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    The Original L'Aigle Thread, for the sake of history. Be ye warned.

    TheMadJester said:
    Well for the sake of debate, hitler had made efforts towards animal preservation and care. And if he won, other then a new super power that would hopefully, or eventually put the US in their place (Does anyone NOT want americans to shove that patriotism up their rear?). I could list off more, but I don't know enough that I could properly support my claims, so I'd just assume they'd get shot down.

    Are you really trying to say that Hitler's fascist regime would make for a better morale super power today than the US?
    You sound like a frustrated teenage neo-nazi that secretly hates the world, but maybe I'm just jumping to conclusions.
    Neither are great, but at least we aren't committing mass genocide.

    Anyways this was extremely off-topic, I'm excited about the progress with the mod, it's looking very promising.
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    SP Native Musket Era [WB] Calradia Imperial Age: Napoleonic Era Inspired M&B! BETA 3.1 OUT PAGE 31

    Just curious, have you guys added the realistic looking gun animations? Or plan on it?
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    Council Chambers: Ideas & Suggestions

    Not sure if anyone has mentioned it, but you guys should add shreditor's gun animation! Or whomever created it, it's in his mod though
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    MP Fantasy [NW] Novum Mundus - A Light Fantasy Multiplayer Mod - 1.2 Released

    I honestly feel like a fantasy pw mod would be interesting and different, we already have persistent frontier aswell for those wanting a more historical pw mod, which the server population for it is pretty much dead anyways, so no not everyone wants historical. Everyone has their opinions, and it's good we have a variety of mods to choose from.
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    Version 0.772 Released!

    I just wanted to give a thanks for all your work you(Perisno team) have put into this, what a awesome mod! I honestly haven't touched computer games in the last 6 months for longer than 30 minutes without finding myself bored, but this refreshed my gaming energy for mount and blade and I now have a hard time getting away from the computer whenever I get free time. Anyways I'm super thankful for all the passionate gamers and modders out there that do this stuff for free, just for the love of the game.

    Can't wait to what you have in store for 0.7, keep up the great work!

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    Persistent LOTR

    FPW was a real fun mod, I would love to see it come back, or something similar.
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    Download link and discussion *PF_1.0 download link here*

    I highly recommended delaying release for those TOTSK armour/clothing they're awesome, and fits the period perfectly.
  8. smurfin

    SP Native [WB] Alternative Calradia Mod - Version 2 released!

    Cannot believe I just barely found this mod, it looks badass!

    I definitely like the story behind the factions, going to keep my eye on this!
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    Download link and discussion *PF_1.0 download link here*

    Played around on it for a bit, there's really no rp currently just a kill fest, but that's expected since they just playing the leaked version.

    So is it possible to change the faction names to whatever you like?
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    Call to all Straw Hats

    Time to throw on those straw hats again aye?
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    Download link and discussion *PF_1.0 download link here*

    mcwiggum said:
    I just downloaded this mod and I tried to join the server, but it says i'm banned. I don't know why, my char name is typically Wigster600 if that's of any help. I've been really looking forward to testing this  :???:
    Where's the link?
    Nvm, found it after looking hard enough.
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    Download link and discussion *PF_1.0 download link here*

    Freighttrain4 said:
    The skills on a Diplomat is just ridiculous. The riding and things like that, those are fine but having intense all 100+ skills in proficiencies.... no...

    The Captain should be the one with the high skills since he would be a soldier while a diplomat would be a politician. Diplomats should be the ones who need protection. instead of being better than everyone in all skills.

    Make the skills much lower. like in the 80's or 90's but NOT 100's
    Agreed, diplomats should have rather lowered combat skills.
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    Download link and discussion *PF_1.0 download link here*

    My only concern with the mod, from watching the videos posted throughout, is all the horses. Horses for colonists, and immigrants were in really short supply for colonies in the early 18th century, and also very expensive. Not that I am expecting anything historical I just hope it's not a cavalry rape fest.
  14. smurfin

    Download link and discussion *PF_1.0 download link here*

    Looking forward to this!
  15. smurfin

    The Reckoning| The Original Thread

    This sounds, and from the pictures, looks awesome. I like the idea of the apocalyptic setting, many others have failed it, but this looks great. Best of luck.
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