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1. What a disappointment, I just noticed I can't give a clan for my wife to lead. Existing party leaders of my kingdom are more skilled than her, no sense making her a party leader either.
2. Another disaster: married a clan leader of my kingdom, and they lost their leader when she joined my clan.
3. Oh noes. I just tried to get a lord to leave his kingdom and join mine. His reply was to talk to my WIFE about this issue. Well, she is no more leader of her clan.

What's wrong with the idea that your wife/husband would carry on being the leader of her clan? Especially when you have mods that enable marrying more than once, it would really be useful if you could choose will the wife join your clan, or continue leading her own clan, and also giving a fief to a wife/husband, who would become a new clan's leader.
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Own clan ? Clan is like family. Seriously that u want ? Your wife create another family? it would be better if a sister could be married in her own clan. It is possible for her to have a relationship with someone who is not a nobleman. It can cost you a thousand receipts. The same goes for male characters. You can marry an npc or anyone else, taking into account the loss of influence.
Edit: (ach lead clan..... but in any case for what. If you are the boss :wink: )

I would count on an editor where you can create a beautiful wife etc :wink: or a family you want. I would even pay for such an add-on/editor on ps5 :wink: Maybe talewords will make such a gift. Possibility to create your family. the limit is 3 or 4 people in a clan.
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