Warband resource files now editable with OpenBrf!

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Hello all!

this is just to say that a few weeks ago I extended OpenBrf (link, a tool to edit and display resource files), to understand warband resource files (.brf) too.

Of course, it is too early to talk about warband modding, so this can be considered a little premature, but too soon is better than too late!

Info, in case none of the above makes sense for you: resource files are the containers for meshes, animations, textures, etc for M&B. Making custom resource files is one of the main ingredients for making new MODs.


Yeah, I already inspected some of the .BRF's with your handy tool. :razz:


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Woot. thanks. Been waiting for someone to extend their brf tool for warband. More beta testing can now commence! :razz:


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Graylord said:
I figured Warband would be built up much the same way, are there really any difference in how the BRFs work?

Not much, but a few things, here and there.

There is a version identifier field, which was absent in pre-warband files.

Texture coordinates were replicated twice in pre-warband brf files, a feature that was dropped in warband files likely because no mesh ever used it (the two pairs of texture coords were always identical, I think).

Meshes now use what seems to be a flag field (a number where just a few bits are set), even though I've no idea of the meaning of each bit.

The biggest difference lies probably in the introduction, in warband files, of per-vertex tangent-space directions.  I.e. each vertex has now not only a normal direction, orthogonal to the surface, but also a tangent direction, parallel to the surface. This is, predictably, used to allow rendering of tangent-space bump-maps.

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