SP Antiquity [WB] Dawn of Man - Reborn/Redone/Remastered

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Dear Developers! Can we poor players hope for playable beta-version to be released soooner or later, please?
By the way, I desperatly want you to make onehanded and twohanded maquahuitles (a swords made of wood and obsidian) as one if top cromagnon weapons in the mod (maybe it would be good to make such swords unique - for player only) :lol:. And maybe also to make sword made of bronze (or meteorite iron) and good armor (bronze armor or maybe linothorax or kind of quilted armor) as a easter egg would be a good idea? :smile:
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Both threads are dead (this one as well as the one in the Caravanserai) so it's safe to assume that the mod is dead as well.
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