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I'm trying to figure out what Bannerlord features have been mentioned in pre-release diaries but not in game by now. I was reviewing those pre-release diaries since I wonder how the game will be like when the EA phase eventually ends. Hopefully TW will implement those features they have mentioned. I have completed my review, but may missed some points, please point out if I missed something.. Last edited: 2021/01/04
One more thing to mention: I won't include things like graphical/action system/art design. I mean no offense, but these parts looks satisfying currently, at least for me.
Not sure whether which sub-forum this thread is supposed to go so I posted in both General Discussion and Single Player sub-forums.
  • Mount & Blade II: Bannerlord Developer Blog 10 - Materialistic Approaches 20 Mar 2015
    • This blog mainly talks about the negotiation panel we have. This panel is implemented, but features mentioned in this blog were not. Terms like peace treay, ransom prisoner, kingdom rank(tbh, this is what lacks in kingdom system, not negotiation/diplomacy),
    • and the most important
      The sandbox AI can use the barter system just like the player.
      At least I have never seen NPC doing that by now.
  • Mount & Blade II: Bannerlord Developer Blog 11 - Some Context 11 Aug 2015
    • All of the siege weapons are placed freely by the players, so there is full control over how to assault the walls. Once the siege begins, the player can also order troops to change what they're doing on the fly, throughout the battle.
      Implementation of the delopyment part depends on how you define "placed freely", or more specifically, "freely". Yes we can "freely" choose spots for deploying siege engine, but the spots are fixed. The second part is obviously, not implemented yet.
    • Graphically, we have made huge strides here, to improve the look and feel of Calradia. Though there are also some significant gameplay changes evident here. Castles are now fully integrated with villages, which means that settlement produces goods and has economic impact. The four sides of a village can all be made into different types of production, with the unique option of turning one into a castle.
      Village management is not implemented. The idea of village-castle integration looks cool, and is a good simulation of fedual time, not sure if this is discarded, from video provided in this blog, this feature has been already implemented.(Discarded, see below the first entry of 2018 August-January 2019 part) Also in the same video, the building management system looks more free and controlable, though settlement attribute part has been extended.
    • A village with a castle is naturally much more defensible, but the slot is sacrificed that might have been used for something valuable like a salt mine. All of these are reflected on the world map as well, as can be seen in the video.
    • What's really interesting is that AI Lords start new projects and modify their villages over time, just like the player. So during a long playthrough, the face of the map and nature of various settlements can change significantly, in ways that are fully dependent on the current economic and political situation of the NPCs and their factions.
    • By assigning the work allocation of the village, you can adjust how fast projects are completed, as well as the tax and militia levy from villages. Though all of this has an effect on morale and neglecting your peasants can lead to serious complications in the long term.
    • Guess I don't need to say much about the above quotes, obviously not implemented.
  • Mount & Blade II: Bannerlord Developer Blog 12 - The Passage Of Time 21 Dec 2015
    • Taking the icons as an example, it is now possible to see what a village produces by looking at its icon. These change dynamically over time to reflect different production facilities constructed in the village, or additions of buildings like castles.
      If village management is not implemented, apparently all following features can not be implemented.
    • More indirect benefits can be received by, for instance, aiding a bandit group near to the fief of a rival noble from the same faction, trying to limit their income and gaining a leg over them in the faction standings.
      This sounds GREAT! But not implemented yet
    • Economy describe in this blog is implemented, though looks weird. Like Every town can have and only have 3 workshop, owner cannot manage workshop but only pay salary and take profit. Furthermore, in current game if you appoint a companion to complete quest for you, they will simply disappear from the game with troops you give him/her, then return later with profit, this will, apparently, disrupt how the economy system work.
  • Mount & Blade II: Bannerlord Developer Blog 14 - Destructible Merlons 1 Jul 2016
    • Mostly implemented, but one thing want to mention: defense that armor can provide in the corresponding video look ****ing better than what we have now
  • Armies & Influences 5 Oct 2017
    • If you are an army commander you can click on a portrait to talk with a lord and give them a task to perform, such as scout ahead, bring food, bring reinforcements, bring horses, etc.
      Not implemented.Eventhough this feature has simpler implementation in Warband.
  • Q&A with Steve Negus 18 Jan 2018
    • alternately, for a player to appoint lots of companions to lordships.
      Obviously not implemented. As far as I can remember, this is also an implemented feature of Warband. Also, in current game of Bannerlord(1.5.6), we can see that player are allowed to appoint party roles for family troops other than the one led by player, but we can not have multiple companions in one sub-troops, appointment here can also be a good feature.
  • Siege Engine 29 Mar 2018
    • Prices of goods significantly rise as materials begin to run low, and eventually, the defenders can be starved into submission.
      This may not be able to be defined as a "feature". Just want to mention here, in current version of game this is nearly imposisble to happen.
  • Productive Enterpries 10 May 2018
    • Players can enter a town and walk around to find their preferred location for their business from a number of different rentable buildings. Not only does this help us to achieve our aim of improving the overall immersion of the game, but it allows us to expand on productive enterprises as a gameplay mechanic as a whole.
      True in Bannerlord player has to enter the city and talk to NPC if we want to own a workshop. However, currently this has no effect on any other aspect of the game, the only effect is force player to enter the city. TBH, if this part continue to be like this, I'd like to say returing Workshop-purchasing-procedure to Warband fashion would be better.
    • Having various locations for productive enterprises in each town means that players and AI lords can establish multiple businesses, which actually has a wider implication than it may seem at first glance. By allowing both players and AI lords set up multiple businesses in a single town, they can act in direct competition with each other and have a negative impact on each other's profits. This can be quite useful if you already have a reliable source of income and you want to ensure that a rival lord doesn’t gain a financial upper hand, but it can be quite a nuisance if you are struggling to make ends meet and production is halted because your business can no longer turn a profit. Likewise, crafty players can monitor what businesses their rivals own and buy up any raw materials or flood the local market with crafted goods to influence market prices, effectively putting a choke hold on rival operations.
      I don't think in current version of Bannerlord AI lords would open their own workshop. And when the pre-requisite is not implemented, of course the following part cannot be true.
  • Horses 17 May 2018
    • " Players can equip their horse with different types of saddlebags, harnesses or armour, which modifies the stats of the horse. " Harnesses and armor looks like integrated into the current horse armor we have now; but saddlebags is missing, this looks good, like we may have horse to carry more ammo.
  • Campaign Map 21 Jun 2018
    • This leads us on to possibly the coolest change we have made with the campaign map: the city icons on the world map now visually represent the actual city scenes. This means that, given some time, seasoned players will be able to recognise a city just from its map icon alone. Likewise, players will be able to see what kind of resources a village produces and the level of a castle’s walls visually represented on the campaign map.
      At least I'm not capable of doing what this diary describe.
  • Q&A with Ozan Gumus 12 Jul 2018
    • Some strategies, like leaving soldiers behind to run away from strong parties also make men unhappy. When you enter a battle with troops who have low morale, after taking some casualties your men can lose their courage and start to flee. This means that a battle can be lost even if most of your troops are still alive. These deserting troops go on to form a new deserted party on the campaign map which the party leader can no longer control. Thankfully, there are lots of different ways to keep party morale high!
      Currently the moral and deserter system does not look like working as expected. Also, deserter troops does not exist at all, and again, this is a feature Warband have.
  • Questions from the Community 6 Sep 2018
    • Can we still build castles in villages we own?We had to drop that feature. At some point in development, fief management became too complex, with towns, castles and villages each having their own specific management screens. The ability to build castles in villages also gave rise to complex rules. For example, demolishing the castle in a village could potentially revert the village to another kingdom and we had to add complex logic to handle that. Overall, we felt that the design had become too bloated and unappealing.
      The solution was changing the status of villages so that they would no longer be considered independent fiefs but were always attached to a castle or town. This removed the necessity to have a management screen for villages and simplified and streamlined the system. The aesthetics of our new villages is also much more pleasing.
      Ok now we can see that the castle-building feature is actually discarded, but I don't understand why. Guess mainly AI issue, as we can see, the current AI of Bannerlord is, unfortunately, terrible. In addition, even though village-castle transfer may be hard to handle for TW, why also discard the fief and village management system?The fief management system we have now is rigid,boring and lack depth. Hopefully both features will come back in the future, or at least the management system.
  • Quests 20 Sep 2018
    • But that isn’t to say that your actions in these quests don’t impact on the game world: they most definitely do! In fact, many of the quests you will be offered are generated as a direct response to a situation that is currently happening in the game. If a group of bandits are prohibiting trade in an area and have established a hideout, then you might be asked to dispatch the bandits by a local notable. Clearing the bandit hideout won’t just net you a bit of extra spending money and positive relations with the person who issued the quest: trade will flow more freely in the area, which in turn will have a positive effect on the local economy.
      I can't tell if this true in current Bannerlord or not. Somtimes looks true, other times not.
  • Kingdom Management 4 Oct 2018
    • In this screen, you can lend your support for one of the clans to become the leader of the faction
    • Faction leaders are able to assign objectives to the armies through this tab, giving players greater control over the strategic aspects of warfare in the game.
      Don't think these 2 points are true in current Bannerlord.
  • Map Design 8 Nov 2018
    • As we design the layout of each town, we tend to divide them into recognisable districts, so that players can develop an instinct for where they can find what they are looking for. This isn’t so much a rule that is set in stone, as we want to stay fluid in our approach to level design, but all of our work on these scenes share similar design principles.

      • Marketplace - This is where most goods are traded. If you are looking for a shiny new helmet, supplies for a campaign, or perhaps some barding for your horse, then the marketplace will be your first port of call. The marketplace is also where you will find the local blacksmith, where you can design and craft your own melee weapons.
      • Slums and backstreet - Dangerous places where smugglers and bandits gather to make money by illegitimate means, diminishing the resources and taxes of the town.
      • Keep - Where you can find the nobles and governor of the town (as well as the prisoners!). One day, this is somewhere that you will hopefully get to call home.
      • Military district - This is where the town guards and garrison gather, and where troops can be trained. Also, this is where the town’s stockpile is located to be used in times of need (such as a defensive siege).
      • Tavern - This is where adventurers and drunks alike gather to share stories over a mug of mead. Some revellers are just a nuisance, others are sellswords that will fight for the right amount of money, and a rare few are companions that will follow you in your ambitions and help you to achieve your goals.
  • Q&A with Gunduzhan Gunduz 29 Nov 2018
    • as we have to include areas that players can reach and explore, such as taverns, shops, blacksmiths and arenas. We also have to make these scenes siegeable, and of course, these scenes can be upgraded, so we have to ensure that they can be assaulted at each different upgrade level (1-3).
      Not sure if this can be called a feature or not, but together with the previous entry, we can see that city design does not work as expected.
  • Settlement Projects 6 Dec 2018
    • With the massive increase in settlements that we have in Bannerlord, we felt that having to micromanage settlements all the way down to the village level would, over time (as your territory grows), become overbearing and tiresome to manage.
      So I guess this is the reason why village management and castle-building are cancelled? Does not sounds reasonable to me. At least better than the current rigid and boring fief management system. In addition, we do have village management in Warband and village can be rewarded to lords as individual fief, did anyone here feel annoying about that?(Besides things like fighting hard to take a city but only get a village as reward.:unsure:) Furhtermore, if villages are and only are attachment of castle/city, how to achieve the saying" A vassal of a vassal is my vassal ". If there are only king and direct vassal of king exist in game, obviously this situation can not be successfully simulated.
  • Q&A with Selim Cam 13 Dec 2018
    • Currently my main focus is on the Children feature we've recently announced. To be more specific, the transition of babies into childhood and children into adulthood, where they will be positioned, how the player will interact with them etc. Besides that, I'm doing some adjustments to the Barter feature.
      Sounds like family/education system, a feature we need but not here currently.
    • If you are not really into fighting, you can play more like a trader than a warrior, establishing productive enterprises,
      I don't think we can establishing productive enterprises by now. TBH, do we have any control over workshop currently? Besides purchasing workshop and selling workshop to others?
  • Persuasion System 20 Dec 2018
    • Finally, the game tracks most major events, and if you can remind the Countess that the king you want her to betray murdered her cousin, or passed her over when last handing out fiefs, that will make your task much easier.
      I don't think we have this kind of events currently.
    • The persuasion system is often a gateway that leads you into the barter system.
      Not sure if this is my fault, but I have never seen this happen.
  • Q&A with Bahar Sevket 17 Jan 2019
    • Previously, a player who besieged a castle had to select what they wanted to build from a number of engines, one by one. Recently, however, we introduced a new tactics feature. Now, the player will select one of the siege tactics available and will get a preloaded waiting list for siege engines that are useful to the selected tactic. The player will be able to start the bombardment as soon as any machine is finished and will be able to start damaging the defences of the town/castle even before starting the siege mission (battle).
      What we have know is called "previously" here.
    • “We are currently working on something we call settlement issues. They represent conflicts in a settlement between NPCs, or general problems that may arise. These events will pop up randomly during the game and they will affect the properties of a settlement (prosperity, morale, etc.). The player will have to find a solution to that problem in a specific timeframe using whatever means they can. Issues may lead to different quests or may encourage players to make changes to their current management style.”
      Sounds like how companion system work in Warband, we don't have this in Bannerlord by now.
  • Crime and Punishment 7 Feb 2019
    • Don't even need to read this entry, the title is sufficient to reach conclusion: Not Implemented.
  • Siege:Keep Battle11 Apr 2019
    • And in Bannerlord, where villages and their respective resources are tied to castles, this is especially true, as the loss of a castle could result in the loss of a vital resource which is needed to feed the war machine.
      In current version of Bannerlord, does castle produce anything? Like, anything???
    • however, in some instances, this isn’t enough to claim a castle outright. The defenders may rally what is left of their forces and retreat to the relative safety of the keep to make their last stand. In this week’s blog, we will discuss what happens in this exact scenario by taking a look at the tail end of sieges; the final push to capture the keep and secure, kill, or drive out the last remaining defenders.
      This is discussed about in the most recent patches, not implemented currently, but likely to be implement in the future.
  • Q&A with Rabia Adiguzel 18 Apr 2019
    • And another example; we already have quests and town management, but they are separate features as RPG and strategy elements. We implemented a tiny connector named “Issues”. When there is an “Issue” in a settlement, the settlement's morale, food, prosperity, etc. decreases. If the player wants to solve this issue, he/she solves it with a quest. With this system, quests are not just an RPG element anymore and take on more of a strategic element.”
      I don't this is true currently. What we have now is like here comes a quest, if you do not solve it, you will have penalty on prospersity/security/loyalty growth. And you can hardly tell whether the quest comes because of something is happening on the campaign map or not. A successful implementation of this is supposed to be like here comes a quest due to something happened on the campaign map, if you dont solve it, there won't be pre-defined numerical penalty on settlement attribute, but the consequence of unfinished quest will cause the settlement attribute to shrink. For example, when you did not complete a caravan escort quest when there are lots of bandits around your settlement and the merchants has already lost many caravans, the settlement won't have numeric penalty pre-defined by developer on attributes, but the lack of goods will cause the prospersity to lower. Hopefully my description is clear enough.
    • We have different types of production in the game, like different types of horses, fish, cheese, grain, etc. Villages can choose between a range of these village production types, but the distribution of these production types is based on the region of the village. For example, villages near the sea or a river can produce fish, but an Aserai village that is in the desert can not.
      I don't think we have this currently. First, we can not do anythign about village production. Second, village normally only produce one kind of goods(besides foods), which is listed on the description of village.
  • Economy and Trade 25 Apr 2019
    • I have to say features related to military described in this entry does not look implemented by now.
  • Campaign Logistics 9 May 2019
    • This entry decribe features that have already been introduced at 5 Oct 2017, not implemented.
  • Executions 7 Jun 2019
    • I have never tried execution in Bannerlord by now. May someone tell me if this entry have anything left unimplemented?
  • Sieges: Part1 4 Jul 2019
    • You can attack the besiegers right away, and in general, the forces in the town will sally out to join the fight, and together, you may hopefully overwhelm the attackers.
      At least I have never seen garrison join this kind of fight.
  • Siege:razz:art 3 26 Sep 2019
    • AI behaviour described here is too good to be true in current version of Bannerlord.
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The thing though is nothing they've said is impossible for modders. Once they finish changing the code and allow us to actually create and add classes/methods without worrying about conflicts, EVERYTHING here will be doable. They just need to get their freaking core code fixed first. And it's in atrocious shape.
The thing though is nothing they've said is impossible for modders. Once they finish changing the code and allow us to actually create and add classes/methods without worrying about conflicts, EVERYTHING here will be doable. They just need to get their freaking core code fixed first. And it's in atrocious shape.
I have heard TW were reconstructing Bannerlord code since like the first month of release, but no further information is given regarding progress
I have heard TW were reconstructing Bannerlord code since like the first month of release, but no further information is given regarding progress
They have been. The last two patches in particular have massively broken most mods because they've been renaming/removing functions left and right, and the mods right now work by injecting code to be run inplace of/after pieces of code, and when the names change those injections are broken. My traits-fix mod was broken because they simply changed a label a method I was modifying was labeled as.
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