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What Future Features Do You Want Most With CIA?

  • The Introduction Of Freelancer

    Votes: 66 22.4%
  • TWOTSK Style Artillery

    Votes: 61 20.7%
  • Varied, Obsolete And Foreign Mercenaries

    Votes: 10 3.4%
  • New Era Friendly Fortresses and Naval Battle Scenes

    Votes: 38 12.9%
  • Era Friendly Tournies,Hunting And Gambling Features And Other Ways To Make Money

    Votes: 20 6.8%
  • Older Gun Powder Era Weapons And Clothing For Sale

    Votes: 13 4.4%
  • More Unique NPC and Bandit Factions To Fight And Recruit From

    Votes: 22 7.5%
  • A Modified or Updated UI, Menu Art and Updated Lore Friendy Notes and new Officer Banners

    Votes: 11 3.7%
  • Modernised Main Settlement Scenes

    Votes: 22 7.5%
  • The Additions of Mid 19th Century Early Victorian Content

    Votes: 15 5.1%
  • NPC Musicians That Provide Bonuses With The Standards

    Votes: 17 5.8%

  • Total voters

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Having fifers and drummers playing in battle would have been pretty cool. It's a pity it didn't work.

I want to ask something regarding grenades, specifically fire grenades. I recruited the companion that starts with them (can't remember his name, sorry) and in some battles it looks like he's targeting me! I one battle, I was going back and forth behind our lines, reloading and firing my carbine, when three explosions happened near me and took me out. Since he was the only grenadier I had, I believe all were his. In another situation, I even took a screenshot.
The camera is where I died. If you look closely to our line, you can see him in yellow. The enemy was on the opposite side... Is this normal?


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Frenzied_Crocoduck_Herder said:
The one in Twilight of the Sun King. I wish to have some thing like that.
Oh splendid. I was hoping you would do it something like TOTSK or Europe 1805.


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Huehue said:
I want to ask something regarding grenades, specifically fire grenades. I recruited the companion that starts with them (can't remember his name, sorry) and in some battles it looks like he's targeting me! I one battle, I was going back and forth behind our lines, reloading and firing my carbine, when three explosions happened near me and took me out. Since he was the only grenadier I had, I believe all were his. In another situation, I even took a screenshot.
Ban for repeated RDM/TK.


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Hehe, well firegrenades armed troops are way to f***ed.
They kill both own troops and to many enemys.
I like the mod alot, but away with those firegrenades.  :smile:


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Best thing to do, assign them to a companion and send them to fight in front of you.

Slowly but surely we're just beta testing the last of the current build. Things are going smooth so far!


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Stormclouds are gathering over the lands of Calradia as saber rattling between the Imperial era nations reach new heights, pulling several new nations into the fray whilst rumours circulate in taverns and Inn's all over the land of the appearince of several more glory seekers looking for the opportunity to make something of themselves in the coming wars ahead.

Some of these glory seeking new men and women have contacts with their motherland or other factions that can help raise unique soldiers to help fight in the coming battles ahead.

The many nations Ministries of War across the land busy themselves with not only updating and issueing new types of uniforms to their soldiers but the services of now battle hardened quarter masters, musicians, surgeons, intelligence officers and veteran NCO swell their armies ranks prepared to give their soldiers a vicious fighting edge over the enemy. New regiments in some nations have been called up and trained from the ground up and are eager to fight for their head of state and mother country.

The new nation of Gottemark struggles to maintain her borders whilst keeping in contact with her UPN ally who feuds with small section of their mother country locked off from them by foreign borders whilst being funded by a so called 'ally' of the east. And whilst the mainland nations struggle for supremecy to pround strong Island nations prepare their own forces to attempt founding their own mainland Empires while the older powers are distracted.

Change Log below, please remember it is best to start a new game with this update and also note this mod is NOT TweakMB friendly. Thank you and enjoy!


>>>>>Beta 3.0 Change Log<<<<<


- Added 8 New Companions

- Added the Commonwealth of Alvion

- Added Alvion Uniforms and Weapons

- Added The Ability To Hire Troops From Companions

- Added Unique Troops that Can Be Hired From Companions

- Added New Rhodok Caps

- Added New Islands: Alvion, Ancia and Silicia

- Added 2 New Sarranid Muskets

- Added New Backstory Menu For Selecting a Starting Regiment

- Added New Troops

- Added New UPN Musket

- Added Deaths Head Infantry and Officer Uniforms

- Added Brunvick and 3 New Villages

- Created New Trade Routes Between Cities

- Added the Grand Duchy of Dalandt

- Added Dalandt uniforms

- Added the Grand Sovereignty of Ancia

- Added Ancien uniforms

- Replaced all hair styles and added a few new ones

- Added New Music

- Added Two New Sabres

- Added Gottemark

- Added Gottemark Troops and Uniforms

- Added Imperial Age Manual

- Added Musicians

- Added Quartermasters

- Added New Regimental Staff

- Added Regimental Staff Stat Buffs (Read manual for information)

- Added Extended Manhunter Dialogue

- Added Intelligence Officers


- Changed Rhodok Cap 2 Mesh and Texture

- Nerfed All Carbines and Pistols

- Changed Rhodok Voltigeur Snipers to 2nd Rhodok Republic Light Infatry

- Replaced all Bearskin Meshes

- Replaced all Bicorne Meshes

- Replaced Sarranid Musket Meshes

- Changed Second UPN Musket Mesh

- Changed UPN Officer Uniform Texture

- Improved UPN Uniforms

- Improved Vaegir Uniforms

- Made Faction Banners Available for Players

- Increased Size of Pistols

- Updated Swadian Shako Meshes and Textures

- Changed Swadian Bearskin Meshes and Textures

- Changed Firearm Sound Effects

- Updated Troop Upgrade Trees to Include a Regimental Staff Line

- Nerfed all Grenades

- Removed Zendar Chasseurs and Midlanders

- Improved Rhodok Shakos

- Improved UPN Shakos


- Fixed CTC Tricorne Mesh Glitch

- Fixed Extended Prisoner Dialogue Not Appearing

Once again, we thank all those who supported us whether
through the simple act of enjoying the mod to beta testing, providing
OSP content for us to use and even just spreading the news through word
of mouth. We also have some big plans for the next few updates in the
works, keep an eye on the thread in the future for more information.
We also have positions on the team opening for those who can do the following:
Coding, scripting and working with the Warband engine in general.

A model texture artist with also general passion for making custom menu and promotional art.

A dedicated scener for the module, we have the tools and gear we just need somebody willing to take it to the next level!
If i understood corectly wha was said there, they have no shield, no pike, just musket and bullets. In combat i can prove it, where they dont even try to melee but whilebgetting stabbed to death by thiev still try to reload.


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It would appear that they have both a steel shield and a pike, though I see Pike at the bottom.  May be spawning with a steel shield, 2 muskets, and cartridges, since Pike is at the bottom?  Don't quote me, clueless on this lol.
I also think that one of the problems are with them why i dont want them, is that maybe their guns are so inaccurate they can only ready their muskets 10 m from the enemy. Aonly reason i pocked them second time was because of roleplay purposes.


Great mod! Only one thing cuts my eyes out - "Von" and "Van" with capital "v"  :mrgreen:
My thoughts - the letter should be lower  :mrgreen:


Hi guys, this is my first post so go easy on me alright? 

I've been playing a bit of this mod and it shows a great degree of promise.  I have noticed a few texture bugs on some of the uniforms and I'd like to let you know.  I'm not sure if you're aware of these or not but I'll post a couple of screenshots just to show you what I've found. 

I wonder how this guy can even stand!  :lol:


This is kind of weird! 

I've also seen castle guards wearing Mail boots from Native as well as kite shields.  Anyway that's me done, good luck with getting the mod finished.  It'll be great I know it!  :smile:



only major issue i've faced as a merc or vassal for Ancia: They think all Rhodok (closest faction geography-wise) towns and castles are "too far away, even to reconnoiter" (the only other close by faction is Castillo  but no sea route from Ancia To Castillo.) also many village quests are uncompletable, at least in Ancia (bounty hunt targets spawning outside the map in village scenes)
having a blast other than that, really like the new companions I've come across so far.


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We'll be working on these issues at once, please report any other problems with the current release here in this thread or on Mod DB.
Itd be nice if , when you have selected shoot at my command option, have readied the guns already on enemy, no matter how far they are. Volleys could be done a lot earlier.


Parties traveling from north to south get stuck on this ridge.


Also, the sword sister line still has crossbows and shields.
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