[Weekly Event] IG Sundays - NEXT WEEKEND 07/07 - 14:00 BST

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Current, intended map rotation

set_map multi_scene_verloren
add_map multi_scene_beairteas
add_map multi_scene_sandiboush
add_map mutli_scene_fort_of_honor
add_map mutli_scene_naval_outpost
add_map multi_scene_castellum
add_map multi_scene_frosthaven
add_map multi_scene_waterfall
add_map multi_scene_reveran_village

Any suggested changes will be given the attention they deserve.


Sergeant Knight
guess I'll take part in that if I manage to get home in time.
Looking forward to seei who the nerds are that still play the game  :party:


IG Sundays will be returning today at 14:00 BST!

Apologies for the late notice today, but thanks to those who could  make it!

Same again next week , the 7th of July!
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