They could yell "keep your shields up men!" or "enemy arrows!", or just encouragement like "steady men".

The fact that the command yells out commands does wonders for immersion. If the troops reacted in realistic ways it would take it to the next level, and any work in this direction would be fantastic to see.

Cheers everyone!


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Good idea i like it. Was also thinking things like spotting their Leader/King do well or fall should evoke responses from the men and also create surges of energy or large morale drops (probably already in). "Save the King!!!" creating a bloodlust and increase troops skills and speed with "The King has Fallen!" doing the opposite. Battles are generally surges of emotions which tip the scales like a pendulum swing
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