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What Future Features Do You Want Most With CIA?

  • The Introduction Of Freelancer

    Votes: 66 22.4%
  • TWOTSK Style Artillery

    Votes: 61 20.7%
  • Varied, Obsolete And Foreign Mercenaries

    Votes: 10 3.4%
  • New Era Friendly Fortresses and Naval Battle Scenes

    Votes: 38 12.9%
  • Era Friendly Tournies,Hunting And Gambling Features And Other Ways To Make Money

    Votes: 20 6.8%
  • Older Gun Powder Era Weapons And Clothing For Sale

    Votes: 13 4.4%
  • More Unique NPC and Bandit Factions To Fight And Recruit From

    Votes: 22 7.5%
  • A Modified or Updated UI, Menu Art and Updated Lore Friendy Notes and new Officer Banners

    Votes: 11 3.7%
  • Modernised Main Settlement Scenes

    Votes: 22 7.5%
  • The Additions of Mid 19th Century Early Victorian Content

    Votes: 15 5.1%
  • NPC Musicians That Provide Bonuses With The Standards

    Votes: 17 5.8%

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Sergeant Knight at Arms

Have you ever wondered what Calradia could be like if time was advanced forward from the Medieval Fantasy setting to the height of the Gun Powder era of our own world? Well, wonder no more and welcome to the Imperial Age!

CIA is a long standing attempt to inject the gun powder cloaked brightly populated battlefields of a early 19th century Calradia, complete with both the evolved successors of the original factions as well as several new ones plus a variety selection of Mercenaries willing to still fight for the bloodiest motivator of all of them, greed. The project was originally titled Mount And Empire by the original modder who sadly ran out of time for the project and then passed it over to shorun and Frenzied Metal Head. In the last year and a half slowly but surely through testing, the kindness of other modders allowing us to use their own assets and well patience the goal of the mod is slowly but surely coming together. Currenly said mod is now in the early beta stages, with scening, improved successor companions, more soft content (weapons and equipment) and the extra factions being worked on behind the scenes.

During this time I have compiled most of the back story of this version of Calradia, including the time line which mentions the events that triggered the changes you have seen in the mod. It also has other back story fluff we are hoping to eventually include in the in game guide book sub-menu in the future.

Please feel free to check out and read up on the lore here inside this Google Document for the time being.

You can download the mod either from Mod DB or from the Independent Imperial Games website for this mod and other projects worked on by the project head Frenziedl


Frenzied Metalhead - Lead Developer, scripter, modeller, texturer, Lead Creative Director.
Nurdbot/SeanBeansShako - Writer, scripter, creative director.
Shorun - Founder, Scripter.
onewildtexan and Willhelm: Fortresss and town sceners.
Fast Walrus: Occasional scripter and donater of scripts.



Current Release is Beta 3.1, previous ones are out of date. With the latest one you need a fresh installation!



Written by Frenizied, the manual covers basics and advanced tips and tricks for using your infantry, cavalry and skirmishers to their best abilities on the modern Imperial era battlefield of the mod. In current downloads the file in the form of a PDF is included in the module folder for CIA but it can also be downloaded and read seperate in the URL below.

[URL=http://www.moddb.com/mods/calradiaimperialage/downloads/the-nova-tacticum-imperial-age-manual]DOWNLOAD THE NOVA TACTICUM MANUAL HERE!

Previous Release Versions of the mod here, ignore.


This mod was made for Warband 1.158, expect incompatibilities with older versions of Warband.

We also strongly suggest using Battle Sizer to work with the Module and try and capture a bigger scale of combat fitting to the era.

Please keep in mind this project is still in early beta and is currently struggling due to the fact the team behind it is very small and is also occupied in real life. We are willing and eager to accept help or OSP donations from other modders and you will be credited below in a slowly growing list. We are currently looking for good sceners for urban settlements and battlefields, another coder and possibly somebody who can texture or do minor graphic design.

Official STEAM Community Group Here!

If you are interested in supporting the development of this module in anyway, please do join our STEAM group open to the public. In the future we'll be supporting the beta testing program using the STEAM group as it is a fast and easy way to get feedback.


Pre-battle orders and Advanced orders to simulate the drill and battle lines of musket warfare.
Modified and Evolved late 18th century and early 19th century inspired factions of Warband, plus two more factions with the included settlements and nobility.
Musketoons, fuse grenades and crude firebombs as weaponry.
New combat animations, sounds and smoke effects that fit the era of warfare of the mod.
Modified in game and overworld UI.
Player facial and hear hair that matches the style of the era.
Music fitting more to the era.
Expanded Overworld map.
Mercenaries and Bandits that match the era of the mod.
Books retitled to fit the specific era and other additions and improvements to the items pool.
Updated NPC, companion and player dialogue to match with the times of early 19th century setting.
Five additional original factions.
Updated to the era 'successor' companions to the original Warband ones plus original player created companions.
Advanced Officer start, for those who want to set up an army at the start of the game.
Ability to hire unique troops from comapnions.
Recruitable regimental Staff NCO companions (minor companions that give static small skill bonuses)
Ability to exile or execute enemy lords.

Features To Come:

New noble faces and genders.
Face and hair styles of the era for both genders.
Modified and new urban and battle map scenes.
Another set of Mercenaries.
Ladies updated to the famous aristocracy of the era.
Coalitions and Alliances.
Unique army regimental and naval standard style banners for each nation and faction for players and NPC lords.

Screenshots and Videos:



Please browse the media section of the Imperial Games website, not enough space to post all of them!


We'd like to thank the following members of the community for allowing us permission to use and modifiy their assets for this very mod:

Poom, the 1812 team and every one involved - Items
1805 team and every one involved - Items
Raddeo - Animations
Auldman, Von Afton, Radetzky, Dr.Thomas and Kmovies - TotSK resources.
Quintillius, 1805 team and every one involved - Various Items.
With Fire & Sword Team - Hair and Facial Hair.
Yellowmosquito, 1866 Team and every one involved - Facial Hair.
Beaver and UraCCCP - Grenade Script.


Show some support for the mod with these signatures made by Frenzied himself.




Below is the lore and general background information of the nations in this new era of Calradia, It is also includes their strengths and weaknesses.




Some things never change and like in the distant past the Swadian Imperium is beset with high martial aims and a sense of arrogant invincibility that is a double edged saber to the nation. The current Emperor Von-Hohenstein is a staunch Imperial traditionalist who is more comfortable leading on a horse in uniform that over seeing actual government matters. His dislike of any form of liberal thought backed up by assassination of his father by anarchists and a recent blood revolt in one of his own cities. 

The Swadian Imperium is sadly run by the same sort of men the Emperor himself over seeing the High Parliament turned into a crude shell of itself. The Horse Guards as they are nicknamed run both the lives of the normal people of the Swadian Imperium and their own army which has slowly been built up and expanded in preparation with the coming possible conflict with the Rhodok Republic. The same funds which could have been used to feed a malnourished and dissatisfied populace that is being forced from the fields to work in the crudely thrown up and growing early Industrial Revolution factories is being sent overseas to fund Swadian Loyalists fighting to return full control to several sets of Rhodok held colonies. The Swadian Army itself is well trained and modern but in the coming conflict can they gamble and win enough victories to keep the nation from turning on itself? 

The culture of the Swadian people is divided by class. Firstly there are the urban and rural labourer classes, they are the least respected, yet they are loyal to the death. Then there is the Military Class, they are considered above the labouring poor, but below the dirt the aristocrats walk on, their lives are consumed by loyalty and obedience to the aristocratic class. Lastly we have the Aristocracy, they are politicians, royal families, merchants and everything inbetween, by the commoners they are revered as “the saviours of Calradia” and are often praised as heroes if they serve the Emperor.

However there has been a growing subculture within the intellectual aristocrats of free thinking, charity, progressivism, republicanism and enlightenment, however those that are more verbose about their beliefs are often sent away to the “Harlaus” penal colony in Iricia where they are inevitably worked to death. Such thoughts slowly trickle down thanks to an oddly thriving black market selling revolutionary subversive liberal literature that has gotten even more profitable despite the recent uprising.

+ Strong High Tier Infantry

+ Extra Low Tier Infantry

- Large Bands of Bandits

- Expensive to train and upgrade



The Vaegir Tzardom is a grim nation trapped in the past where the Tzarina rules all, and the serfs and soldiers are merely exploited tools created to carry the aristocracy. Every year thousands die from mistreatment and starvation at the hands of the Tzarina. Labourers are flogged for not maintaining a well kept appearance or not working hard enough, soldiers are whipped until they are obedient killing machines. Kessicks and Khergits are the worst treated, they are not allowed to enter cities, and must be registered at all times, some are even pressed into the army. However, those that refuse to live like animals have fled to the steppes to join the great host.

Tzarina Katiya Federov was named the cruelest monarch to ever rule the Vaegir Tzardom, she has made it her life’s work to destroy any form of free thought and revolutionist literature and influence within the Tzardom, this has lead to thousands of deaths at the hands of her personal crusade. Even the Swadians find the Vaegirs barbaric. To her dismay, her cruelty has forced a quarter of her eastern Generals to revolt and form their own republic deep in the upper Vaegir Tundra region.

The Vaegirs are a seemingly passive and sombre people, broken by the merciless and cruel tzars that rule over them, but they are like a sleeping beast, waiting to destroy it’s captors. Knowing this, the authorities try their best to keep the serfs and soldiers under their control, through violence, starvation and even more cruelty.

Outside the smog shrouded cities lies a strong communal culture, based around old Kessick and Vaegir traditions, and stories, when not labouring for their monarchs, they are drinking beer and listening to the soothsayers’ tales.

+ Tough Infantry

+ Strong Skirmishers

- Weak starting infantry



The UPN is an interesting modern nation, a democracy in name only it was originally a clustered of former city states that once were the urban hubs of the old Nord nation that were the first modern explorers and traders that looked outward from the continent of Calradia. Over time and using the riches from their own trade and colonial power these cities eventually formed into a single state dedicated to try to keep their expansionist neighbors in check with the strongest fleet in Calradia. Interestingly unlike the other Southern nations the UPN Army and Navy are a single organism with Naval Commanders and Marines trained and adapt to fighting on land as well as at sea.

In the late 17th century they discovered some heavy deposits of mineral resources between the Nord and Vaeger borders and diplomacy turned to war as both powers struggled over these resources.Said conflict in the long run was more damaging to maintaining the UPN Colonies and Fleets and ironically some of their own nations resources as the area where most of the border war took place devastated acres of Nord oak which they and their ancestors used for centuries to have an edge in ship quality against other nations.

Luckily for the UPN the Swadian Imperium was too busy with her own colonies and the two nations have had a record breaking time of peace between each other in the general history of nations. The opposite can be said however about the UPN Government in which several houses constantly plot to push their rivals out of power the boldest move being the house of Lyme being involved in destroying the Nord constructed Vaeger fleet which could draw both nations back into the bloody crucible of war. The Grand Marshal of the UPN is now face with not only war in the north but the possible collapse of friendly relations in the south as the Swadian Imperium continues to saber rattle.

The Northmen of the United Provinces of Nordland are a hearty people of crafts, and are excellent sailors and adventurers, unlike their ancestors, they have grown to be more peaceful and tolerant of outsiders, however their friendly nature is often overshadowed by their vicious military might and overzealous naval forces.

There has also been a revival of Nordic arts which includes architecture, weapon smithing and ship building, but most of the things produced are only ever used for novelty purposes and art shows, however several known generals have adopted a nordic martial arts with a sword and often teach their men new military songs sung in the old dialect.

+ Multi-Barrel Technology

+ Tough Line Infantry

-  Lacking strong defensive border fortifications.



They have a saying in the north once a Nomad always a Nomad. And that seems to be still the case with the Kessick clans of the Kessick-Khergit Hetmanate whether they as descended from the once famous Khergit horde or the more modern Southernised Vaegir influenced clans that dot the plains and river banks of the vast amount of untamed territory that once was the land of the Khergits. The Kessick-Khergit Hetmanate is a strange beast of a nation split like their eastern neighbors. A crude form of musket democracy exists between these Kessick clans that rule the plains.

The last few decades have been especially interesting as under a motivated and intelligent leader who wants to do more than just ride and raid the borders of the surrounding nation Grand Hetman Slavovich was not born a fool that is for certain. Using nothing but bold influence and luck he risen to the head of his Kessick clan one of the major contributors of modern training and technology the Zazershovy clan and has been handed the Hetman baton. Knowing that his eastern neighbors will not be weak forever and that sooner or later the Tzarina might be persuaded to look north into their own lands for the precious resources her nation needs to fully modernize he is determined to evolve the Kessick nation into something stronger.

But whilst he has persuaded some of his people to put down their sabers for now and begin reinforcing and rebuilding the crumbling old ruins of the Khergit fortresses and the walls of their own towns he knows they cannot fight alone. Sending private letters to the UNP and Rhodok governments and performing daring public acts that declare his contempt to the more older Imperial powers he hopes to buy his struggling strange nation time. For soon the Kessick hordes will ride for glory, whether they wish to or not in the on coming great war.

Culture: Their culture is extraordinary. They are divided by old ways and new technology, and it’s people have an almost mythical bond with beasts of burden. Despite their barbaric appearance and archaic craftsmanship, they are extremely intelligent, rebellious and aggressive men and women that the southern nations fear. Despite the huge cultural gap, the Vaegirs and Khergits have bonded for the betterment and survival of their nation. However there are also old nomads that despise the newcomers, and have abandoned the land and head up the steppes in the hopes that they can come back stronger and more lethal than ever which creates a lot of tension between the northern nomads and the Vaegir settlers.

Outsiders have a hard time understanding the ways of these horsemen, everything from their daily rituals and humour to their language is alien to most. They choose to live in the crumbling ruins of the old steppe towns and rarely erect a new building, and when a new building is constructed, it is another bar or horse breeding ranch, or more rarely a Soothsayers’ hut.

+ Strong Cavalry

+ Varied Cavalry

- Lack of specialist trained infantry



Very few nations and city states of Calradia are truly democratic, the 2nd Rhodok Republic is truly the real deal having three times more leaders in the last one hundred years of it’s modern history than all the other modern nations of Calradia put together. Interestingly the developments and achievements of the Rhodok Republic mirror the modern Swadian Imperium whether by simple coincidence or either nation trying to outdo each other. Both nations founded and developed a series of intricate banking systems and both nations also got their fingers in the more juicer smaller easier to manage Island colonies outside of Calradia. Both nations also share the unfortunate spectre of political corruption as well.

However unlike the obvious and bare naked corruption of the other nations the Rhodok one until recently had no main source. Things changed when it was revealed the over sea uprisings that tied the Rhodok Navy and trade fleet down in the colonies was being funded by the Swadian Imperium forcing the hand of the Rhodok Senate to close their embassies in praven and swiftly exile one of their own from their army a veteran of the constant struggle over the Swadian seized colonies from the past Treaty of Praven. Even worse the Republic might not even have a solid ally in the on coming war as the Sarranids who they have spent a decade trying to train and modernize the obsolete desert empire army have defaulted on their payments. It seems once again for the people of the Rhodok Republic another war of survival might break out around the high peaks of their mountains.

It will not be an easy war for the invaders even now as the Rhodok Highlanders are a united force eager to clash with invaders or the Republic and the no matter how trained some of the Imperium soldiers are for fighting in such terrain the skilled Marksmanship matches the patriotic fervour of the average citizen of the Republic. 

The Rhodok people are often arrogant and lavish and are incredibly divided by both class and politics, for example the county of Yalen is highly Republican, however the county of Jelkala is highly Conservative, and Veluca is known for being incredibly bourgois and liberal, and in the past few decades a growing “Gravethite” rebellion has been growing in the south which has further divided the people.

However there is one thing that manages to unite the Rhodoks without fail: The Swadians and the Sarranids.

+ Accurate Weapons

+ Scope and Reticle Technology

- Strong Bandits

- Weak Soldiers



The Sarranid Empire is almost torn into two parts in this strange and modern age, the weakest of the old powers now incredibly aware in the infamous sack of Shariz which exposed the martial corrupting, weakness and inefficiency of a system that a century ago was considered undefeatable. The aging Sultan Fazouk personally feels this as he struggles to not only find a proper heir with what little loyal members of his court not opposed to his constant attempts to modernize his nations whilst appeasing the nations he has borrowed vast amounts of money from to jury rig his once famous army.

Outside the walls of his Imperial domain villages and other settlements are prey to roaming desert bandits and coastal raiders who have thrived due to the nation who has not even attempted a modern navy. The borders of his nation are barely defended by the warring tribes descended from the last free Khergits and constant raids on foreign land based traids by the fearsome Vaegir Cossack that humiliated him and his very people. If his hands were not tied by aggressive hard liners who wish to keep their almost feudal positions in the parts of his army his expensive reforms have not touched he would have attempted to appease his rapidly literate growing population with much needed civil and religious reforms. His only hope is either a successful alliance with the Tzarina in crushing the rogue nation of Kessick Horsemen or a well timed invasion into the richer lands of the Rhodok.

The Sarranid people are very ritualistic and simple, however this doesn't mean they're barbaric like they're southern cousins. Despite living simple lives, their clothes, architecture and arts are magnificent, whilst at the same time very generalized. Despite the decadence of the Sarranid people, there are only three classes of people: Serfs, Soldiers and Nobles. The Serf class are the workers and defenders of the Sarranid lands. They are so poorly equipped that militia desert in droves, only to be hunted and shot down by the soldiers. The Soldier class are so extraordinarily divided that with in the soldier class, there are several sub classes, starting with the Bashi-Bazouk, those fortunate enough to afford some what decent equipment, and then there are the Janissaries who are further divided into sects, those sects are: The Warrior Sect, the Noble Sect and lastly the legendary Fire Sect. The Warriors deal with melee weapons, the nobles are the run of the mill musketeers, and the Fire Sect are grenadiers that also deal in medical duties and use a weapon unique to the Sarranids: Fire Bombs, a lethal grenade packed with white phosphorous which is common in the Sarran mountains. They spend more time traveling around or being in the sultan's service than serving in the common army, so they are hard to recruit. Last with in the soldier class, there are the Nizam-i-Cedid, the new order. These soldiers are the most expensive and well trained, and are the most modernized, making them the most important. Finally we get to the Noble class, these men spend more time in their castles feasting than fighting, and are so hated amongst the soldiers and serfs that they rarely leave their castles out of fear of being assassinated, however the serfs dare to look in the eyes of the nobility, out of fear of having their eyes cut out.

+ Shielded Troops

- Lack of Ranged Infantry

- Weak Cavalry

- Archaic Troops



The Kingdom of Castillo is a trade republic ruled by Queen Catrina II, a good-natured queen and powerful ruler born of a strong line of noble Rhodoks and Sarranids. It's capital is Libon, the first colony in the southern wastelands, it was established by the first empire as a trade port, but when the empire fell, it was left to fend for itself, until the first Castillion king claimed the city and began to organize his people.

After many years, the wasteland had been properly cultivated, and farms, prairies and sparse woodlands began to crop up on the coast. Because of the vast flat lands the Castillions were able to breed strong, fast horses that even the Khergits envied. After many years, Castillo began to expand it's land and established the two cities "Madri" and "Ados" which began to flourish.

Sadly their new found prosperity came with a price, angered by the loss of Libon, the Rhodok's ruler sent an amada to claim the city. But the Castillions had been planning for an attack for many years, and have had plenty of years to train their soldiers in case of a Rhodok or Sarranid invasion. When the Amada arrived on the shores of Castillo, they were met with cannons and the combined forces of Cazadores from Madri, Carabiniers from Ados and Marines from Libon. The Rhodoks were drove back to the Highlands, thus cementing Castillo's legitimacy.

The modern Kingdom of Castillo is a state that survives mostly off of maritime trade and have weapons and soldiers made for defending merchant schooners and military frigates, as well as the shores of their homeland.

The people of Castillo pride themselves on their seafaring abilities, as well as their speciality in horse breeding. It is said that a Adosian Courser is stronger and faster than a thorough bred Khergit hunter, and that a Libosian Marine can kill five men with a single shot from their "musketoon". The Castillions are truly some thing to be feared when facing them. They are not only inventive, they are ferociously loyal to their country.

+ Fast Soldiers

+ Excellent Cavalry

+ Musketoons

- Highly Disliked



The Revolutionary State of Vilincha is the youngest of the nations, it occupies the cultivated tundra in the Vaegir mountains. Before they were an indepedentant nation, they lived under the Vaegir Tzardom as a argricultural state, they were subjected to the harshness of the Vaegir Regime where men and women were forced to give up their last scraps of bread to the Tzar or risk execution and men were pulled from the arms of their families to replenish the military. The people grew resentful and angry of their western oppressors, and after many bitter winters of starvation and abuse the people revolted against the Vaegirs, slaying every Vaegir soldier that refused to bear the colours of the revolutionaries. After the successful revolution Vorich Ediyiv, a key figure and military general in the revolt, was named Prime Councillor of the newly formed democracy.

The loss of the eastern states humiliated the Vaegir generals and monarchs, the Tzarine sent forth 2 armies to reclaim Polyvda and Davylni, but they were met with heavy resistance from Vilincha partisans and soldiers. The partisans made good use of their biggest export: Alcohol, by turning it into incidenary explosives. If the invasion force wasn't being attacked from the front by line infantry, they were being attacked from the sides and rear by partisans that would scatter formations with their home made explosives.

After almost 2 years of skirmishes and failed battles, the Tzarina ordered her forces to withdraw, however her orders fell on deaf ears due to her soldiers either deserting to the revolutionaries or being slain in battle.

The people of Vilincha are belligerent, jaded and rugged. After their liberation from the claws of the Vaegirs, the soldiers and freed-serfs spent more time drinking, rioting or going into Vaegir lands to raze and pillage villages, even going as far as to taint their own revolutionist ideals, not even a month went by before the hypocrisy and poor leadership of the Vilinchians began to show. But even with the unruly and aggressive population, the Council still continues to rally what men they can to cement their legitimacy as a country amongst the powers of Calradia.

+ Tough Soldiers

+ Alcohol Bombs

- Slow Reloading Weapons

- Highly Disliked



The Grand Sovereignty Ancia is one of the biggest mainland Island nations of the world and is currently the bridge of trade between the continents and colonies that are scattered around the oceans. The nation of Ancia itself is a rarity being one of the few modern monarchies not teetering on the edge of political strife as some of the other nations due to the famous and charismatic King Leux XIV who patronages and has a personal own interest in the modernising technologies of the new Imperial Era.

The Salons, coffee houses and public houses of the land for now sing praises of the more progressive qualities of the King and an interesting oddly the mandatory conscription of the Ancian Imperial Army is viewed as an honourable duty to serve the king and fatherland for the people of the nation. Due to being a spacious Island nation with good trade income it is no surprise that the army is well fed, trained and professionally drilled to face off against multiple foes.

In the past Ancia kept itself to itself more interested in trading between the many nations and acting as a Neutral bridge head but due to the weakening of the traditional colonial powers of the Rhodok Republic, UPN and Swadian Imperium in the past few decades the Ancian government has decided to join in on the colonial great game. This of course will lead to tensions between them and the smaller northern neighbor of Alvian which will surely lead to war between them both. 

Located south west of the Rhodok Republic, here is a screenshot of the Island nation itself with all the settlements and fortresses.



Not all of the of the Nord people of the land desire to be entirely under the yoke of the UPN ruled by a government so influenced by Swadian and Rhodok style politics and influence. Located on the edge of the incredibly difficult to navigate Wercheg peninsula and dominated by a series modern wood and dirt palisade fortresses is the isolated Duchy of Dalandt.

The people of Dalandt and the government itself headed by descendent of the old Nord King Ragnar, a man who claims to have the blood of sea raiders in his veins and a timeless hate for the UPN government which occupy his true homeland. Such hatred however can not run a government and in exchange for their sole silver mine the only one not in Vaeger or UPN hands the small Duchy of Dalandt is solely kept afloat by Swadian aid with even minor officers and generals of the Swadian Imperium learning the trade of war commanding the ranks of their determined but small soldiers.

King Lars Ragnar III is a weak and hated king, who relies solely on propaganda to recruit people to his cause, and needs to bribe his own generals to stop them from abandoning him. For a long time he and his family were forced to live with their far off relatives, the Hohenstein dynasty, until the emperor saw an opportunity on the Werchag peninsula to take a rich silver mine, and get rid of his northern province, Dalandt, which was known to be a drain on resources due to it being constantly under attack by Nords and it's remote location. Now all the debts belong to King Lars Ragnar, and all the wealth belongs to Emperor Von Hohenstein.

Said soldiers ironically wear slightly outdated and captured UPN uniforms and find themselves fighting with the same weaponry of the UPN army. Due to fact that the Swadian Imperium is entitled to the one valuable resource the soldiers of the Dalandt army and militia are paid not in money but food to keep them manning their border posts and pickets. Though poorly equipped and armed these men themselves trained to fight in the high hard to navigate hills and mountains of their homeland are deadly almost as good as the light infantry of the Rhodoks.

Due to the economic climate in Dalandt, poverty is rampant. Even the most noble houses are so deep in debt that they have been reduced to begging, and joining the common foot soldiers. The king has to take out loans on a weekly basis to keep his army afloat, he has had to hire bands of thugs to act as his debt collectors, and has been forced to steal ships from merchants and hire pirates to fill his navy to cut costs.



Clinging to the border coast and the snowy tundra lands north east of the Vaegir Tzardom is the nation of Gottemark. The people of Gottemark are descended from a combination of Vaegir nobility exiles, Sea Raider tribes of the north and a hodge podge of former steppe peoples who have nothing to do with the former nomad culture of the Khergits. Led by King Sigmund Vesa II, the descendent of a famous general who fought for the UPN in their Independence Wars of the 17th century and a minor elected government staffed by a middle class of Vaegir exiles and Calradian Nord nobles pushed out of the UPN, the nation of Gottemark strives to try and survive these modern times, which is increasingly difficult in their chosen location.

One of the ways of survival and growth is of course trade, staying on the good side of the UPN by learning from them the ways of nautical overseas trade and having a small but efficient navy of shallow draft built gunboats and brigs designed to navigate and defend the coastal fjords of the nation. Thanks to the UPN support in the south Gottemark for the time being is well protected from Imperial Vaegir ambitions and the revolutionary chaos of the Vilinchian horde. It even has it's own Imperial ambitions to the barely guarded Daneschwing Pass, which leads directly into the Vilinchian lands, providing a perfect invasion route.

Their army is made for brutal weather of the deep Vaegir arctic coast, they're trained to survive long marches and vicious winter nights, and have bred bulky Fjordling horses from Nordland exclusively to survive the weather. The bitter cold has turned these people into strong, tough soldiers, capable of fighting in any weather.

The Gottemark politics are fairly stable for an Eastern nation, the king is said to be competent, and kind to the people, despite being borderline mad. The aristocracy has shown a level of distaste for him, since he was born to an upper middle class merchant family, and often partakes in the management and maintainence of his personal estate, but their dislike only goes as far as sly and harsh remarks, for they fear the public and military who are loyal to the throne.



Alvion is an island nation disconnected from the strife of mainland Calradia, a country where two cultures have come together to rule the seas and coasts of the world. They boast the best shock troops in all of Calradia, and the most audacious riflemen in history.

Their interactions with Calradia are very limited, only a handful of times has this island nation ever made contact with mainland Calradia for more than just trade, instead they focused on the seas, building up a strong, powerful navy, and creating lasting alliances with much more peaceful kingdoms and empires. Their biggest competitors were Ancia, Nordland, the various neigbouring island nations from Balion, and more recently Castillo. But now they are focusing their gaze on the mainland, and seek to expand their island nation to a grand empire, stretching across the entirety of Calradia.

King Allistair is an Imperialist monarch, supported by the Imperialist party, and is related to a long line of highland gentry, he has an ambitious goal to rule Calradia, and conquer his age old rivals, He was elected after his predecessor died of disease and with out heirs to rule the throne, but this decision caused much political instability, all three of the main parlementary parties, the Imperialists, the Gentry, and the Commons had a short lived civil war, until the generals backed by the Militarists stepped in and forced them to stop at gun point. King Allistair is sadly let down by his old age and slowly decaying mental stability. Because of this, all his decisions must be guided by his council and generals. He must also spend most of his time confined to a bed, surrounded by doctors and his most trusted soldiers. Even in battle it is said he has short moments of madness and chronic headaches.

During the years of political decay and the authority being handed down to the generals, they have spent that time building up an army, and mass constructing ships, soon they shall storm the shores of their old neighbours, with a claim on Praven to support their war and a close relationship with the UPN to back them. All that hinders them are old rivals and their lack of a foothold in Calradia.

The people of Lower Alvion are tough and agressive, and don't shy away from a good fight, but despite this, they manage to remain cheerful no matter how bleak things become. They despise the Rhodok's idea of Democracy almost as much as Swadian Monarchy, and choose to keep a balance between the two. Their classes aren't as heavily divided as their Calradian neighbours, a commoner can become a gentleman through his own deeds rather than through money or family. But people that jump up the social ladder are still often looked down upon by the old gentry. The Highlanders are almost the polar-opposite, except they share the same views on Calradian politics. The Highlanders are somber and bitter, but are just as aggrssive as the people of Lower Alvion.


SeanBeansShako said:
Here is the list thanking all current and future contributors to the mod right now:

sirhwo for the 18th century style Conquest mod uniforms and weaponry.
Imper1um and the other developers of Snowbird Games for the permissions for WFAS Cossack assets and banners.
dia151 for his early 19th century Ottoman Army uniform models.
Poomtang for his Napoleonic uniform and weaponry resources from 1812-1815.
IYI-O-R-T for his citizen Steampunk clothing textures.
Rigadoon for his Naval boarding axe models and textures.
Yamabusi for his Jacobite style Highlander models and textures.
Llew for his musket and firelock models.
The people behind the Diplomacy mod.

We are currently slowly bringing Calradia into a new era, I'm working on new companions and dialogue as we speak but we still need a few more people to help with the mod.

Especially if you are good with BTF files involving armour meshes. Throw shorun a PM if you are interested working with us.

How on earth could I have forgotten the credits... sorry to all who is credited for forgetting you, and thanks for fixing this lad.


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No worries man, I didn't tell you where I put the list so it is no biggie :smile:.

We could do with somebody who is a good graphics artist and somebody who can scene too!


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Would be great if the uniforms had other colures so, that it is not British and Frence ect uniforms.
That would hit the head on the nail  :smile:


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Higgings said:
Would be great if the uniforms had other colures so, that it is not British and Frence ect uniforms.
That would hit the head on the nail  :smile:

I've redone the uniform textures for the Swadians and Rhodoks, but we're currently working on a way to overwrite the old textures for the mod to add them into the mod.


This is looking really good. I am downloading as I type. I agree with Higgings on the uniforms but as you say - all in good time. This really did pop out of no-where. Very exited and best of luck.


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We're throwing around the idea of possibly making the mod an open source project if we can't get a solid team going due to time or experience restraints.


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Almost done rewriting the introduction choices section, will be moving onto dialogue soon.

We picked the official new titles of the kingdoms and their leaders today.


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Hello there, I'm sort of the Lore Guy working for this mod and I'm quite eager to rewrite the dialogue to make it fit the era and work in some of the established lore (some of which will be worked into the loading screen tips and other places eventually).

I have a request, Is there a version of the NPC dialogue without the code for me to fully look at and redo? I have Notepad ++ and tried working with the strings and dialogue files but everything seems quite cluttered and I'm afraid I might either make a mistake or go insane replacing or adding a million underscores.



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Any chance of getting multiplayer.

Also, we should find something to discuss on this thread and get to 15 pages, it deserves a sub-board in my opinion.


Odyseuss said:
Any chance of getting multiplayer.

Also, we should find something to discuss on this thread and get to 15 pages, it deserves a sub-board in my opinion.

The main goal is Single player, there are plenty of good MP mods out there that already do the job. Most talk is done on the moddb page to keep things centralized and easy to find.


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Hello there, one of the minor developers for this mod which is slowly making progress. I've come to request however some minor part time assistance if possible.

Long story short we have sort of hit a snag with our donated content.  While we have two dedicated hardcore coders who have tightened things up and smoothed things out with battle, balance and basic text aesthetics we are in desperate need of somebody who knows their textures and art as well as somebody who understands how to add and tweak the donated models and meshes into the current mod build.

If you are interested in helping us for a little bit get in contact with me here on the forums or with my STEAM ID. If possible we'd like somebody in the EU time zone but we're happy to accept any help.

Our latest release has changed the Introduction dialogue and character creation screen and introduced a new selection of leaders and faction titles to the newly renamed factions befitting of the new era as well as some tweaks and bug fixes.


I downloaded this mod, and loved it, until I went to fire my musket for the second time. (Yes, I know it has to reload first.) The sound cut out, just for my character's firearms. I tried using a different musket, still no sound. All of the other characters had musket sounds, and all of my character's melee weapons still had sound. I restarted the game, but it didn't fix the problem, and all melee weapons and cartridges turned pure white on the battlefield and in menus. What should I do?
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