What did you do with Twohanded+Athletics?

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So, I have a very fun gameplay when I went with the Western Empire as an Aseri and we have conquered half of them now. My focus was Bow+Twohanded on Foot.
Now all of a sudden I am moving waaaay slower. So all the advantages I had in speed to get away are just gone. I even downgraded my armour to light and still moving very sloow.

What did you do Talesworld? :sad:


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I think the new Athletic values are great. Before it was too OP and infantry units were insanely fast. I am not one of these people that suggested the speed nerf, but I take the chance to support that decision.


I'm playing through a new game for 1.5.10... and at 100 athletics and stripped down to a tunic, boots, a one-handed sword, and nothing else, I can just baaaarely chase down a looter or two before they escape off the edge of the map.

So, definitely not overpowered. Maybe a little underpowered.
Now they need to make the looters and low tier troops slower, so they're not faster then the higher tier infantry and player with athletics.
Just not having clothes on doesn't make 2x as fast suddenly, recruits and looters should be slow because they not trained professional soldiers... they might even stumble some times or get spooked! That'd be cool. Yeah if I put on 50lb clothes I would barely be able to walk, but without it I'm still not magically faster then a guy who was in military and has 50lb on gear on, or an athlete, they're way faster then me no matter what because I don't know how to run fast.

And at the same time that would be annoying to have recruits be slower.... I don't know ATHLECTICS bad stay on the horse!
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