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zidozido said:
do you have any ideas to make the mod better ?
As Yabloko already suggested make the units look a bit better, give them some outfits from the era, not just outfits from Native. There are lots of OSPs you can use for this mod  :smile:


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Pretty much what Dazzer said. The Alpujarras War happened around 350 years after the setting of the Hispania mod, so equipment and clothes would look 16th century like. Mail for example would be less prevalent in europe, and armour in general would see less use because of firearms. Still, in that era it would have looked somewhat like this:


Higher ranking knights could have perhaps used more elaborate and protective gear, while infantry had to go lighter and usually carried halberds, pikes and/or a round thick wooden or metal shield called "rodela" (that looked like a big buckler) with a sidesword (think like rapiers but for cutting as well)



As for the equipment of moriscos again I have little knowledge. Some illustrations show them wearing the same flashy and colourful clothes as the rest of europeans on that period while others present them as almost berber-like in appearance. Having also received North African and Turkish influence they could perhaps not be homogeneous but carry a mishmash of items from different cultures, and I imagine chainmail would be more popular among their ranks.

note: That picture is not contemporaneous and most likely not the most accurate


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If you need any sort of help with Catalan units (or those coming from the former Crown of Aragon) contact me. Buena suerte. Mod is a little bit lacking in some stuff but it's getting better and better and with hard work you'll make a good historical sp experience.


thank you very much for your offer certainly if i needed any help i will tell you but what i want to know in the mod are the weapons and armors correct or they need to be changed also what do you know about morsico armor these in the mod are right or there any thing else ?



1.) You haven't requested it prior to this point.
2.) The cartographer's board is for MB mods and not Warband mods.
3.) There is no download link in your first post.
4.) Your credits are subpar (look at the credits of the mods you are using and properly acknowledge those that contributed).


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zidozido said:
what do you mean

check some of the big mods threads to see how you can improve your first post. That includes the general format, use of spoiler tag, how to add videos/screens, how to list your credits and how to add your download link

you can use the modify button to edit your original post as much as needed.

another interesting thingy: update your thread title with tags for SP/MP, Warband, version, etc. A example:
[WB][S ] Alpujarras (3.0)

couple examples:
  still in development: https://forums.taleworlds.com/index.php/topic,368595.0.html
  released and still getting updates: https://forums.taleworlds.com/index.php/topic,271098.0.html
  done (no new updates) and very simple: https://forums.taleworlds.com/index.php/topic,316764.0.html


zidozido said:
what do you mean my credits are subpark  and the download link is here is here http://www.moddb.com/mods/alpujarras-wars/downloads
Put the link in the first post.

As for credits... you write:
Hispania 1200 - el xabeo de la cova

While Hispania 1200 lists:

Hispania 1200 Team creator.

-El Xaveo de la Cova: creator, developer and manager mod.
-JBJ: coder and modeler / texturing


-Hesfesto el Forjador: 2D drawings art (pics)
-Hoju: NPCS
-Sir Centu : help with translation
-Mark7: Trailer and part of the interface and Muslim voices
-Mikeboix and the whole community of "Knights of Calradia" thank you for your attention and encouragement throughout this time
Thanks / OSP:
-KuauiK and DrThomas: models 1257aD textures mod and code breaking doors.
-Korinov and Cesar de Quart: Europe 1200 mod textures and help with recruitment code.
-Al-Mansur: Andalusian architectural structures and helmets
-Sayd Uthman and Zimke Zlovoljni: Almoravid objects Golden Age
-FantasyWarrior: mod ??Terrain_borders 1429: La Guerre de Cent Ans
-Jacobhinds: Help with orders and sounds and pack cloth Ottoman OSP and OSP animations
-Gutekfiutek: Polished Landscapes
-Iboltax: Improved Male Faces (OSP)
-Slawomir of Aaarrgh [OSP] Tavern Animation Pack
-Jrider: New presentations for reports (v1.2)
-Hessuu: Recruiter Kit - Version 1.30
-Zephilinox: Code Perfectly Smooth, Mouse-Enabled V1.4 deathcam
-Rubik: Troop Ratio Bar and The World Map Code
-Caba`drin: Bodyguards / Escorts in Town / Village Scenes
-Albertus Magnus: Code Flipping Coins with tavernkeepers
-Duh, monnikje, Windyplains: Change Color for all Factions
-Melphiz (in gekokujo submod): NPC Conversations Anywhere
-wings of Glory mod: female faces.
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