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    Female Character Gameplay

    Oh for sure. That's certainly the reason but - I don't find it jarring because it's not "true to real life" ... I find it jarring because it's just not consistent. If the Calradian societies are set up such that married couples adopt the the clan/family of the male spouse..... Then why AM I THE ONLY EXCEPTION?

    You're actually not the only exception, it's just that there are few female heads of clans: Rhagaea, Calatild, Mesui, and that's about it. Even Rhagaea is only head of her clan because she took over from her husband, but the other two seem to be heads in their own rights.
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    Lost Notables again ...

    Ugh, I made a post last week complaining about several things and the first thing on my list was losing notables. I didn't know all the variables of the power system until now, and the more I hear, honestly, the less I like it. I think the devs are trying to do too much with this and it's just overcomplicating things. Just leave the notables as they were before 1.5.1 and get on with balancing the rest of the game. Why do I have to be locked into doing quests for notables once their relation to me is raised? I have incentive enough to do quests to raise their relation in the first place; once that's done, I just want to get on with doing other stuff in the mid-late game: chiefly fighting and developing my fiefs. I don't want my character to have the bulk of the burden of keeping village and town notables happy enough to stay around; I have enough stuff to do!
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    Roleplay-related questions

    I get that you're busy squashing bugs, implementing features and tweaking balance issues, but I had a few questions about some issues that aren't necessarily broken, but do affect how I play my character. I wasn't sure where else to post them. I'm playing on 1.5.1, by the way. 1. What is the...
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    Resolved Main character conflict with younger sibling

    As of 1.5.0, it's still the case that my character's younger siblings look (and dress) like Sturgians, while my character and the oldest brother are Khergit.

    It'd also be nice if their equipment, attributes, and skills were standardized. Your oldest brother comes pre-leveled; how come your younger siblings are total blank slates? At least give them halfway decent combat stats.
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    Faction Balance: what happened to the Khuzaits?!

    What happened in 1.4.3? I thought changes were going to be made so that factions sued for peace when they were at war with more than two factions. Since 1.4.3 dropped (on the main branch), I've restarted this game 3 times and the Khuzaits have routinely been ganged up on by the Northern and...
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    Resolved Game unplayable: health continuously decreases

    I think I might have nailed this one down a bit. I believe the grain you buy in the tutorial for some reason isn't registering for the character. With the mechanic that restores your health after every battle til you get into the main game you don't notice. As soon as I hit a main city I sold all the stuff on my character and bought new food. It fixed it for me.
    I'll give that a try, thanks!

    Forwarding this issue to the QA team for further investigation. Thanks for reporting.

    Thank you.
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    Resolved Game unplayable: health continuously decreases

    I have the same problem. Even started a new game and same thing, health continues to drop. No mods active.
    Yup, I had started a new game (I do that whenever a beta moves to the main branch). Sorry you're having the same problem!
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    Resolved Game unplayable: health continuously decreases

    I just logged on for the first time since 1.4.3 went live and I noticed that my health continuously decreases when I wait, travel, or do anything.
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    Will There Be a Message Log?

    Yeah, it's not perfect, but it's all we have at this point.
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    Smithing easy steps.

    I'm really frustrated with Smithing. It just seems so uneven: in one playthrough, I unlocked 2-h parts really early and raised my skill very easily and fast; in another, I was grinding and grinding and 2-h parts never unlocked (at least not before I quit). So in yet a third playthough, I decided to just get a companion with Smithing and deal with it that way. None spawned.

    I guess if I were playing one long playthrough, it wouldn't bother me as much, since I'd have lots of time to raise all my skills. While the game is in EA, I'd decided to play a bunch of shorter playthroughs, just to feel out the various factions and game features, so I feel the effect of grindy skills like Smithing more. Plus, 2-h swords seem to be pretty rare and expensive in the game, so I'd hoped to craft some for one particular character, but that was the character I really struggled to raise my Smithing skill with.

    I wish they'd make it so that parts spawn in some kind of logical order, the lower-levels first and the higher levels later. At least that way, you're working toward a goal, not to mention it'd make the game less broken, especially if you don't want to have to buy out a town's entire inventory of weapons just to sell one polearm.
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    AI gangs up

    Ironic, since I can't seem to get my faction (Vlandia; I'm a vassal) to gang up on Battania in my current playthough! No, instead of fighting Battania, who's weak, already at war, and has nearby fiefs to snap up easily, we'd apparently rather wage war on the Khuzaits, who are equally as strong as we are, and who we have to traverse half the map to besiege (and who then take the castles back when we return to Vlandian lands)!

    Anyway, I hope they work out these issues so it becomes less of a hassle to play either as an independent faction or as a vassal.
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    Marrying someone feels like a job interview

    The persuasion system in the current game isn't even the only issue.

    1. The options for interacting with NPCs are severely limited. Warband at least had feasts; as annoying as they were to prepare for, they did give your character an opportunity to interact with a bunch of NPCs in one place, rather than having to catch them in a town or search them out in the field. Conversation options in Bannerlord are also severely limited at present, although it seems like the devs intend to implement more, so you can't even chat up an NPC effectively for any reason, diplomatic or romantic.
    2. Your character can only gain relation with a clan leader rather than with individual members. Male characters in Warband could recite poetry or dedicate tournament wins to ladies for individual approval. Female characters could gain approval with lords for breaking them out of jail or saving their butts in the field. Since marriage isn't linked to individual approval in Bannerlord anyway, it isn't game breaking, but it is immersion breaking. (Hence the "let's marry the son/daughter of the king/queen, sight unseen, even though I'm an itinerant wanderer with nothing to my name" issue.)
    3. NPCs don't have much personality. Traits don't seem to influence their behavior much, at least not that I've been able to observe. Makes it hard to imagine a relationship of any sort with them, be it friendship, romantic, rivalry, etc.
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    Will There Be a Message Log?

    If you hit Enter, you can scroll back through messages, but right now, there's no dedicated page for that. (Hit Enter again to go back to the game.)
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    I have 38 unwounded soldiers in party, so why does i only get 8 soldiers in looter cave battle??

    I don't remember: were the number of bandits that can spawn in the hideouts limited in Warband? Because the problem that I'm having in Bannerlord when it comes to bandit hideouts isn't so much that I'm limited in the number of units I can bring (although that's part of it), but that the bandits don't seem to be limited in the number that can spawn in the hideout, and the number in each group. I've seen hideouts with 40 and 50 bandits total in them, sometimes with 25 or so in one group. This means that after a certain point in the game, I stop trying to eliminate the hideouts because it's impossible. Then the bandits spiral out of control and mess with the villagers and caravans in the area and screw up the economy. It doesn't help that you have very limited control over who can come with you: you're guaranteed all uninjured companions that are in your party, but you could spawn with a recruit just as easily as with a top-tier troop. Ten against 25 is very poor odds, even more so if you have more large groups to get through before you even get to the boss fight.

    A few things would help:
    1. Limit the number of bandits that can spawn in a lair, both in total, and in each group within.
    2. Allow the PC to bring a slightly higher number of units (maybe 12-15) and allow them to choose exactly who goes, to ensure top-tier troops and a reasonable balance of infantry and archers.
    3. Slow down the rate at which bandit lairs respawn on the map.
    4. Allow the PC to establish patrols around their fiefs, maybe by assigning a companion to lead a party within a certain area.
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    Find the spy quest is counter intuitive, can you guess on your own?

    I like this quest because, as everyone has said, it's easy once you get the 3 clues. The names and characteristics of the suspects never change from town to town, either, so you can eliminate suspects as you go. (This is all for version 1.4.1, just to be clear.)

    The Dignified Contender has a full head of hair, a beard, facial tattoos, and a sword.
    The Hardy Contender has a full head of hair, a clean-shaven face, no facial marks, and a sword.
    The Confident Contender has a full head of hair, a beard, no facial marks, and carries an axe.
    The Bold Contender is bald, has a beard, no facial marks, and a sword.

    The most efficient way to deal with this quest is to ask around in the tavern. Most of the time, you can get all three clues there, and there are a bunch of people in close proximity so there's less walking around involved. If the first clue mentions that the spy has a sword, you can immediately eliminate the Confident Contender. Then if the next one mentions a beard, you can immediately eliminate the Hardy Contender. And so forth. If you're lucky and get all three clues in the tavern, you can walk out and straight up to the spy and challenge him without having to actually look at him. I usually spend more of my time during this quest trying to find my way around the twisting streets than anything else!
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