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    Your Custom Knighthood Order(s)! (Possible Spoilers)

    daniisme said:
    Hai rast nab didnt know you play PoP Pp
    Used to be pretty active in this mod's forums before I started playing MP more
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    Your Custom Knighthood Order(s)! (Possible Spoilers)

    My CKO currently is just a clone of the dshar scorpion assassins and blademasters because it takes way too long to train them from bladesmen  :lol:
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    The unholy Rapeaders!

    Oi Herbz I think your first victim should be Rojen, little bugger took my name and I can't use it to get on :S
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    MP Modern [WB] Gallipoli 1915-WWI Mod

    Looks great, I especially like the metal textures you've done, way better than anything I can do  :mrgreen:
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    [NW][M]Iron Europe - WWI Mod (RELEASED)

    Hopefully this will be a mod that is to be finished

    PS: add my forum profile as a link to my name too please
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    Foot soldier discussion.

    Army of dshar bladesmen/master + sorpion assassins is pretty easy to play with. Just watch out for the crossbows and noldor tbh
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    Pendorian Duels

    I think Silvermist and Ebony Gauntlets has been done
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    Implementing morghs tools to make a mini barclay troop tree..

    You should be able to do it pretty easily, just set the upgrade path to what you want
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    Modding Q&A [For Quick Questions and Answers]

    Ah thanks Somebody, completely forgot about the timings of the frames
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    Modding Q&A [For Quick Questions and Answers]

    So recently I've created a first bow with vertex animations and a _carry mesh too.
    I tried to put the bow into the game but it doesn't show up when I equip it. Strangely enough the _carry mesh shows up even though they both use the same material. I know something's wrong just not what, I copy and pasted the bows name into the module system and I get no errors so I take it is a problem with the mesh but I don't know what.
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    For thee Sarleon, For thee

    Erm... Sarleon's faction colour is red...
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    [MEDIA] Prophesy of Pendor Screenshots

    Yeah either a normal plain colour or a black version could work better IMO I can remember seeing one around somewhere
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    PoP armor sets

    I was thinking of doing a seige of Elacrai screenshotfest, might give it a go  :mrgreen:
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