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I suggest introducing several types of workshops:
1. Forge
2. Pottery workshop.
3. Foundry workshop.
4. Woodworking workshop.
5. Carpentry workshop.
6. Jewelry workshop
7. Leather workshop
8. Bakers
9. Breweries
10. Tailors
Add a menu for the workshop in the city in which it is located. Click on "Visit the workshop" and a menu appears: Additionally: The initial capacity of the workshop inventory is 1500. Later it will be possible to increase it. The workshop inventory is needed in order to leave resources for production or to pick up finished products and sell them yourself. First, the workshop will take resources from the stash, and then if the resources run out, it will buy them in the market. If we have several workshops in the city, then the menu will select which workshop to go to. Improved workshop menu in the "Clan-Other" tab. • Button to stop production. • Optional: 1) This function is needed to stop the workshop production. For example: the city has high prices for the required resource, you can close your workshop and open it when the price of the resource falls. 2) You also need to make the "Resume production" button when our workshop is closed to start production again. • Workshop management menu. After you have selected and clicked "Done", the menu of the workshop inventory and the object that we have selected appears
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