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This is a mod in which every single troop in the player's army has a persistent identity. They have a name, face, equipment load-out and origin information that are generated on recruitment and will persist over time. They also have stats that are updated with each battle. While all troops are unique, they still remain together in stacks in the player's party (so if you have 50 Swadian Knights, this will still show up as one stack, but all 50 will have their own unique name and info).

The mod is in early stages at the moment and is prone to bugs, so if people are willing to play and report these, it's greatly appreciated. Please see the info under "Feedback" below.

EDIT: This mod has had a huge overhaul as of today (8th of December 201:cool:, so a lot of the original information here has been changed or removed. I will soon put more info on the current status.

Known Issues
  • Hiring mercenaries doesn't work, you pay the money and then simply don't get them.
  • When selecting "talk" in the party screen, you end up on a blank version of the party screen where you then have to hit Esc to exit before the conversation actually starts.
  • Exchanging with garrisons is quite buggy in general.

WSE is no longer required! Just install as you would any other mod and dive right in. Download the mod here.

The mod is built on Diplomacy, for which credit goes to Waihti, zParsifal, Mjöllnir, Akmar, Nibelung, Malakay, ultracemre, Dravic, Mixailos, hessuu, fisheye, rubik and jrider.
I would also like to give credit to Windyplains for a few presentation scripts that I borrowed and modified from his Silverstag source code.

I have a private GitHub repository with the source files in it that I will soon make public. I just want to make some updates so that it's compatible with modmerger and maybe clean up the code a little.

The best place to provide feedback at the moment is the Discord server: https://discord.gg/q38ApWj


It looks great ! I'm looking forward to see it merged with popular mods to give a bit of flavor. It will be harder to send our troops to their death when they have an actual name, it reminds me a bit of X-Com :smile:


Wow. I was just thinking about this last night, hoping wistfully that we'd get something like this in the far future of MB! What a lovely surprise :smile:.
Looking forward to this, it would be a very nice addition to any already polished mod out there. Regardless this mod is a beast on it's own :grin:


Thanks for the responses guys, didn't actually expect it to get such a warm welcome so quickly. I just got the email from moddb that it's authorised, so it's now live and can be downloaded at http://www.moddb.com/mods/persistent-troop-identities/downloads.  :grin:


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This looks cool.  Have you found that it has any effect on computer performance?


Nice! I'm definitely going to use this when I return to Warband. I always like to keep track of my troops; once rescued a mercenary that lasted quite a bit :smile:


Redleg said:
This looks cool.  Have you found that it has any effect on computer performance?

I haven't noticed any yet, but that's not to say there won't be any. I haven't really tested in big battles or anything.
As others have said, I've long fantasized about a mod like this, without actually thinking about how it would be implemented or anything. This is amazing, and I'll certainly be downloading it. Congrats and good luck!


Would there be a way to make them rely purely on loot for their equipment (apart form the stuff they have when you first recruit them)? So when they level up their equipment isn't altered. Maybe not very practical but with maxed surgery I can imagine ending up with a really motley band of mercs :smile:.


That could definitely be done. It would have to involve restricting the player's options with upgrading a bit. Imagine the awkward situation where you upgrade a Watchman with no crossbow to Mercenary Crossbowman and he doesn't gain any equipment from the upgrade. The looting only really lets them replace items they already with better ones of the same type (and add items to empty slots, but that doesn't help if there aren't 2 slots free for crossbow and bolts).

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Hot damn this looks cool. I can't wait till this gets really popular; the immersion and all of this looks wicked sweet... hell. If this goes OSP I'll compliment this with an OSP voice pack for randomized voices too to further immersion even if that's possible coding wise. I can certainly provide my vocal talents for a project as considerable as this.
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