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    SP Medieval Fantasy [WB] The Crown of Kalin - A Medieval Fantasy Mod (Video Preview)

    Hey Guys. It's been a while.

    Finally I'm very close to the first release of this project. Sorry for being absent for such a long time but I just had the feeling that posting updates all the time costs way too much time. Besides the fact that nobody likes to get teased for years (subtle hint). A lot of things in this mod have changed so I am kinda glad that all the old previews are gone.

    I prepared a little video. It's just a quick test battle. There is no music, no editing and the quality is crap. Got to work on this for the next video. However I hope it gives a good impression about the mods current status.

    The last things that needs to be done are Balancing and some work on the items. There are even some items I don't have permission for yet. I try to get them atm. Of Course there will be cut out for the final release if I dont get it. I'm sorry if there is one of them in the video.

    All the Best

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    Enable Smoother Camera in Edit Mode

    How could I try ANY possible key combination and dont find the most obvious on my own? I feel very awkward now -.-
    Anyway Thanks a lot!
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    Enable Smoother Camera in Edit Mode

    Hey Folks, I want to make some videos in the edit mode and the smooth camera movement would be very useful. I am sure that there is an option for that because I randomly activate it sometimes... So does someone know the right keys? Thanks in advance :)
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    SP Medieval Fantasy [WB] The Crown of Kalin - A Medieval Fantasy Mod (Video Preview)

    ThegnAnsgar said:
    Excellent screenshots and map. I know for sure which faction I'm going to be helping once this comes out...  :mrgreen:

    Thanks. I hope in the end you think the other factions are worth another game! :grin:

    Count of Flanders said:
    Great work. I have been following this mod for some time now and I must say that I adore the amount of tought you put into the factions and the troops, the consistency is what appeals most to me. Carry on.


    DoctorPainkiller said:
    Cynicis said:
    Corrinho Striped Rider:

    Dat hat

    Credits to Rath0s :wink:


    I prepared a preview for another faction in the style of the last preview:

    Kingdom of Anterra




    Mayor Vassals:

    The Erkenfold:




    Minor Vassals:











    Special Troop:

    Marlinhaver Chevalier


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    SP Medieval Fantasy [WB] The Crown of Kalin - A Medieval Fantasy Mod (Video Preview)

    I'm quite into the Mapping-thing at the moment and im trying to fiddle about on the map editor from thorgrim. Eh.
    This will take some time and i am not sure if I should release the alpha version with the new map.

    However I prepared a little preview about the last faction that will replace the sarranids.

    Kingdom of Tarragona

    ...named after its capital, Tarragona is a medieval spain/mediterran influenced faction. You might even notice some city names that are also names for towns in the real world. Pure coincidence!

    *Banners and Names can still change

    King Nathanoel III. of Tarragona

    Major Vassals:


    Marquis Mandril Agirre of Corrinho
        ->  His son: Prince Leandro Agirre of Corrinho


    Marquis Sebastiano Diaz of Arietta
        -> His son: Prince Mateo Diaz of Arietta

    Cair Avila:

    Marquis Joaquin Vargas of Cair Avila
        -> His son: Prince Tabor Vargas of Cair Avila

    Minor Vassals:

    Conde Eustazio Morales
        -> His son: Hidalgo Adan Morales

    Conde Fausto Navarro
        -> His son: Hidalgo Pablo Navarro

    Conde Raudrigo Villegas
        -> His son: Hidalgo Rubene Villegas

    Conde Tito Orenas
        -> His son: Hidalgo Tajo Orenas

    Conde Branca Saltega
        -> His son: Hidalgo Josue Saltega


    Caballero Pirro Ramos

    Caballero Hernan Peralta

    Caballero Alvaro Rojas

    Caballero Orlando Velarro



    Some Special Units:

    Corsair Arbalesters:
    Corrinho Striped Rider:

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    SP Medieval Fantasy [WB] The Crown of Kalin - A Medieval Fantasy Mod (Video Preview)

    Antar said:
    Can I ask you a question? Will the bows be like in native, fast and weak, or are you planning to make them slow to draw but stronger? If you plan on doing the latter, you could make the bows a little bit less accurate and with smaller quivers to prevent bows from being op. I can't wait for the alpha to try this mod out. It's my favorite so far. And don't be worried about the map, it's not too important right now.

    Thank you.Sure you can. To be honest I have not think about the balance stuff yet. One thing that I figure out allready is that I want to make shield a lot weeker and more likely to break because a lot of the Units in CoK actually use shields. But I allways like the idea of arrows doing more damage. However there will probably a poll to that question in this thread soon after the alpha version is out. :wink:
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    SP Medieval Fantasy [WB] The Crown of Kalin - A Medieval Fantasy Mod (Video Preview)

    So I've used my unbelievable photoshop skills in microsoft paint to make a rough copy of the original map of Kalin. :grin:
    Its not supposed to be beautiful as hell I just want to show the basic idea.


    Also I have changed some names in the last weeks and months without changing the informations on the first page. I will fix all this soon.

  8. Cynicis

    SP Medieval Fantasy [WB] The Crown of Kalin - A Medieval Fantasy Mod (Video Preview)

    LordMalacath said:
    Nicely done, Cynicis.
    I just realized now that you're the same guy from the Minecraft Forums.

    Great work on the CoK map there, mate. Spent some precious hours there.
    I was sure that I had already heard the name Crown of Kalin before, then I just googled it up and realized everything.

    Keep it going, you're doing great.
    One suggestion that I would like to give you is play a lot with color and vegetation, they really help.

    Thank you for the feedback! Never thought someone would ever notice :grin:
    Ithilien5 said:
    Bloodbane said:
    This mod looks like it's going to be pretty fun :smile: you've put a lotta work into the armor aethetics and cultural aspect. Love it. This is gonna be really immersive. And the screenshots look very promising.

    Wish you the best of luck, friend.

    DoctorPainkiller said:
    Is the first release going to be public?
    Yes I want to make the first version to be public. I dont even know how long I will continue working on this project because I'm slightly losing motivation at the moment. So if I stop after the alpha everybody can this version at least.

    FinnishKnight said:
    Make a new map
    FinnishKnight said:
    Please include a new map to the mod?

    I would love to. Theres even a concept map on paper. But I am not able to do a new map and cannot afford the time to learn it actually. If there is a mapper who wants to help me I can send him the map concept. Until anything like this will happen I keep using Calradia.
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    SP Medieval Fantasy [WB] The Crown of Kalin - A Medieval Fantasy Mod (Video Preview)

    Sorry for being absent so long. I am back at work now and about 90% ready for the first alpha version.

    Here are previews of a few new raider and mercenary units:

    Kyrgill Pass Ravagers:

    Berguno Armsmen:

    Paladins of Antarr Castel:
  10. Cynicis

    B Native [WB] Rise Of Swadia

    Looks promising. Good luck!
  11. Cynicis

    SP Medieval Fantasy [WB] The Crown of Kalin - A Medieval Fantasy Mod (Video Preview)

    Danaigh said:
    Cant wait until its released!
    Expect the first alpha version in about two months I am making very good progress.

    Licko90 said:
    i just wanted to confirm your statement and offer my self for words in slavenic type faction :grin:
    Appreciate that. My knowledge ist based on bad google and wikipedia research! :grin:

    ClockworkMishap said:
    Please tell me this mod is still alive...

    It actually is! :smile:

    Kyrkasund Troops approaching in the mist

    Kronstader Cavalry attack at sunrise

    Naugryn Archers

  12. Cynicis

    SP Native Fantasy [WB] Alternative Calradia Mod - In progress

    very interesting. youre writing style is pretty good. Best of Luck! :smile:
  13. Cynicis

    SP Medieval Fantasy [WB] The Crown of Kalin - A Medieval Fantasy Mod (Video Preview)

    Hey lads. Long time no seen eh?
    But this project is still alive and in development.
    Here is what I am working at:

    I am still aiming for good storytelling in the mod without changing the core mechanic and make it too much of an RPG.
    A massive problem is the missing relation between lords and the player in my opinion. Its just very difficult to see them as interesting characters which you can like or hate. I see very much wasted potential here.
    So I try to make the characters more special. For example: I have worked on the family connections between lords of a faction. Family can be a good breeding ground for intrigues affairs and interesting story's. So what will Lord X do if Lord Y of another (or the same) faction has killed its son or don't stop f*ckin his sister. Hope you see what I go for. That leads me to another point. I want to make it possible to actually kill lords. It shouldn't happen very often. But from time to time some lords should die on the battlefield. Will the other lord start an blindfolded revenge attack? The loss of a character is actually noticeable in the behaviour of the other lords. 

    Another problem is that all the lords seems to have the same place in a factions hierarchy order. So I'll add different ranks. That offers a lot of interesting opportunities too. Let me explain this step in an example on the "Kronstader Kaiserreich" Because this faction is medieval germany-influenced, I will use historic ranks of nobility. There are other factions with different cultural plot. So I will use ranks like "Marquis" and "Conde" for the medieval Spanish influenced faction. "Jarl", "Thane", "Huskarl" for the Nordic Faction of course. And so on.

    I know you are up for pictures but please tell me what you think about this idea too.

    Kaiser Tristan von Kronau

    Erzherzog Rivas von Keilerswalde
      -> Prinz Kjell von Keilerswalde

    Kurfürst Hansel von Kalkhorst
      -> Kurprinz Tanis von Kalkhorst

    Herzog Korbinian von Falkenbrück                Herzog Benedikt von Valwingen
      -> Prinz Xander von Falkenbrück                  -> Prinz Ragnar von Valwingen

    Markgraf Albrecht                  Markgraf Gerald                Markgraf Wiegald                Markgraf Henryk

    Graf Oswald                          Graf Alois                          Graf Ansgar                          Graf Siegfried
      -> Baron Fiete                      -> Baron Mailo                  -> Baron Thies                      -> Baron Arien

    "->" means the lord is a son

    Hierarchical order:

      Kaiser (Emperor)
        Erzherzog (Archduke)
            Kurfürst (no translation)
                Herzog (Duke)
                    Kurprinz (no translation)
                        Prinz (Prince)
                          Markgraf (Margrave)
                              Graf (no translation)
  14. Cynicis

    SP Medieval Fantasy [WB] The Crown of Kalin - A Medieval Fantasy Mod (Video Preview)

    Here is a wild preview of things I finished lately:

    Pargon Mercenaries from a eastern Minor Faction

    Perduin Troops. Perduin is a vassal city of the Elios Kingdom.





    Eagle-Eyes of Manasu. Mercenaries from a southern minor factions.

    Nabin Desert Riders. Raiders from another southern minor faction.

  15. Cynicis

    SP Medieval Fantasy [WB] The Crown of Kalin - A Medieval Fantasy Mod (Video Preview)

    AxiosXiphos said:
    This mod looks great! I've always wanted to do the same thing but don't think I've ever had the time or creativity. I've just ended up at the moment with a fully working new map with the same old factions wondering what to do. Keep up the good work!

    Then we should merge :grin: A new map would be useful!

    OmegaWolfy said:
    Not to be anxious but any more progress seems to have stopped or something or you just got very busy... sorry for asking :sad: but i just love the idea of this mod

    Dont worry mate. My job keeps haunting me atm but I still try to keep up progress. Its just slow.
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