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    Newbie question?

    LibSpit said:
    Yeah, in the new version Religion is going to extend way beyond just faith troops, and have (hopefully) all kinds of impacts. Right now (among EVERYTHING else) we are trying to work out what effects in general religion will have, then we can work out how these effects will be different for each given religion!

    In all cases try to avoid anything that resembles real religion. To put this into perspective, I've looked at the streets of Mosul from Kurdish controlled territory. For the first time in millenia, today Mosul stands empty of Christians. This is in direct contrast to the specific wishes of the Prophet Mohammed as written in the Koran. We're all stocked up for holy war in the real world.

    There is a real temptation in these games to make the death addicts super powerful because they get such great costumes in the comics and they prey upon your fears. I would avoid this temptation when at all possible. Real death addicts in the real world get wiped out to the last man in invasions. Happened to the Assassins, happened to the thugees, and for the Ninja advocates...the sands of Iwo Jima took many more lives than throwing stars. Just for a giggle, make the death cults small minded jerks that hide in the darkness and are just a group of like-minded sociopaths. This will also avoid anybody pointing fingers at this mod the next time some sociopath decides to kill schoolkids.

    The relationships between the religion are the more important story and practical impact on the scenario. If you doubt this note the small doctrinal differences between Anglicanism and Catholicism compared to the history of violence in Ireland. This is a war game, not a theology seminar. Trust me that this community is much better qualified to handle war than religion intelligently.

    Ahistorical. This is our strength. 
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    I had a revelation.

    Computica said:
    Yes, in a way it is more or less like that. I've provided several ways for a player to role play the game, so it'll be there for people who just want to jump into the meat of the action.

    At the risk of causing a distracting code split, you might port out the more containable feature sets as a sub-mod to keep interest in the whole mod up. SoD: RPG, SoD: Stategic, SoD: Diplomat, SoD: Conqueror, etc.  Something out the door with interesting bugs might be better for the market than something complete.

    Your economy is people's interest.
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    I had a revelation.

    Computica said:
    I want the player to be able to play this mod an infinite amount of times and never get bored. I am done with the generated hero system as of now, the eco overhaul is partially done and the government systems are just getting started.

    For testing purposes, it would be handy if a lot of the TweakMB adjustment options could be incorporated into the Camp menu. Most important as a tester in my experience was adjusting party size and morale functions so I could grind more quickly. Since you moved things about in ways that frustrated the mod-modder's tracking, it would be helpful to let the testers get greater control of their test games.

    I'd love to be part of future testing, but time just isn't on my side anymore. The thought of trying track down the party size and morale code again just makes me tired, and I've got enough of that from chemo.
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    Bannerlord and 1257ad

    kuauik said:
    As a suggestion, in the future you might list a condition excruciatingly beyond reason as the cost of your participation in such an effort. The questioner is thinking in terms of "can I get a new shiny toy for free?" You are looking at tens of thousands of hours of volunteer effort brought about though years of compromise and negotiation.

    Here is a suggestion for what your efforts are worth in this regard (link will certainly go bad over time): http://www.horseclicks.com/for-sale-8851-hcr-4402-larue-tx-75770/properties/629396

    If the $10 million ranch within commuting range of Dallas/Ft. Worth is not to your taste, dream large in other directions.

    While your simple answer has the advantages of honesty and simplicity, sometimes it's worth pointing out how much this mod is really worth.
    well,my english is not that good to understand your post,did you called me **** or not :razz:
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    Vassal per 1 month

    Computica said:
    @Digital Terror
    :grin: Thanks for this DT, I put this feature in-game but I was never able to test it myself as I never really have the time to make a long play through, I end up coding after every playthrough. Just for this post I'll add more features for landless lords in the next release. I'm also making "heroes" more flexible so just about any Hero NPC can fulfill any role.
    Exploiting the ambitions of disenfranchised sons? But that never happened in history...except for when there were people with more ambition than sense. So, pretty much always.

    When I was in Iraqi Kurdistan it was very Byzantine how it played out. Of course the Iraqi Kurds did pretty well as Byzantine subjects, so preserving that cultural artifact makes some sense. Much better than the more modern method of denouncing your rivals to the secret police so they would be executed. Freaking socialists have no sense of style, and imagine that ruthlessness is the same as efficiency.

    As a related note, killing enemy lords to grant their fiefs to your vassals should bear a huge unrest and relationship penalty. People remember that sort of thing FOREVER. There is a reason Vladimir Putin, KGB operative, had the Romanoff family dug up and re-interred, and it wasn't because he valued the dynasty. It was the only way to wash the blood from his hands. 
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    Digital Terror said:
    Declared war by stealth on the Villianese...war by stealth means you don't OFFICIALLY declare war, you just go lay siege to one of their castles.  This will prompt a 'do you wish to declare war' choice, and when you say yes then you will go to war but WITHOUT triggering all of that faction's allies or defense agreements.  I know this is a bit of a cheat, and I rarely use it, but I wanted to see what would happen the next time anyone made an alliance with the Villianese because every faction remaining was allied or d-pact to every other faction remaining, including with me.  The Vills and Zerrikan were the only 2 I was only at trade agreement stage.

    Gotta love chain reaction politics!!  :grin:
    1. We prefer the term "exploit" because that doesn't invite unnecessary bug fixes.
    2. Look at the history of August 1914. It would be unrealistic if it hadn't happened already in real life.
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    tactics and playstyles

    I suggest going from town to town recruiting a siege force. You don't need to use Antarians, you just use anybody else who is worth a darn. Keep your siege team sequestered in a tower or town somewhere, and when it is time to take cities, dig them out, put them in front, and go to work.
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    Good stuff.

    Once again, if funds sufficient to provide me with the proper yachting lifestyle are advanced in a proper format (unmarked used bills filling a Pelican 1660 case), Computica will abruptly resume his modding. It doesn't matter how many of his family have to be abducted to obtain this result, if the boat is in reach, we can make this happen. We are committed to making this mod work, as soon as I get my boat. http://setsail.com/fpb-78-dream-machine-basic-specs-and-comparison-with-other-fpbs/

    (I have so much fun thinking about how bad a Project Manager could possibly be and then posting as them. I do not now have any physical or electronic records detailing where Computica's familiy lives or about their schedules on my premises. There are no records of me ever researching such things. And I very likely wouldn't need to stoop to such methods if there was that much money in play.)
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    Feast Bug

    Lord Kehm said:
    There is a bug I encountered while at a feast, I challenged one of the Lords to a duel, but before tabing to the duel I spoke with one of the Lady's, afterwords the duel was initiated between me and her instead of the Lord. Who knew beating a woman would make her fall love you.

    Co-dependency simulation was not one of the design goals of the mod, but it was low hanging fruit, so we left it in. I realize that some folks may have too much of this in their real lives, but it happens in real life, so we put it in the mod. We're still working out the economics tree for this.

    (Should I start a poll to see if folks think I'm going to hell when I die, or is that the consensus opinion?)
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    SVN1257 and Companions list

    Ritter_Ronald said:
    NikeBG said:
    Ritter_Ronald said:
    :roll: poor commercial :wink: ]
    Not really.
    no offence Nike  :wink: , I was just referring to:
    NikeBG said:
    Just for the record, the current version of E1200 has 27 companions (29 in the next update) and if we add the planned ones, the number would probably reach something between 40 and 50.
    maybe I read it another way, I only know from concurring TotalWarMods, that posts and links of other major mods in
    another mods particular forum are just not pleasant. If it is more friendly and uncompetitive in the Warband community - cool.
    (Also I used a smiley, cause today  I actually posted in this forum what i liked from your mod more than that feature in 1257ad - the quests)
    Anyway it doesn't really matter, and I don't want to offend or trouble anyone, so back to topic:
    I must say that one of the least attractive aspects of the 12xx mods is their rivalry. It is one reason I pushed for complete ahistorical grounding with SoD:W. I like playing each 12xx mod, but on the forums, the competition is not fun for me.
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    Lance system PLUS recruiting peasants

    Fordo said:
    Quintus Fabius Scaurus said:
    They could slice your neck and run away with your purse the night of the pay.
    Great idea for a random event some of your soldiers killed and some items or gold robbed by your own bandits recruits...
    In the first days of my (US Navy) boot camp in 1984, there was a guy who had zippers and extra buttholes on his skin, the indication of being shot or a whole lot of bad surgery. He explained that he'd gotten the damage in a bank robbery several years before. Perhaps naively, I assured everybody that he was either a liar or about to be gone. He wasn't a liar, but he was gone the next day. Word came that his recruiter got to spend some quality time in jail for aiding fraudulent enlistment.

    It was a good thing the system worked, because he probably would have beaten me like a drum. I'm not sure the Army would have been as brisk back then at rolling the felon up, but the wonderful thing about nuclear power and weapons is that they inspire vigor in personnel matters. Probably 25% of my boot camp class was going to have dealings with things that glow in the dark, and tolerating sociopaths in that company was not acceptable to the folks in charge. (Trust me, this dude was a nasty nutcase.)

    In the context of the game, the only thing that keeps killers from slitting the other troops' throats is the presence of a whole lot of armed folks around. That's true of reality as well, by the way.
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    Lance system PLUS recruiting peasants

    poncratias said:
    I just had an idea:
    What if recruiting of bandits or other criminals gives you -5 in relation to ALL factions, if you don't belong to any faction?
    This would let most factions see you as a bandit gang, if you surround yourself with this scum. (Except for factions that really like you, but you will lose much respect from them)
    That's sort of a kick in the teeth to historical realism right down to the current day. Saddam Hussein was the son of a pimp who put his al-Tikriti clan in power and was courted by just about every side before the Anfal campaign. Within the last forty years the US still accepted "jail or Army" recruits. Don't even get me started on conscription's stinking fruit. The Rough Rider's had troops from the finest families as well as people who broke out of jail to join.

    The most powerful deodorant in the world is power, and the most effective version of power is good troops.
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    ->Sword of Damocles: Warlords | Download Here!<-

    doublejsam1 said:
    any idea how to prevent the game from crashing time to time?  the game lags when i hold on to ctrl+space
    This is a very complex mod still in development, please save often and be conservative in your settings. Running from a clean system is also a good plan.

    It is hard to judge the extent of the problem with your bug report: "from time to time" is not causality linked.

    Stop holding [CTRL]+[SPACE].

    As always, all bugs can be cleaned up if you are willing to provide the proper incentive: http://setsail.com/fpb-64-theory-reality-2/
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    SOD Warlords - Suggestions & Discussions Thread

    alttimer said:
      With all of that said, I think you are doing great work on the mod.  It is always appreciated that you guys(gals) do this for free.
    free free? but then how is Daedelus_McGee to get his boat think of the boat man lol :roll:
    The marketing model that results in me getting the boat is convoluted, but based on the notion that there are irrationally wealthy folks out there. While doubts about the likelihood of me ending on the spiffy boat are compelling, there is a key concept in sales called "The Ask". By repeatedly asking for the magnificent dream craft in exchange for personalizing this mod, my chances of getting the boat are a lot better than those who don't ask. setsail.com The boat is worth the ask, and we can make the mod to the liking of someone with the resources to provide the boat.

    It also shuts down a lot of whining from people who wouldn't contribute an honest minute or a thin dime to making this project better. We have a standard for making irrational change to the mod, and if you can't pony up the price of the boat, stop whining.
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    Is there a way for me to get more Ronin?

    X-Warrior-X said:
    Computica said:
    X, when the mod is fleshed out I'll make sure to make a low resource demand version of the mod just for you.
    I need a computer to play it on in general, my laptop can't handle even the lowest of resolutions.  :cry:
    Try reducing the number of troops in a battle and not looking directly at the battle when it's fighting, look up into the sky. When I was testing this on a netbook with embedded graphics, that's how I got through.

    I can say that they only place to get decent older graphics cards, PCIE 1.0 is eBay. The price is right and Newegg, Amazon and Geeks.com all stopped carrying PCIE 1.0 graphics cards.

    This is a really helpful thread because by thinking way outside the box to make a joke, I discovered a useful feature that was needed.  Pity some folks just don't get outside themselves enough to understand creativity isn't just in one dimension.
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