[WB][S] Calradia Imperial Age: Napoleonic Era Inspired M&B! BETA 3.1 OUT PAGE 31

What Future Features Do You Want Most With CIA?

  • The Introduction Of Freelancer

    Votes: 66 22.4%
  • TWOTSK Style Artillery

    Votes: 61 20.7%
  • Varied, Obsolete And Foreign Mercenaries

    Votes: 10 3.4%
  • New Era Friendly Fortresses and Naval Battle Scenes

    Votes: 38 12.9%
  • Era Friendly Tournies,Hunting And Gambling Features And Other Ways To Make Money

    Votes: 20 6.8%
  • Older Gun Powder Era Weapons And Clothing For Sale

    Votes: 13 4.4%
  • More Unique NPC and Bandit Factions To Fight And Recruit From

    Votes: 22 7.5%
  • A Modified or Updated UI, Menu Art and Updated Lore Friendy Notes and new Officer Banners

    Votes: 11 3.7%
  • Modernised Main Settlement Scenes

    Votes: 22 7.5%
  • The Additions of Mid 19th Century Early Victorian Content

    Votes: 15 5.1%
  • NPC Musicians That Provide Bonuses With The Standards

    Votes: 17 5.8%

  • Total voters

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Frenzied is in contact with somebody who could bring forth some very interesting ideas for the future this mod, so stay tuned :wink:.

Oh and please keep reporting the bugs we're taking note and they will be fixed.


Minor Bug-fix List because I love this mod so much and though I can play through them, I figure they might as well be fixed.

The boots cause missing shins because neither they nor many of the uniforms cover the lower leg.

Several of the Swadian uniforms have disappearing torsos caused by the red jacket portion disappearing when equipped.  My sharpshooter currently looks like Rayman...  I have found the Swadian Grenadier and Currassier uniforms so far.

Many female barkeeps show up in uniforms, which looks rather odd.  Others have dresses with a low neckline, and their skin is far too bright compared to their face, which looks really bizarre.

The Reyvadian carbine with bayonet has issues, at least in the shop screen about which can actually be used in melee vs. the name of the item.

One of the Rhodok outfits, I believe its either line infantry or light infantry, has +100 leg armor.  Clearly a coding typo.

st. Helensburg should be St. Helensburg.  It looks real funny on the map right now.

The philosopher dude who replaces Lezalit has his story still trigger at Ismirala castle even though he talks about Yalen.

The Gottemark have no officers of their own, instead transferring over into the Ancien officer tree at quartermaster rank.

Many of the valynchian villages don't match their surroundings.  Fisdnar is fine, but some of the others have me spawn on a hillside above a town that comes out of the slope, and I remember one having all the buildings floating 30 feet over my head.  I will start writing them down so I can be more specific.

I cannot read many of the responses, especially when hiring companions.  Since the text has to fit into one line, it gets really tiny.  I know it is accurate to the period to be longer-winded and eloquent, but if I can't read it I can't enjoy it.  Stick to two short sentences or one long sentence for player responses please.

None of the new factions have women, nor familial relationships.  Not wives nor daughters and sisters. This one is the biggest issue since I have no hope of getting a location from a wife in a town or castle to help me find someone, and if I played male could not marry anyone in that faction.  Also as female, can marry anyone in the faction, which lets me marry up in life.

There are some minor typos as well, but I can't keep track of all of them, so if you need a proofreader for dialogue I would be happy to.  I don't know much about code, but I could write, even though I know that may be the most useless thing to offer to help with.


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AL890 said:
Hi guys, this is my first post so go easy on me alright? 

I've been playing a bit of this mod and it shows a great degree of promise.  I have noticed a few texture bugs on some of the uniforms and I'd like to let you know.  I'm not sure if you're aware of these or not but I'll post a couple of screenshots just to show you what I've found. 

I wonder how this guy can even stand!  :lol:


This is kind of weird! 

I've also seen castle guards wearing Mail boots from Native as well as kite shields.  Anyway that's me done, good luck with getting the mod finished.  It'll be great I know it!  :smile:
He placed it wrongly. Those who should wear low shoes wear riding boots and the opposite :grin:

Btw /support for this mod! :grin:


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It seems we have quite a lot of bugs and minor issues popping up with this module, I send my personal apologies as much of this month I have been called away from my computer due to real life issues as Frenzied himself is taking a small break from working on the module to get his breath back.

Please keep listing whatever issues you are all coming up with at the moment, It helps us a lot.

I have decided personally to become more serious about beta testing and communicating with fans and volunteer supporters of the module so I have just created our own Official STEAM Group as well. It is a little bare bones at the moment but useage of it and general communication between the creators and beta testers will be much more smoother from now on.

However, I have just received confirmation of some very pleasing news from Frenzied himself now, which I will leave to him to prepare something for the announcement. It is pretty interesting I think you'll all like it.


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We owe a lot of the other modders and original content creators of the community, they did a lot of the hard stuff our coders just stuck it all together :wink:.


In my version, three Swadian lords have been cloned.  There are two General Pendleton's, two Colonel Monty's, and another colonel whose name I cannot remember at this moment.  It makes it somewhat confusing as to which one I have a quest regarding.

I also feel that there should be ranged ammo modifiers on bullets such as large bag and bent.

Finally, when are ya'll gonna get your own board in the mods category.  Your mod is beyond other's I've seen on there, and it would be nice to separate gameplay questions, bugs, stories, and strategies into separate threads.


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We're not ready for a proper board yet, in a few more releases when the module fully looks and feels seperate from Warband.

Nic Cage the Science Mage said:
Are you ever going to re-add the musician scripts, or are you completely abandoning them?

Well Frenzied tried his best, but we'd give it another go if we get another coder on board eventually. It is heart breaking since we got music for it and all :sad:.
For me theres no issues, asside from janissaries of the guard having no melee weapin and ai being very retarted. Probably because im playing as sarranids
I already spammed docm30.

Wait did i said that loud?

iforgot to say VERY important thing. Remove fire trowers and any other grenade trowing guys. Leave them to merc armies, please. The reason is, that they trow them very inaccuratly, and if theres a cav charge, they are going to tk half of your army, including you.


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Maybe if you put them in a special group and give them the order "fire under my command", well that doesn't stop your's allie firethrower to shot at you (their lord must hate you !!), but at least you have a trup card at your disposition that does shot you.
Playing with the kergit hetmanat, I must say I really fear them, they made half my cavalry kick the bucket before we can reach them (and since they are generally the first to die, there is no more grenade and the sarranid suffer little to no casuality).
Now I have a special corps of peasent to act as a cushion for grenade, maybe you could use it take the cavalry charge of your enemy and the grenade of your allies
Well, the way i do things:
Infantry- meatshield for ranged
Ranged - main composition (and since in this mod theres manily ranged, i use footsoldiers)
Cavalry - kamikazi troops


Khergit lancer charge. Only in native.

Also, i NEVER use firetrowers, since the very first battle with them as ally with sarranids, withing rhodoks (then khergits, the swadians, then anciens, then vaegirs) and that was horrible experience - first 30 seconds - cav charges my 5 men (which i could only bring) and ally firetrowers trow fire at my troops and the enemy cav, guess what happens? ALL MY TROOPS INCLUDING ME WERE KNOCKED OUT.


I think I found something interesting about fire grenades: it seems that at least sometimes there are two explosions at the same time.  :???: Is this WAD? I find it strange and I suspect this is what's causing many of the complaints about fire grenades.

I case you're interested, here is the full story of how  I found it:
After my previous rant, I ended up confiscating them from Madir Idearri (the companion that starts with them) and the "fragging" stopped. Since I had a few UPN Grenadiers but was never hit with their grenades, I decided to try the fire grenades myself and then I noticed the two explosions thing. At least twice I took myself out with them, while another explosion was happening in the area I was aiming. I recruited the same guy on 3.0 and once again I saw two explosions at the same time.


Since someone should do it, and since I’m always utilizing them, I’m gonna go ahead and take charge of making guides for this mod.  I’m more than happy to take input from others as well, as long as the criticism is constructive in some way.  Let me know if I should adjust anything, and feel free to use this guide and any more I post here in the mod in whatever way you wish.  Alright, let’s do this!


Unit Tactics

First thing you must understand for this mod is formations.  In native you could get away with just putting infantry to protect archers, and use your cavalry to either be a distraction, or be the hammer.  Now, not only are ranged infantry the norm, but cavalry is doomed in frontal assaults.  So, lets discuss the differences.

First of all, the strongest formation is not the infantry line.  If that infantry line is facing only infantry, it only needs to be one or two ranks deep.  When facing cavalry, although it may slaughter most of them on the way forward, it should still be several ranks deep to stop the horses.  Either way, closer together is usually better to concentrate firepower.  MAKE SURE YOUR MAIN LINE FIGHTS IN MELEE.  Right now, if you want to exploit the ai, you can charge with cavalry after the first volley and the enemy will scurry, unless you uncheck the box about using ranged weapons until ammo is out in your formations menu in camp.  Volley fire is rather effective, especially if you time it for when the enemy is about to loose their volley.  Also note that infantry will only fire at will when they consider the enemy to be in range, which depends on their weapon accuracy and firearms ability based on what I can tell. 

Next: Skirmishers.  These are your jaeger units or their equivalents.  These troops are generally wasted in your main line, as their melee ability is usually sup-par and their range will cover most of the map.  I use them as a separate division and perch them on a high spot where they can support my main line for infantry and have support if the enemy sends cavalry at them.  These troops should also be spread out so that enemy soldiers have a harder time hitting back.

Melee infantry.  This presents a conundrum.  Should they be left in a separate division or included into your line?  I prefer a separate division set either behind my main line for a charge or near my skirmishers to counter cavalry there.  These perhaps are best as an emergency reserve in case the enemy is in danger of compromising your position.    You may consider including officers in this group, as well as companions equipped with 2-handers.  Another note is that color-bearers are rather effective against a cavalry charge thanks to their polearms. 

Cavalry: this group can be difficult to utilize properly.  Perhaps their best use is to for a damaged enemy to break and then cut them down with their sabers.  Since frontal charges are out, lances are not very useful.  Cavalry also has a short range for their guns, so the best use of them is to have one volley and then switch to sabers.  Some cavalry, especially dragoons, come equipped with foot muskets, so the player can use them as a mobile response force.  Unfortunately, the AI seems unable to comprehend this.  If you don’t want the hassle of trying to work out moving and dismounting these troops, you might consider having them dismount at the start of battle instead.


First let’s talk PBOD, since it is pre-battle.  PBOD gives you a bunch of options in the camp menu to adjust the AI.  I’m honestly still struggling to find out the best combination of settings to make the AI act intelligently with their units.  So experiment with those options as much as you like.

Now, in addition to AI options, PBOD also allows you to give each unit a set of orders when battle is imminent, but only if you have put some points into your tactics skill.  Instead of “lead your troops” or “take the field”, select “plan….”  This will bring you to a screen that shows each division on the left and your options for movement and formation orders in consecutive columns.  A button at the bottom will allow you to switch to weapon orders.  Note that the native pattern of ranged units up front, infantry to the left, and cavalry to the right still functions, so I would avoid giving any unit except #2 an order to move more than 10 paces, because I’ve seen them move every which way. 

Anyway, the first screen allows you to choose if your units will follow you or further orders (don’t try and combine follow me with any 10 pace options or any of the formations, as it will confuse the troops).  I personally like to lead the cavalry, but if you are a sniper then lead your skirmishers and if you like to mix it up (watch out for grenades) you can lead your melee units (I wouldn’t recommend your main line of soldiers as they need to stay still to keep firing).  Have your main line advance forwards, and either ranks or letting them line up on their own seems to be the best option.  You may also want them to stand closer together.  Your skirmishers on the other hand should spread out, although again ranks or nothing for their formation.  Cavalry should stand close together to maximize their charge, but should stay out of sight so they aren’t big inviting targets.  Melee troops should stick close so they can help each other, and don’t scatter when charging an enemy position.

On the weapon screen, make sure your skirmishers are the only ones to avoid melee.  Otherwise your men will run to the edge of the map if the enemy advances too close.  This can be devastating if the enemy has cavalry.  I have seen my ally’s entire 40-man infantry force eliminated by less than 10 dragoons this way.  Other than that, pick options that make sense.

As for the formations themselves: ranks are great for staggered skirmishers or a solid line that can pull down cavalry in their midst.  However, the default formation is a line, so leaving that alone will help mass firepower against enemy infantry.  A shieldwall is probably useless, as almost no units have shields to go up front, and your bayonetted soldiers cannot fire from the back.  A wedge is probably not useful, as if your attacking units would need that penetration power, chances are the enemy can exact horrible casualties on your attacking men, especially since your most experienced troops are the first to die, being at the front.  A square is probably only useful as a tight-packed mass when the enemy is all cavalry or melee infantry, which is rare.  Otherwise it’s a prime target for muskets.

In battle 

The single most important command to know in battle is by holding F1, you can tell your men to go to your cursor.  This can be used both in 1st person and on the battlemap, accessible with backspace.  This will move your troops in formation.  If your crosshair/cursor is over an enemy formation, your formation will also attack that formation  You can also use advance 10 paces and withdraw 10 paces in the F1 menu, but this is a rather small movement overall.  Other commands in the F1 menu include hold position, follow me, charge (which cancels any formation your units have), stand ground, and retreat.  The formations menu allows you to adjust the number of ranks in a formation as well as stand close and spread out.  The weapons menu is the same, and I’m still working out the other menus as two of them keep overlapping even when I change the keybindings.

The general way battles are fought is by having the two lines duke it out in some-what organized fire.  Most volley fire comes from troops getting into range at the same time or stopping at the same time.  Whichever line is stronger wins and pursues a retreating enemy.  If the enemy has reinforcements, the victor should simply advance over the enemy’s position into a new one to prepare for the next line to advance.  Cavalry will largely avoid your troops, and melee troops may charge in the middle of the fight.  Of those, the melee forces are more dangerous as the cavalry tends to shy away from anyone looking at them, and those drummers and flag-bearers are rather deadly if they can close.  Beware grenades, as they go off rather unpredictably and often include friendly fire.  Keep your charge back until the grenade explosions have gone down.  If you have dragoons or mounted jaegers, have them dismount on the enemy’s flank (but not right along their line) so their fire is more deadly.  Unfortunately, when the AI initiates the battle, it often decides to order a general charge.  The ranged units still fire, they just move forward as they do so until they are close enough to initiate melee.  When that AI is your ally, it can ruin your battleplan, especially on large battles when you are only commanding a few of your men.  At one time my allies outnumbered them 2-1, and they chased the enemy into a lake where my ally got obliterated.  If this happens, leave your skirmishers in good position and bring everyone else into the path of their main retreat to catch the pursuing enemy cavalry followed by scattered infantry. 

Sieges are going to be bad.  Set up your skirmishers somewhere where they can fire at troops on the parapets.  Lead the charge with grenades if possible, and then melee troops.  Send your line after them, and I would suggest ordering them to hold their fire so they don’t pause on the ladder.  Dismounted cavalry next, and only once the wall is secure send up your skirmishers.  I would limit every other unit’s firing unless the enemy spawns a bunch of ranged troops on the other side of the fort, as your troops will usually charge all the way to the enemy before they can finish reloading.

Tips, Tricks, and Things to Know

• One great spot to put your line is just behind the crest of a hill.  If you position them right, they will make smaller targets while having a full field of fire.
• Sneak your cavalry behind hills around the enemy.  When they are focused on your main line, a cavalry charge can succeed.  Then, the scattered enemy is no match for your line and your melee. 
• If the enemy did not initiate the battle, they tend to find a big hill and sit on the front slope.  Good skirmishers can cause casualties without much reprisal and force the enemy to respond to your troops.  Racing your cavalry in front of them and then back can also pull them off their hill.
• Bandit groups tend to fall and then break easily in the face of a solid volley, especially followed by a cavalry charge.
• Officers may work better with your melee group as their pistols are short range and they are powerful with their swords.
• Valynchian recruits make great shock infantry thanks to their molotovs and their axes.
• Kessick Eral Bowman make surprisingly good skirmishers thanks to their high accuracy and rate of fire. 
• Maritime nations have Marines as an upgrade for their line infantry.  They make excellent close-quarters fighters.
• Musicians upgrade into field surgeons, which boost your medical skills but need to be kept away from the fighting.
• Officers, Currasiers, and some guards have the best armor.  They can survive most pistol shots, unlike the other troops.

Next I'm thinking a troop tree guide.  If the devs or anyone else has any resources they can share in this area, they would be greatly appreciated
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