Unresolved Warband PS4 Request

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Hello I am a loyal player to Warband on the PlayStation and would like to suggest two things that I think would benefit already existing players but advertisement and popularity.

My first suggestion is simply adding new maps to gamemodes such as siege, battle and fight and destroy these maps could be popular community maps on the PC that us console players would love to play and honestly this would bring back so many players. The commuties favourite maps on PS4 are Nord Town, Desert Town, Village and North Coast. The whole community on PlayStation have been speaking about this for quite some time so I am trying my best to help our small community.

My second suggestion is making Warband free on PlayStation either via as a ps plus monthly game or just Free To Play. I know this might seem as a bad business move but if you look into it more let’s be real. How many more people do you see buying Warband on PS? Making the game free would not only repopulate the servers but it would bring more loyal ps players on looking forward to when Bannerlord releases equaling in more sales. If the advertisement is done correctly this is more than possible to work! :smile:
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