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  1. Taking on named spawns

    I usualy find a noldor party and lure the spawn into it and watch as the noldor pwn them
  2. Spear spam

    it is also one of the easiest wepons to learn how to use in formation ie why there are more bayonet/rifles than swords in napoleonic era
  3. Storyline Walkthrough

    um this link is down is there a new one?
  4. With Fire & Sword: Questions and Answers

    um im having trouble with the treasury quest for the cossacks. i have the three quotes the first 2 in latin and then the supposed password with fire and sword. However when i go and tell the elder the password he says im talking nonsence. I have a negative relation with the village but that shouldnt matter should it?
  5. [M] Empires of Faith (ex-Caravan Raiders)

    just got off it actualy
  6. how do i start my own kingdom?

    ok i didnt know i had to attack a lord first thanks
  7. how do i start my own kingdom?

    im sitting outside a weakly defender city but i get no attack city option i really want to make my kingdom of italy
  8. Suggestions

    not sure if this is possible but is there a way to change the bandit hideouts to somthing like a stake camp or an abandoned fort i just dont like the native ones since the pathfinding is screwy with enemies spawning every witch way
  9. United_PW4_HCRP Server Thread*74/250 SUNDAY 4/01*

    ok would this not be against the rules. Im a commoner with a cart full of iron and wood im omw to bring it to the pirate faction lead by sverensken ( sorry his name is somthing along those lines) since they are at war with the faction that has the mine and its understandable that they couldnt make any wepons. so as i walk accrost the bridge they all yell take the cart they kill me and my escort. ok fine about half an hour later me and my escort are being harrased by a coupple of outlaws i dismount bcause my horse would be too slow to fight them. A few pirates charge and kill the outlaws but 1 of them dismounted left his horse and took my cart witch again was full of iron and wood. I chase them down and ask for my cart back and the leader sverennsken kills me with his damned 2 hander. would this not be considered against the rules

    BTW this is scene 6 i believe with old port and oasis castles
  10. How are bows in NE?

    Ivory bow is badass along with ivory arrows its a bit slow to reload but it 1 shots most enemies including heavy elites and as long as you are patient you will be fine.

    is there anyway to make an attacking siege army charge through the gates instead of just sittting there? also is there anyway to make the land battles feel more organized for the enemy AI
  12. Post here if you are looking for a regiment or members.

    yeah im in N america and dont play enough to be a regimented cav soldier are there really no irregular cav units in N america
  13. Post here if you are looking for a regiment or members.

    hi new to the Mount and Musket mod ive been think of downloading for a while now but i dont play alot but is there a group of scouts almost like a disorganised dragoon squad since i find being part of a line kinda boring
  14. [LEGACY] Quick Questions // Quick Answers

    well thats no fun :/
  15. [LEGACY] Quick Questions // Quick Answers

    has anyone ever captured all the lords of a faction? Ive captured almost all of the fiedsvain lords besides a few who keep escaping. would that just erase the faction or do i still have to take all their terretories
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