Will there be religion in bannerlord?

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I was actually thinking the same thing last night, it's a shame that there is no religion, it would add so much more depth into the game. Imagine the Christianity equivalent doing crusades, or Jihads for Islamic equivalents. Having to convert regions after annexing them, otherwise you'd get rebellious subjects for having the wrong religion. Or even having a moreso humanist approach where you accept Kingdom policies that more 'humanist' and allow more than one state religion. **** Im getting keen thinking about it.
TW did an excellent job at keeping religion out of original M&B as well as Warband. I doubt they will change for Bannerlord.


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me and boys pretending we care about religion


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Would've preferred to have some kind of religion in bannerlord, adds more depth to the world and lore. You're always going to have faith in something whether it's the big bang LOL or the creator.

Either way, most mods will include some type of religion even if more subtle.


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No and I hope they will never add religion. For me the religion takes away the fantasy element of the game.
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