Re 1.2.7/8 Updates - Broke my Man in Bannerlord mode.

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Pasted from another post on Steam
Suggested i post here.

I have no mods, and never have used any mod, so my game is clean.
And im running a 4 gig 6core processor with 32 gig of ram and 3 gig vid.
Pretty sure thats enough. It has been up till the last few recent updates since 1.1.6 i believe.

I have been playing bannerlord mode from the start.
The latest changes since have created these issues:

- I am finding that the game crashes randomly after i win a tournament. Robbing me of my effort.
- I am finding that when i enter a town and there is a tournament set, there are usually no lords at all. I can wait there a dozen days and not one lord will come. If they do, they will run away as soon as they are close enough to see my banner. So the prizes in tournaments absolutely suk!
This is a recent issue.

I can travel the entire map looking for lords, rarely see them, and they are not in the towns. Total waste of time and effort.
- And lastly, especially with the last 2 updates, re tournaments, my man is now so slow i cant even outrun a fully armored opponent even tho i have stripped all my armor off to compensate becasue of these recent changes.
Think about that! No fully plated man irl could ever outrun a naked man.
And yet in these recent releases, they run me down and kill me. before i can even turn around.
Start there because the physics got screwed somehow.

Im running 1.1.6 now because of it and cant play multiplayer because of it.

I appreciate they updated the the AI skills. But not if they also actually detracted my strength so that i cant even outrun a plated man if i need to.
And yes im well aware of the need for Athletics. Almost all my points go to Endurance and Vigor throughout my leveling process.

I also think its not very realistic that i can run on horse with polearm, at a man on foot with a sword over a hundred times and he parry every single attack. Clearly it was never going to win that so get on foot and get smashed because in Bannerlord mode - I HAVE NO STRENGTH AND CANT MOVE OR EVEN RUN AWAY.
Something is wrong in Bannerlord mode.

These unrealistic updates and the fact that the game crashes on completion of some tourneys, and there are no prizes/lords at the tourneys, is a game breaker.
And they are easy to fix if considered.

I also realized, others arent complaining of this because they arent playing Bannerlord mode.
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