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Sergeant Knight at Arms

Welcome, travellers, to the Tavern of Jelkala. Sit down and get yourself a beer, I'm gonna tell you a story of the past of Calradia.
A long time ago, there were not only humans here in Calradia. There were others to, trying to conquer the lands held by the Human Empire. But as it is now, the Humans were not united at these times. They were split up into those who were led by the Emperor, and various groups of Wild Men in the different regions of Calradia. The Emperor, he was called Raymond II at that time, wanted to unite all Humans to form one big empire. But the Wild Men fought against the Imperial Men and thus Raymond had to start what was called "the First War of Mankind". It began with conquering the lands of the Northmen. The Northmen tried to fight them of with their heavy axes and their excelent Bows, but they could not hold against the disciplined Human Armies. Thus they were incorporated into the Empire quickly. The Hunters and the Berserkers of the Northmen now were a very important part of the Human Armies and with them, Raymond wanted to go further and destroy the Wild Men of the deserts and steppes in Calradia.

Reaching the top of the hill, Sergeant Jacob turned around, seeing the soldiers he brought from a town near the place of the big battle, a big group of heavily armored Knights. They held their Lances into the air, ready to charge into the combat. Jacob heared a sound from General Thorsten, the leader of a troop Crossbowmen. "Ratman, they are coming out of the forest! Shoot, Soldiers! Shoot!" The soldiers raised their repeater crossbows and aimed at the big army of Ratmen coming out of the bushes in the forest. Jacob heared the sound of flying bolts in the air and the screams of the Ratmen who where hit. He turned around and faced his Soldiers, saying: "Maybe we will die today, but we cant let this mutants kill the farmers in this village! Prepare yourself and, at my command, charge! We will take as much of them with us as possible! With the help of General Thorsten we can drive them back into the forest! Charge, for the glory of the Empire of Man!"

The Humans, a faction based on heavy cavalry and their repeater crossbows. The crossbowman and Swordsmen are recruited amongst the inhabitants of the villages in the Empire. Thus they are not well armed, but they have the possibility of getting good equipment for ranged combat and cavalry, offering various heavy lances and repeater crossbows. Armies of the Empire usually have much cavalry and Crossbowmen, so they are not the best in direct meele. But their cavalry charges and rains of bolts are feared by nearly everyone.

Crossbowman & Hunter

Militia & Nordman



A video about the Humans:

The Wild Men of the steppes and deserts had united and formed a nomadic kingdom that they called "The Anubite Tsardom". Those battles were much harder for the Human Armies, as they had to face off Camel and Elephant riders with Crossbows and the various mages the wild men had in their Armies. But even with those forces against them, Raymond and his fellows could win the first battles.

The Tsardom is focusing on Crossbowmen and on their Magic. The Anubite Priests were one of the first Mages in Calradia, and High Priest Yorna was the most powerful mage in Calradia at that time. Also, the Tsardom has access to camels from the Desert and to elephants from the Steppe for their Mounted Crossbowmen. So their Cavalry will not be very strong in meele, but will be very good at ranged combat with their Crossbows. The Elephants are slow and can charge very good, while the Camel is fast and the best thing for the Riders that want to be good in Meele and not in ranged combat.

Crossbowman & Archer:

Warrior & Ritualist:

No Riders yet, they will follow soon!

The Anubites had to fall back into a system of tunnels under the Lands in the west of the steppes and they hoped to be able to win over the humans there. But Raymond himself led a troup of Elite Soldiers of his own Honour Guard into the catacombs and slaughtered many of the wild men. And then he found whom he searched: High Priest Yorna, the leader of the Tsardom. He killed Raymonds Honour Guard completely with various spells, but Raymond weared an armor that protected him against the magic. The armor was glowing in bloody red colours and absorbed every spell Yorna casted against him. And it seemed that, with each spell, Raymond grew stronger and stronger. Thus it was easy for him to kill Yorna. But if Raymond thought he could destroy the alliance of the wild men with this, he was wrong. The Wild Men fought even stronger. Scouts of the Empire told Raymond that all Anubite Priests were going to an old ruin. There they met with something that looked like a giant walking Rat. Raymond did not believe that, and he killed his scouts because he thought they were just drunk. But then, when he was riding out with some chosen Soldiers to crush the rests of the Anubites that were hiding around the old ruin his scouts had told him of, he saw many giant Rats standing besides the rests of the Anubites, ready to fight at their side. They all walked on two legs, just as humans do, and some of them mounted giant rats. The Human Cavalry was slaughtered, and they had to retreat quickly, the Ratmen were always behind them and shooting arrows on them.

"PatPat, Enemy Cavalry coming down that hill!" PatPat, a Ratman with a spear and a shield in his hand, noticed them at the same moment as JimJam told him this. Not showing he had a bit fear, he shouted "Attack the humans! Go, Go! Attack! I'll stay here in cover and watch... Hey, JimJam, go go and fight!" JimJam left the forest together with his elite-guard. Those Ratman were riding on white rats, wielding crude spears and swords. While the Ratman-Infantry was charging the crossbowman, the Archers were hiding in the forest, shooting from the trees. Some horses fell down under the unscripted arrows the ratmen used. But that was not enough, so JimJam had to charge into the enemy cavalry. Raising his sword, he shouted."Humans, i'll tell you one thing! I will kill ya all! Go-go, charge!" Many horses and rats died when the two forces reached each other and began to fight. The lances of the human riders killed many Ratmen, throwing them from their rats and letting them die under the heavy hooves of the horses. JimJam saw a rider coming straight towards him, shouting at him and telling him he was Sergeant Jacob, the leader of the cavalry. He wanted a duel to show who is the better leader. JimJam had to accept, hoping he could use some bad tricks to kill that Human. They fought heavily, parriing each others swings again and again and both suffering only small wounds. But then, suddenly, Sergeant Jacob kicked JimJam, knocking him off his feet. He put his sword over JimJams Body, ready to kill him. Suddenly, a crude spear appeared in Jacobs chest, blood spraying on JimJams body as he lie on the ground. Jacob fell down backwards, saying with his last breath "Coward!". JimJam had no time to be happy, because a giant white rat came closer to him, the mouth wide open. Sharp teeth glazing out of it. He had no time to shoot at anything, as the rat ate him in seconds.

The Ratman are focussed on a rain of arrows and heavy two-handed weapons as well as crude spears. And they can ride on giant rats.

Archer & Crossbowman

Clanrat & Warrior

The Rider

The Shaman

Yorna saw what would happen even before it all began, that what was called "the Second War of Mankind". He saw that he would die. Before the war, he called all his priests to him and they tried to prevent all this from happening, using an old Ritual Yorna had learned of when he was outside of Calradia, in the Lands of the dwarves. The Dwarven Priests taught it to him, and it was so powerful that he never wanted to use it. But he knew he had to. But the ritual failed, and all Priests were exploding as the ritual was finished. The Sky went dark for 2 Weeks and the whole Calradia was in fear. But nothing seemed to happen. After the two weeks, everything was as it was before. At least no one could see any difference. So as the Humans and the Anubites and Ratman began with the final Battle, horrible things began. The first signs of the failed ritual were the Horses. If they were slain, the did not die, they just went on walking around. But they became a dark coulour and were only half visible from that point on. But that was not the worst. The bodies of the dead soldiers began to stand up again and they attacked both Humans and Ratmen. Thus the three battling factions decided to unite against the new threat and they fought off the undead in a gigantic battle. Raymond spotted a figure in a black robe on a hill. That figure was leading the undead and reviving all of them. He looked at the figure more closely and he shuddered. The Figure had no Face, just a black hood and nothing under it.

General Thorsten saw the duel between Jacob and the Ratman. "Litttle Coward!" He shouted when he saw Jacob dead on the ground. But he had other problems, the Ratman Infantry was too near. He aimed with his repeater crossbow, shooting one of those mutants straight into the head, but they were too many. Suddenly, he heared someone shout: "Thorsten, hold them back! We finshed off those Riders and will charge into their infantry now! Just hold them back from your hill!" "Ok, Laurin. I'll do this, but hurry! We need your help as soon as possible." The cavalry crushed into the ratman. Most of them were killed by heavy lances and swords, and only some of them could attack back and kill some horses with their spears. The Ratman were slaughtered. Thorsten spoke to his men: "OK, that was all. Their archers are running back into the forest, and we killed one of their generals. We won and saved this village! Hurray!" All soldiers were taunting towards the forest, saying "Run, cowards!" or "Did you think you could win against us? No way!" Thorsten looked around, trying to see how many men they lost. Some crossbowmen were hit by throwing spears or arrows, but most of them survived. The riders on the other hand had lost many of their soldiers, and only a few riders were still alive. "OK, soldiers. Let's get back into the villa... what the hell was that?" He heared a loud grunt from behind him, from the village. He tourned around slowly, and what he saw, was terrible. A troop of Ratman had slaughtered the inhabitants of the village. And he didn't even notice. The Ratman were just running away. He raised his crossbow and killed two of them with precise shots, but then he saw something else. Some of the farmers were scuffling around in the village, their body full with blood and their stones and knives raised. "Zombies! Everyone, get into position!", Thorsten shouted. He had fear, and his soldiers too, he knew it. But he wouldn't show it to anyone. "Laurin, get the rest of your cavalry ready, and then we will bring them back to hell!", he yelled at Laurin, who was now leading the riders as Jacob was now dead.

The Zombies, slow and heavy soldiers with a variety of simple throwing weapons like daggers and stones, offer a great endurance in fights. They have more life than the other factions, making them somewhat thougher than everyone else is. The models are from Full Invasion. (with permission of course) The Zombies do not offer any helmets, but you have the different heads in the helmet slot. They all cost nothing, so you can choose whatever head you prefer. Also, you can choose between three different bodies.

Archer & Crossbowman

Warrior & Berserker

No riders yet, they will come soon.

Skeletal Mage

Thorsten fired his bolts, hitting and killing many of the zombies. Every Zombie was equipped with something from the peasants, mostly the weapons they grabbed to fight the Ratmen. Thorsten saw Cleavers, Daggers, Stones, Sticks and Scythes amongst the zombies. But he saw something else. Only partly visible, someone who looked just like Jacob was riding on a ghost-horse, wielding his heavy lance and shouting orders to the zombies. More Ghosts, all mounted, joined Jacob and they all prepared for a charge. "Those bastards resurrected the dead farmers, lets punish them, soldiers!" Thorsten shouted at his crossbowman. Laurin, get your riders ready to face them, we will take them with us! They may be too much for us, but our faith will help us and lead us too victory or at least bring us to our men that died today." The horses of the ghosts made nearly no sound as they charged towards the Humans. Zombies were throwing stones and daggers into the rows of crossbowman and everyone could see the fear in the others eyes. Then suddenly, Thorsten heared the noise of a trumpet followed by the sounds of an elephant, and bolts flew through the air. Magical glowing bolts...

The rest of the story will follow when the other factions are done or at least started.

The Ghosts are focusing on a wide variety of weapons. They are though and have acces to many different weapons. But those weapons are not very cheap.

Archer & Crossbowman

Marauder & Berserker



A little Video about the ghosts:

And a video from the ghost-invasion:

The Creature saw Raymond and raised his staff. A giant flame came out of the earth under Raymond, but his armor absorbed it completely. But the Creature was not shocked by this, it looked as if it was statisfied. It teleported away and Raymond could not see where the creature had gone. But his Armor was now glowing completely red and he could feel that something was wrong. He slowly grew strnger and mutated. His soldiers quickly retreated, but not all could get away. Those in range were hit by firy lightnings sent out by Raymond. But it was no longer Raymond, at the place where he just stood was now standing a giant demon with big horns and red skin. He wielded a big axe and killed everything around it. The suddenly, the magical energy that seemed to hold the demon in this world collapsed and the demon disappeared, forming a gigantic hole of red energy. A portal. Many Demons, looking like small versions of the big Demon, entered the world using the portal. Now the Humans ran away in fear, and the Ratmen fled into their tunnels quickly.

Terrible Creatures came over Claradia. While having the human skeleton, the demons are slower and harder than the humans. They concentrate on slow and heavy weapons, and have good armor. But they don't move that fast and are totally fearless. Their Mages are the Summoners, Humans who made a pact with the demons and now the are controlled by one of them and begin mutating. Some of those Mutants have magic powers and they use them to summon more demons and bring destrcuction to the enemies of the demons. The Demons use weapons that are formed like the human ones, but they glow from their inner fire and have more spikes than their human variants mostly.

Archer & Crossbowman:

Warrior and Slaughterer:

I hope you liked my story, but now i have to go and tell that story in other taverns. So, good luck on your journeys.

New Races with new equipment
Standards, making your troops better. We will have a unique standard for every faction.
Shouting orders (if you give an order to bots, you will shout sometinhg, for example "charge!!!")
New Mode: Capture the Standard (each team has one standard-bearer, you have to kill your opponents Bearer and protect yours)
implement the More Metal Sound Mod
New Scenes/Maps with new scene Props
A Magic system with two types of magic for each faction (some types will come up in more than one faction)
Dungeons in Multiplayer (See other Spoiler "dungeon" for more info).
Edit the Spawns in Team Deathmatch so that you spawn like in Battle.

We are going to start with multiplayer, that is what is more important for us.

not started yet
in progress

It was a sunny morning in a Region somewhere around the big town "Nordheim". The small village called "Nordstedt" had many inhabitants, mostly farmers growing salad. It also had two mills, so many farmers were baking bread and selling it on the market in Nordheim or just to have something to eat. Life was hard in that time, every day you could hear of robberys and burned down villages if you listened to the tavern keepers. Till now, Nordstedt never had problems with looters, the inhabitants had combat training once a week, and in the tavern there were many mercernaries that drank the whole day, but when looters tried to mattack the village, they always helped the villagers in defending their village, hoping for free wine and mead. So life in this vilage was not as hard as in other villages. But this morning was something else. Kovel knew it when he woke up. He left his house, it was the biggest in the village, he was the village Elder. He saw a knight standing on the market place of the village, bringing a message from the King of the Humans. "Villagers, i have a bad message for you, a big troop of Ratman is coming towards your village. We will send some troops to you, a troop of crossbowmen commanded by General Theo. They will be here in some days, but i fear the Ratman will be here sooner. You should start erecting fences around your village, a small wepaon transport will come here soon and bring you some weapons. Who is the village elder?"  "It's me, sir.", Kovel answered. "OK, good. Lead your men, and hold off the Rats until Theo is here. From that time you won't have any more problems, if you can hold out long enough." With these words, the rider left the village. "Dont have fear, villagers! We can hold off untill General Theo comes here. Take what you can find, and build a fence. And you two there...", he pointed at some of the villagers, go and warn the priest in the church. He can have a chamber in the tavern. And I need someone to call for the mercernaries. Promise them many wine and mead and beer, if you have to. We must hold the village untill reinforcement comes. We are trained, even if we are no soldiers. We have a chance!"

Only one day later, a caravan with some weapons appeared at the horizon. Kovel could see rusty swords, spears, forks and axes. Also, there were some packs of bolts and cracked crossbows, what would probably be very good for defending the village. "Everyone, take a weapon! Quick!", he shouted. Soon, everyone was armed. The farmers that equipped crossbows climbed on the houses, using old, nearly broken ladders. Also, there were some Desert Crossbowmen who came to the village to make a rest here. Kovel told them to lead the farmers that used ranged wepaons. Everyone else, who had only close combat weapons took some stones or something elsse he could throw. Then, Kovel heared a drum. "Ratmen!" he shouted. Everyone took his position, as a troop of ratmen riding on brown, big rats came out of the cave near the village. "Shoot 'em!" Kovel heared the desert crossbowmen shouting and the sounds of bolts wavered through the air. Some of the Rats fell under the bolts, but many of them were just too heavy armored. Soon, they reached the village, were the farmers with spears tried to hold them off. Sooner or later, every Rat was killed by either the bolts or the spears. Many farmers had fallen, too, charged by a big rat with a spiked armor or getting hit by a ratman Spear. Kovel hoped that they could hold the village against the next assault. Suddenly, a black fireball flew through the air, hitting one of the houses in the village. In seconds, the house was brned down by an agressive black flame. "They have a shaman! What can we do?", "Help, these bastards use magic!" Kovel could hear the screams of the farmers that stood nere the point where there had been a house only a minute ago.

Kovel ran around the village, trying to coordinate a fire brigade to extinguish the House. But water did not seem to help against the black magic of the Ratmen. "Damn, is there any Sorcerer here?" A second later something exploded near Kovel. One of the people near the fire exploded in a green flashing light and a Man with a mail coif and a silver Chainmail-Robe materialised at his position. "Hello, you must be Kovel. I'm sry that your friend here was killed, but my spells do not always work as intended, sadly.", the person was speaking with a very polite voice. Kovel answered harshly: "Who are you? And how do you dare killing my fellow Peasants? I should kill you." With these words, he pointed his short sword at the person. "Don't even try it, I would rip you in mid-air. Believe me.", answered the man. "I am here to offer you help, and it looks like you could need it." With these words and a small move of his hand, he extinguished the black fire. Kovel put back his sword. "Well, you're right. So please, help us." With a twinkle he disappeared and Kovel saw his chainmail-robe shining at the other end of the town, where he sent some fireballs at the engaging ratmen. "How many of these Rat-Riders are there, there must be a hatchery nearby." Kovel climbed onto the rooftop of the tavern, where the desert crossbowmen, or "Anubites", how theyperfer to be called, were standing and shooting one bolt after another at the Ratmen. He asked: "How's it going?", but became only a harsh "Grrrrm" as a reply. He could see it himself, the fight was not going well. Ratmen Archer positioned themselves in the ruins across the river and shot volleys of arrows at the poor townsmen. He saw a white Rat climbing onto a ruin. The rat only had one ear, the other one was missing and it held a small crossbow in his hand. He saw that it pointed the crossbow at the sorcerer, who was still distracted by the numerours Ratmen assaulting the walls. The Ratman shot and Kovel could see the bolt fly towards the mage, who saw the missile just in time and, again with a small move of his left hand, made the small dart from the weapon break in mid-air. He turned his head around to see, where the bolt came from, but the white rat had disappeared. Suddenly, Kovel heard a loud scream from inside the chapel, where the women and the children where brought before the battle. He quickly gathered some mercenaries around him and ran towards the chapel.

Demo Video:

This is a Demo-Dungeon, so it has no nice things and deco and so on. These will only be in the real dungeons, those that you can play in longer than 5 minutes

In the video you can see 4 of the 5 planned classes:

The features:
Explore many unique Dungeons, no dungeon will be like one of the others.
Dungeons in different lenghts
A Gamemode where it is important to work in teams
perfect for lan games
Use Beds to heal yourself, refill your ammo and repair your shield.
Usable doors (they work in all game modes, but they are best used in Dungeon)
5 different classes with a very different play style each
3-4 enemy factions to make sure you can play the dungeons more than one time
Fight against bosses and grab their magic weapons (till now only graphical effects, may change that later)
Open Chests to find new gear...
... or a deadly trap
Each class has more than one possible outfit, so no 2 Dungeon Raiders have to look the same way.
If you like making maps yourself, you can make your own dungeons too. We are happy about each map you send us. We will make a document about the ways to make your own dungeon. At the beginning it may be a bit complicated, but if you just play around a little it will be very easy.

The Warrior
Armed with swords, axes and maces and carrying a shield, the Warrior is what you couold call the "Tank". He has many hitpoints and good armor, be it Head Armor or Body Armor. Thus he should always stand in the first ranks (or in the last ones, to prevent ambushes)

The Barbarian
He is the slow Damage Dealer in the dungeons. He is armed with two handed picks and maces and even with a hammer. He has no shield and only medium body armor, so he is not very good at taking damage, but he is able to deliver a huge amount of it with one blow, making him perfect for tough enemies with shields or for bosses.

The Thief
The Thief is a Damage Dealer to. But unlike the Barbarian, he only has light armor, but acces to shields and throwing weapons. He is good against ranged enemies and a huge number of normal enemies. He focuses on speed, thus he has short swords and daggers mainly. Also he ahs access to throwing daggers, darts, throwing axes and even a heavier javelin for onehit kills.

The Ranger
He is the archer and perfect for ranged combat. He uses his bow to quickly take down light enemies before they reach the group. But as he has only light meele weapons, as a falchion for example, he is not good at meele combat and has to be protected by the others.

*Planned* The Mage
He is the healer of the group. He uses his magic powers to kill enemies from range, but is not as good at it as the ranger is. Also, he even has less defense, but his staff makes him a bit better in close combat. He can heal his teammates, too. But that are all planned features because the whole magic system is not done yet.

How the start of a round of dungeon works. (An example round, this one plays in a dungeon I just imagine and that is not a map now, it's just to show how things will work.)
The map starts in a small little room, a tavern. The group, A and B as warriors, C as a thief and D as a Ranger, meets in the tavern. Behind the desk lies the dead barman. The group goes up to the storage room of the tavern and sees a chest with weapons. (This is a scene prop you can use and then a random weapon, depending on your class, spawns oin the chest) There also is a chest with bows and arrows and with throwing weapons. A decides to take a one handed hammer and a kite shield, while B prefers a sword and a board shield. C takes a dagger and a round shield out of the chest and searches the throwing weapons for throwing daggers and a javelin. D takes a short bow and some arrows and grabs a falchion from the chest. As they are all ready, they leave the tavern using the front door and find themselves in an empty street... From there on, their adventure begins.

You will soon be able to find out how the adventure goes on. So prepare for raping some dungeons!

We will translate this mod into german, if someone wants to translate into other languages too, just tell us. But at the moment, there is not much to translate, so we would only need someone for other languages later, when everything or at least much more than now is done.

We won't give any release date, because we don't know how long we could need. When the Multiplayer Part is done, we will release a beta, we'll see if open or closed.








Thanks to Belendor for the beautiful Banner he made for the beginning of the topic.


A dastardly battle of races.
Good luck to you!

A ballad of blades
A storm of blood
Blood and Storm
Storm, Blood and Guts
The Prophecy of the Bloody Storm


Sergeant Knight at Arms
Thx, i think ill have updatet everything except the screens soon. I dont really know where to upload the screens :grin: i hate it when i can only upload one file at a time...


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OK, thx to you, Zombies added and a new part of the story, and pictures for every faction. More will come.


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I don't know what our man for the graphics will say to that, but we'll see :wink: anyway, thanks for the idea and the offer of a banner.
Patta said:
I don't know what our man for the graphics will say to that, but we'll see :wink: anyway, thanks for the idea and the offer of a banner.
If you have a man for graphics already, dont call me, i am already busy helping about 20 different mods about banner and logos...


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Last part of the story is here, also some information what is planned for the other races. If you have idead for features and so on, just tell us.


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Patta said:
OK, thx to you, Zombies added and a new part of the story, and pictures for every faction. More will come.

I recommend imageshack,it's very simple program,and you can upload many screens at the same time.


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Imageshack was what i used till now, but when i upload my pictures, after uploading, it doesnt go on. Javascript and so on is activated. So i cant acces the links for my pictures. Thats why i had to search soething else.


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We still need Name-Suggestions! Also, we are making a bit progress with the script for the sounds when you give orders to bots. They still dont work, but that time will come when they do... Thx to the Taleworlds-Community at this point :wink:

Also, i added a screen of one of the reworked arenas, Also the bots now seem to be a bit better in tournaments in the reworked arenas, because the now have an AI-Mesh.

The one who gives us the Name that we will use will appear in game as a lord of a race he chooses!


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The Problem is the Word "Blades"... i dont really like that, there's more than Blades in here.


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We dont need any more file-hosters, but thx :wink:

The name sounds nice, Kazzan. We will think about it.


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OK; thx everyone for the names, if you have one, feel free to tell us, but wee dont only need names. We have a hot favorite at the moment :wink:

Pls, tell us how you find the idea, the meshes, what we could do better, wishes for features, and so on. We need your meanings here.


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No meanings?

Later this day, i will give you another story, and maybe some pictures about a map i made, for multiplayer. Could even be that ill give you a battle video :wink:

All our own maps will have Bot-Support to provide strategic fun even with not so many people.
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