What do you think about the Looters scene loading every time you interact with them? (POLL)

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Should the Looters load their scene every time you engage them?

  • It's fast enough not to be a bother and I like that it provides some personality to them

    Votes: 41 30.6%
  • Buttons could be changed as it takes time to travel between options / Maybe some shortcut keys

    Votes: 31 23.1%
  • Scene should be removed entirely, the point-and-click becomes very tiring as playthroughs goes on

    Votes: 62 46.3%

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Looters are, and should, just be stupid charging morons with low morale like they are.
I hate the mandatory dialogue mainly because it makes no sense why we would be chasing down raggedy bandits in the forest and request a parley, and then say they're dead men, and then scatter off in different directions and meet on a battlefield. Why would fighting bandits have any such battlefield formalities?

Player's Party: "Let's ride those bastards down"
Looters: "Oh ****, they're right on us! We can't outrun them!"
Player's Party: "Sir, they're stopping, should we unleash our forces on them?"
Player: "No, we parley"
Looters: "Perhaps we can pay them off"
Player: "Surrender or die. Your choice"
Looters: You'll never take us alive! Let us go back to our respective fair and square positions, reform and deploy"
Player: Aight.

Doesn't make sense why we would fight a bunch of deranged mongrel bandits with no honor, in the mountains like this. You would just run them down and kill them. Give us the attack now option, please.
I always wondered about how this sort of thing went down way back when. I guess there were times when you just started killing people without talking to them, and other times when there was some sort of "who are you" before the arrows flew. Maybe some historian knows, a quick lazy search didn't turn much up.

Either way an option to skip talking and just start the encounter would be nice imo.
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It's pointless, and why FastDialogue is the most important mod for the game. If I want to talk to them I can, but I don't need to go through pointless loading screens. And I've gen4 nvme, so it's not about how fast the loading is, but about usability of the game.


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The in-person interaction should come after the menu screen. That way you can choose if you even want to talk. And then, it should be like a hideout boss and just start the battle from there.

This would also work well with hostile armies, you could ride forward with a white flag if you wanted to talk. And would make more sense with unknown nobles, you have to bribe your way in, or hope for enough Renown to be noticed. It would make the whole thing more immersive if the actual interaction was AFTER the menu screen.
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Click looter.
Click tell them to surrender.
Click his reply away.
Click attack again.

I feel like this can be streamlined somehow, but I'd like to keep the parley too. It's nice to have roleplaying options in roleplaying games.
I agree. I like it but the load times are annoying.


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I could deal with the extra screen if there was anything meaningful in the following conversation options. The bandits will never surrender unless it's so much of a foregone conclusion (20:1 odds) that they're not even worth the experience points, not that you'd want them to surrender anyway in most cases, and the other options tend to be pointless in 99% of the situations. Either provide an option to attack without a preliminary parley, or else take the time and effort to make the additional screen meaningful. Right now, it's like a placeholder for nothing.


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Having more dialog options with a skill check kind of system would add much needed life to these interactions.


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At first I was wondering what the hell you were talking about, but then I remembered that I installed a mod that gets rid of this as soon as one appeared. Is this answer enough as to what I think about it? :grin:
At the moment I am playing native only through EA. Such things should be set right in the base game and not need a Mod.