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  1. Auto-block in singleplayer

    This is literally people arguing about difficulty. Easy / Medium should be auto-block / partial auto-block. Hard / Very Hard is manual. I can crush most turned based RPGs or strategy games, even on the "nightmare" or most difficult combats. I cannot handle manual block. If you do not think auto-block should exist, you do not believe in easy or normal difficulties for any genre! I want to pick up M&B after my 10 hr shift, after I feed my child, and after I wind down...I want my 1 1/2 hrs of video games to be about esnuring I enjoy a game. I love crushing strategy games at hardest difficulty. I don't care if you cannot beat those games at the same difficulty as I. I just want to auto-block and kill as many as possible for my hack n' slash (with mild RP components) game.As a teenager who rampaged through pub games, I prolly maybe similar arguments about "git gud" and "play the game the developers want," but now, I realize how much accessibility has to do with reaching people. Physical and mental impairments have the *option* to normalize themselves in a SP setting (that doesn't affect anybody else!). People who are casual, have the option to cater their own experience (as does people who play games seriously). To advocate so hard that auto-block ruins the game, that you need to git gud, that you're ruining the way developers meant to play........well, I guess what I say doesn't matter, because personal conviction on opinions tends to override any relevancy. People change their minds when issues/consequences personally affect them.
  2. I think I f'ked up, help anyone?

    Saw this in the notes too (for future reference for others):

    "If you dismiss an employee (chamberlain, constable, chancellor), in addition to rehiring them through your spouse you may also try to contact them through the tavern travellers (added 2011-06-06)"
  3. Breaking Lords out of prison

    Happens even with native. Just save before attempting to rescue the lord and if he attacks you, just reload it.  It's random and shouldn't be happening every time, as far as I know.
  4. I think I f'ked up, help anyone?

    Pretty sure that using Diplomacy 3.32 with 1.143 WB will cause bolts and arrows not to appear in markets.  Try using the Diplomacy and Pre Orders version which is updated for compatibility with 1.143 (,192223.0.html). 
    Lynch said:
    1- Original Diplomacy 3.32 mod:

    2- PBOD:

    3- PBOD Hotfix:

    4- Diplomacy +:

    Install them in order and then Pejot´s great fix over them.

    For the constable, I think that you can rehire him by talking to your wife, if you have one (I can't remember for sure).
  5. Courting a Lady

    I'm pretty sure that once you've been "caught" visiting the lady without permission by the lady's father, the father will say something like, "I've heard that you've already been visiting her and I won't let you have her after seeing her behind my back.  We will discuss this no more" and you get a -1 relationship.

    After you've been "caught," you cannot get that father to approve of your marriage no matter what.  You're just **** out of luck.  Go for another lord's daughter.  Try to find the most prestigious lord in your kingdom and go for his daughter...good stuff there. 

    If you can't obtain a father's permission to see a lady right away but you've already done the "I'm your most ardent admirer," thing...then you can still visit her whenever the lady sends a message and you get the quest.  Only attempt to visit her if you have the quest; if you don't have the quest, you'll get some kind of message like, "The guards scowl at you and you're unable to visit the lady."  Once that happens, I'm pretty sure that the father discovers you paying attentions to her.  In addition, only secretly visit her a couple of times--I think you run the risk of being caught the more times you do it.  So build up your relationship with the lord and your renown as quickly as possible.
  6. Mod Thoughts: Altering and Expanding the Female Soldier Tree

    Ah, weight too.  I sort of was adding that to "brute force" / overall strength.

    In terms of staying home and taking care of children, women warriors could still birth children, but I'd imagine that would be during times of peace.  If I were to invent a fantasy culture (if I wanted women to have a prevalent military role), it'd be something like...

    Women and men have specific roles based on their fighting capabilities (some men slip into the more traditional female fighting roles and vice versa, depending on genetics and skill).  During peace, the most accomplished men and women fighters are matched up specifically to procreate and create even stronger offspring (you know, the whole genetics survival of the fittest ****). Older men and women rear the children, especially during war time.

    Other annoying logistics that I don't feel like fiddling with....but uhh...yea.  Basically, I wasn't stressing pure equality (I know you know this), but sometimes there will be overlapping.  That overlapping would be rarer, of course. 

    Anyways, I wouldn't mind the option to add female troops to my game to spice things up.  Maybe form a mobile harem for my King. 
  7. Mod Thoughts: Altering and Expanding the Female Soldier Tree

    Culturally, women could be trained to be just as brutal and violence-prone as men.  Most cultures have never supported that notion, however.

    A woman warrior or combatant is not unrealistic physically.  Currently, it seems improbable because of cultural institutions and mindsets ingrained throughout generations.  Women are peaceful blah blah.

    Women naturally have less strength than males, yes.  They have a lower "starting point" in strength and a lower "max" as well.  However, strength does not always overcome skill.  As stated, if women were incapable of using a bow and arrow, a crossbow would be a fine alternative.  Women could become expert sharpshooters with terrific accuracy.  Male and female genetics won't make men the naturally better shooters, just simple practice and natural skill will.

    In addition, though many fantasy genres play up the concept of "female agility," aka rogue roles, I don't think that we have to fallback on that role to be realistic.  A woman warrior is quite realistic.  Sword combat isn't all about putting 100% of your strength behind a blow, it has skill involved as well.  Yes, strength plays a determining factor in winning out blow for blow, but technique can overcome that.  There are many men that are physically weaker (even by extreme amounts) than other men, but still beat them in martial arts or other combat situations.  Physically weak women are just as capable as physically weak men.

    Break down those cultural norms, dawgz.  However, if you're going for cultural realism, sure, protest the use of female warriors.
  8. Endgame sooner than anticipated

    The end game is where Warband falls apart, in general.  So yea, I would personally recommend starting over with some good mods.  However, you may start a perpetual cycle of never conquering all of Caladria...don't you want to at least "beat" the game once?
  9. Convincing lords to side with claimant.

    There may be some TweakMB settings, but convincing lords is generally a pain.

    Also, even though it sucks, try to be consistent when convincing them to join your side.  If you're telling everyone what they want to hear, word gets around and it has negative repercussions later (this is true when you're convincing lords to join your kingdom...I'm not sure if it'll negatively affect a claimant's kingdom, however).
  10. "You have engendered too much controversy" and no town assigned ever

    You also gain controversy every time you lose a castle or town or one of your faction's lords is defeated in battle (in addition to villages being raided as mentioned above).

    You lose controversy when you defeat an enemy lord, take a castle or town, or one of the enemy's villages is raided.  I think you also lose controversy if you rescue an imprisoned lord.

    Just don't take any towns or castles that you want while you have high controversy.  I think once you have above 50 or so, you won't be awarded anything.
  11. An Important Note Regarding "Siege"

    NJSQRL said:
    Ambush Reality said:
    Lord Brutus said:
    lol, I kinda like the idea of be****ing Praven.  And it's not language police, it's grammar nazi. lol

    personally, I don't understand why people like myself who prefer people use proper grammar are "grammar nazis"...I just feel that because you're on a game/the internet dosnt meen yu can talk lik dis".

    Anyway, on topic, I find that hilarious lmao. I can't believe nobody caught this before.

    Grammar Nazi (Nazi should be capitalized right?) has nothing to do with using proper grammar. It has to do with people who go out of their way to correct other peoples grammar and most often strike people with only minor mistakes and leave the ones hu tlk lik dis alone.

    I would say that they are nothing but trolls but then the trolls come out of the woodwork trying to disassociate themselves from them.... nobody likes a grammar nazi.

    I'm an English major...and ****.  I hate grammar nazis irl.  I will use grammar for my papers, not on the damn internet or facebook.  Language is about meaning, not about adherence to strict, unreasonable conventions.  If the meaning is there, it's fine: "I sieged a castle" will carry the same meaning as "I besieged a castle."  What's the deal?  Nothing.  People want to be smart.  That's all.
  12. Cheatmenu

    I think you can add renown with the cheat menu just have to do it in Character Report or something.  Check all the menus, there are a lot of cool options available.
  13. How many troops in garrison?

    Quick garrison tip:

    Also, if you have a lot of prisoners, especially high tier troops, and you aren't strapped for cash....put all of your regs in the garrison, save the game, and then attempt to recruit the prisoners.  Once you succeed, put all of those recruited prisoners in your garrison and they won't dessert.

    Success.  (in order to target a select prisoner group, for example, Swadian Knights, be sure to garrison every other prisoner unit except them)
  14. Why can't *I* take my fiefs to another faction?

    He wants to go directly from one kingdom to another, not have his own.

    The above posters may not have been too clear, but the only way to keep your fiefs and go to another faction is to rebel against your liege (not being rewarded a fief) and starting your own kingdom.  Then, you go talk to the King of the faction of your choice and offer to join them.

    If you can't not be rewarded a fief when requesting it (because everyone in your kingdom loves you), then you're out of luck, as far as I know.  You could always take up a claimant for the kingdom you're currently serving, then drop the claimant after you rebel and you keep your fiefs (but you'll lose honor for doing this); after this, of course, go pledge allegiance to another kingdom.
  15. What battle size limit do you use?

    Is the battlesize mod compatible with current save games/Diplomacy?

    I play with 150, but have been curious to try larger battles.
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