It's 2024. Only now have I realized ...

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... that multi-hits happen with all weapons, not just 2h axes.

Albeit, "sequential" multi hits cannot happen with weapons other than 2h axes, but "simultaneous" multi-hits can happen with any weapon of sufficient length.

Experiences like these, make me wonder.

How long did the community take in figuring out how the chained attacks work? Or it was even a thing? Months after earl access release, and a year or so until the most accurate descriptions came out.

What about how chambering works? The initial confusion between people on at which conditions it happens? Or the opinions that it required a special direction/stance to do so? Only after years, the general theory of how chambering works in the game was explored and explained: any timed physical contact with the weapon during the "wind-up phase" will act as deflection against enemy attack.

How about "deflecting arrows with 2h weapons"? IIRC, to this day nobody still knows how it exactly works. Some say you just need to hit the actual arrow with any block, some say you have to be switching around blocks while impact, others say you can't do it with a block and have to actually hit the arrow. And then there are more opinions on whether or not you can hit the projectiles of thrown rocks, or javelins, or bolts. Again, years after early access, long time after official release, people still don't know.

Did someone mention that kicks and the next attack can be chained as a special combo attack that activates way faster than normal chain attacks? And that it only activates when the kick physically connects to something? Nobody sure told me. I had to experiment to find out, and realized some people have all discovered this on their own, but most of the casual players still have no idea something like this even exists.

How about the fact that a kick or any kind of bash move that connects as a counter, tends to put the opponent into longer stagger/stun? Wonder how many people know about this.


Yes, I've only now realized that there are "simultaneous" multi hits on any weapon, and at the same time, realized part of the frustration of the fans come from the fact that NONE of the game's mechanics are explained anywhere.

I mean, getting information like how the damage formula works or etc. should be expected to be difficult, and naturally only modders will be able to provide such info... but shouldn't the rest of the basic game mechanics be explained to the people somehow? How can veteran players tell newbies to "git gud" when the newbies don't have any of the above information about the game from anywhere, because a lot of those are things which even us veterans don't know?

How the basics of the game mechanics work, should be explained somewhere, and not by individual experimentation from us players (because our info may be extremely inaccurate) but through the lips of people who made them, and know exactly how it is set up.
Probably because it wasn't even intentional by TW, just animation timing quirks/poor QA.

There are no designed 'combos', we just see them as such. Yes, there's those fancy animation ones with swords but the animation doesn't give a bonus (afaik), 'beats' AI blocking, or anything - it's just an animation trigger. Worse with the ones on horseback, it's slower than just attacking one after another; pointless.

2H arrow blocking, figured it doesn't work, though I don't really do 2H-playstyle.

Writing more than 1 sentence for their in-game encyclopedia (or their DLC thing) is too much work.
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