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Undying Soul

-Backstory of the mod-​

Many years have passed since the Calradian bloodshed. The Swadians have come out as sole Victors of the war.

They've driven off the Khergit tribes off the lands of Calradia, utterly crushed the Vaegirs and Sarranid Kingdoms, finally re-joined with their Rhodok brothers and enslaved the Nords. For many years they held the lands of Calradia, cementing themselves forever in history as rightful rulers of  the lands. As time passed they've learned there is far more to the world than just this land, and the Swadians, upon obtaining such information, headed to the far East land of Heiwa, seeking more territory to Conquer with Might and Sword.

The land of Heiwa is troubled by its own problems, however. Strangers from Central Aurop are exploring their lands, their own dead refuse to stay in their graves, some even becoming more ravenous than the wildest of animals, and the population is dismay, rebelling against their Lords without second thought and creating their own little Factions to oppose the law as it is.

Perhaps a man of certain skills could unite the land once and for all, or perhaps he could join the Swadian invaders and conquer it in the name of the one True God. Or even plunge it into darkness and kill the land to its very core...

-The Module itself-​

The Mod is currently in very early Concept stages, so I shall not be releasing it anytime soon, I lack the skill to make models, rig them and whatnot. I am literally fresh to the modding scene, this being my first mod ever. I do want it to see the light of the day, and help is very appreciated. Currently I am using OSP packages, I am semi-familiar with the Module System, but I will be honest, half of the time I need Installation directions.

As the section above promises, I am planning on having a whole new map with factions based on the Japanese and French visitors. The tech will be rather strange seeing as the Swadians will have not advanced in technology all that much while the "Auropans" will be wielding muskets and whatnot. But it's all for a fun value, I am sure people will be able to look past the historical inaccuracy of a Ficitonal Land.

Screenshots (Warning: Absurd res):


Playable Undead race.


One of the new Troop types


Inquisitors in action


Sergeant at Arms
Welcome to the forums man! You have an amazing concept however I doubt that many skilled developers will dedicate themselves to an all new project like this. You should read over the module development pages thoroughly. You don't have to be a Python wizard to understand the module system. Some of the things there are just common sense and its as easy as copying, pasting and changing a few things over to your liking, for a mod like yours I do not see a need for any advanced scripting so you shouldn't struggle with the code. About the graphical side, you should learn to use Wings3D. It is an amazingly simple program once you grasp the basics and you can create everything you dream of, it all comes with time though I must warn. If graphical design ain't the toughest one in the bunch for you you can take a look into the OSP (Open-Source-Project) section on the forums for many free resources or look on external website for free models ideally with a non-commercial use/distribution license. This is just a quick tip for you. I hope you crack on and we see some amazing progress soon! :smile:

Undying Soul

Thanks a bunch for the feedback, friend!

I will look into this program you mentioned, as for making sure this sees a release, gotta stay positive even when things aren't going well is all I gotta do!
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