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    Mount&blade makes it into PC gamer top 100 (US)

    M&B truly makes me proud to be a PC Gamer. I've been following it for so long that I can hardly remember,  it just goes to show that epic games can be made by a couple of people. Only on the PC though :wink:
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    TLD preview

    Triglav said:
    Albertus Magnus said:
    ...well there is no good way to avoid stupid questions about TLD, is there?

    'fraid not. Such is the way of things. And as things are my favourite topic here anyway...

    Imagine the joy of answers people would get if they'd askabout the smart things. Such as:

    What will your trolls be like?
    ...where we could get into things along the lines of Tolkiens concept of them being created as a mockery of ents and how we tried to show that and other things in our model, while still retaining a menacing and cruel look...

    What about dwarves?
    ...where we could hint on the marvellous things in development, which will enable players to get truly immersed into the Tolkien world, which wouldn't be complete without dwarves...

    And new weapons and armours?
    ...where we could just get lost in numbers of things and praise the clever modding of things by some of our inspired members, that greatly enhanced the pool of useable things in game for various factions, as you shall see, which already is by no means small, knowing we are in the final stages of replacing practically all native weapons and armours with our own up to the last slot of the item limit...

    And how are orcs coming along?
    ...where we could disclose some tiny amount of things on the wee orc and uruk buggers which, compared to previous TLD versions will be the orkest and urukest ones we've ever played with and that come in so many varieties it'll be hard to spot two of the same...

    Have you a dev version yet?
    ...where we could chuckle with glee and say you don't have clearance for such level of information...

    But, alas, we do get bogged down in pointless prattle about trifling matters of petty concern with the good patrons here, which, you must understand, do demotivate somewhat at times, particularly after so many years of work we put into the mod, losing the mod leader in the process, salvaging and starting anew, etc.

    But rest ye assured, progress of no small measure is being made every day and we are really putting every effort into making this a worthwhile exercise.

    The thing is, many people don't really even care, they just want to play it. Hell, I'm sure most would have been more than happy with a straight-up port of the previous release instead of an upgrade.
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    The music that the 1866 crew made is already in there, it's just very sparse I believe. If you want to add your own music, what you'll want to do is put your music in M&B's "music directory", and change the music.txt file in the 1866's module folder. Replace the filenames of the original game tracks with the filenames of your music. My "The Good, The Bad, and The Ugly" sound track music file looks like this...

    cant_find_this.ogg 0 0
    GBUMain.mp3 4194432 4194432
    GBU_Battle1IlPontDiCorde.mp3 266240 267264
    GBU_Battle2.mp3 266256 267327
    GBU_Battle2Sentenza.mp3 266241 267327
    GBU_Battle3.mp3 266242 267327
    GBU_Battle4.mp3 268701700 268702783
    GBU_Battle5.mp3 268701704 268702783
    GBU_Travel1.mp3 131072 131072
    GBU_Battle3.mp3 65536 65536
    GBU_Battle3.mp3 5120 5120
    Hunted_by_Indians.mp3 268440576 268440576
    calm_night_2.ogg 524288 598528
    GBU_Captured.mp3 256 256
    GBU_Defeat1.mp3 33024 33024
    GBU_Defeat2.mp3 33024 33024
    GBU_Defeated_Or_Captured.mp3 33024 33024
    GBU_TownExplore1.mp3 256 256
    GBU_Battle5.mp3 2097408 2097408
    GBU_Defeated_Or_Captured2.mp3 256 256
    GBU_Battle1IlPontDiCorde.mp3 5120 5120
    GBU_Battle2.mp3 5120 5120
    GBU_Battle2Sentenza.mp3 5120 5120
    GBU_Battle4.mp3 268440576 268440576
    GBU_Battle5.mp3 5124 5183
    GBU_Battle1IlPontDiCorde.mp3 5128 5183
    GBU_Battle2.mp3 5136 5183
    GBU_Battle2Sentenza.mp3 5122 5183
    GBU_Battle3.mp3 5120 5120
    GBU_Battle4.mp3 5120 5120
    GBU_Battle5.mp3 16388 16447
    GBU_Death_Or_Capured_Or_Defeated.mp3 33028 33028
    GBU_Defeat1.mp3 33025 33025
    GBU_LordsHall.mp3 65540 598591
    GBU_LordsHall.mp3 65536 598528
    GBU_LordsHall.mp3 65536 598528
    GBU_LordsHall.mp3 65536 598528
    GBU_LordsHall.mp3 65536 598528
    mounted_snow_terrain_calm.ogg 65536 598528
    GBU_Battle3.mp3 16384 16384
    outdoor_beautiful_land.ogg 65536 598528
    GBU_Defeated_Or_Captured2.mp3 33024 33024
    GBU_Battle3.mp3 262144 267264
    GBU_TownExplore1.mp3 512 512
    GBU_TownExplore2.mp3 512 512
    GBU_TownExplore1.mp3 73728 598528
    GBU_TownExplore2.mp3 73732 598591
    GBU_TownExplore1.mp3 73736 598591
    GBU_TownExplore2.mp3 73744 598591
    GBU_Battle3.mp3 73729 598591
    GBU_Battle3.mp3 73730 598591
    GBU_Travel1.mp3 65540 598591
    GBU_Travel2.mp3 65536 598528
    GBU_Travel3.mp3 65544 598591
    GBU_Travel4.mp3 65552 598591
    GBU_Travel5.mp3 65537 598591
    GBU_Victorious_Or_Travel.mp3 65538 598591
    GBU_TownExplore1.mp3 65536 598528
    GBU_Victorious.mp3 256 256
    GBU_Victorious2.mp3 8388864 8388864
    GBU_Victorious.mp3 8388864 8388864
    GBU_Victorious_Or_Travel.mp3 8388864 8388864
    GBU_Victorious.mp3 8388866 8388866
    GBU_Victorious2.mp3 8388866 8388866
    GBU_Victorious.mp3 8388866 8388866
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    Error when modding in my own music. Help?

    I get an RGL Error when starting up a certain mod, while loading the main menu and while it's loading the Music. It says "Unexpected End of File while reading file: Modules\1866\music.txt" Here's exactly what it says in my music file. 214 cant_find_this.ogg 0 0 GBUMain.mp3 4194432 4194432...
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    Most balanced/polished mod?

    Jeez, there are a lot of dicks in this forum. I feel sorry for you having to deal with these guys Nat.

    I got a kick out of that guy who posted those links :lol:.

    2 deleted threads, two threads asking "whats your favorite mod", and one link that links...directly back to this thread.  :lol: :lol: :lol:

    Complete and utter failure.
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    Recommended music to mod in?

    I was going to do The Good, The Bad, and The Ugly sound track. What else should I do?
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    Remember When:

    Remember when:
    There were no Castles in M&B? Yes
    There was no tutorial in M&B? Yes
    When looters was called River Pirates? Yes
    When there were dark hunters? Yes
    when there were Black Khergits? Yes
    When there were only 2 Factions? No
    when there were no Faction Lords? Yes
    When there was no renown or honor? Yes
    when there were no villages? Yes
    when there was only 2 companions? Yes
    when AI wasn't all that good? Yes
    when towns were not capturable? Yes
    The old Faction parties,Scouts and war parties? Yes
    The old Character "Classes" we got to choose from? Yes
    Remember Zendar? Yes
    Remember the 4 ways inn? Yes
    remember the salt mine? Oh yes
    remember when Forest bandits and Mountain Bandits were basicallt the same? Yeap
    remember the old bandit keep? Actually, not really.
    remember when there were no people walking arround the town? yeap
    when there were no rag dolls? yeap. I was surprised they actually added them into the game. If someone asked a question like that, the responses would be "Hahahha, yea right. Maybe after they add multiplayer".
    Remember the old trainer in Zendar? Yes
    Remember the cheif/constable in zendar? Yea
    Remember when there was only one arena,the one in zendar? Yes
    remember when you couldn;t pick weapons up from corpses? Mhmmm
    remember when there were no banners? Yeap
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    Rhodoks are great and unbeatable

    Gerg said:
    I've been rolling with an army of sharpshooters and goddamn!  They are good in the field, good in siege offense

    I disagree completely. I led about 65 sharpshooters into a siege of 100 Nords and we lost hardcore. I've retried the siege over and over. Here are the scenarios...

    1) I let my sharpshooters attempt to shoot the archers off the wall. This doesn't work. The sharpshooters miss too many shots and the Nords just devastated my men in the end.

    2) I tell my men to hold fire until the siege tower is at the wall. I tell them to charge when it's ready and they never even made it onto the castle walls.

    3) I wait until the enemy to run out of arrows. Inconveniently the enemy AI has infinite arrows and my men don't.

    The K:grin: ratio was roughly 1:1. On EASY. I've also tried sieging a Khergit castle with similar results.
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    Taking Pot Shots

    Once, when I was fighting some looters, I popped a shot out into the sky at random and I got a headshot. Only happened once though.
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    Adding music to the game

    I tried adding music a week ago. Couldn't get it to work. All I did was switch out my MP3 for the OGGs - and then edited the music.txt and just switched some filenames around.
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    M&B in top ten at Gamespot

    HvyPetals said:

    Kinda wierd that a game scored at "6" is in their own top ten just a few spots from GTA.

    Haha.  Nice! :razz:

    Not too nice actually. It's based on popularity and how often people visit M&B's page on Gamespot. It's behind a console port from 4 years ago. In fact, I don't even know what San Andreas is doing on that list.
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    Review 7.5/10

    Cloud Breaker said:
    t1337Dude said:
    Cloud Breaker said:
    t1337Dude said:
    But it's not as if they can simulate a realistic siege with the engine being used right now.

    Adding a battering ram and a few more ladders isn't going to need a complete engine overhaul. It's not like we want complicated physics for the gate breach. We just want some ways to break it down.

    Does the engine even support any dynamic environments whatsoever? Can you even program a chair to break in the game?

    Yes, yes. It's called physics.

    Given enough time, and willingness, even a modder can simulate an object to shatter into pieces realistically using the module system and some BRF meshes.

    But as I said, we don't need complicated physics for gate breach.

    That's not complicated - that'd be bare minimum. What do you expect to happen once the battering ram hits the wall? The wall just to disappear? In the end, it'd be identical to a siege tower. Lots of work just for history's sake.
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    Dead bodies stick around mod needed

    Elenmmare said:
    Thymo said:
    What are rag dolls?  :oops:
    A good example of Ragdolls would be in Halo as you get blown away by a grenade.
    I hope you mean Halo 3 - because Halo doesn't have ragdolls. :razz:
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    Review 7.5/10

    Cloud Breaker said:
    t1337Dude said:
    But it's not as if they can simulate a realistic siege with the engine being used right now.

    Adding a battering ram and a few more ladders isn't going to need a complete engine overhaul. It's not like we want complicated physics for the gate breach. We just want some ways to break it down.

    I have no doubt that a battering ram would require significant engine work. Does the engine even support any dynamic environments whatsoever? Can you even program a chair to break in the game? All we have right now is the environment and NPC - and very basic siege equipment.
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    Review 7.5/10

    I disagree with his view on sieges. They are great fun - even though they are as far from realistic as can be. But it's not as if they can simulate a realistic siege with the engine being used right now.
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