1. Goodbye Warband On Console

    Warband has completely died on Console so a friend of mine made this video as a goodbye and to thank all the memories and stuff we been through, so this is it the final bye.
  2. Goodbye Warband On Console

    Warband has completely died on Console so a friend of mine made this video as a goodbye and to thank all the memories and stuff we been through, so this is it the final bye.
  3. How to unlock a certain part of the weapon for forging?

    How to unlock a certain part of the weapon for forging through the dev.console? I know "campaign.unlock_all_crafting_pieces" but firstly, this command does not work, and secondly, I need to unlock only one specific part, can anyone help?
  4. Zing

    campaign.complete_active_quest is gone in 1.6?

    Got stuck on Assemble the Dragon Banner quest, the hideouts wont spawn. Was looking for a way to reset or progress past this point, found that I could use campaign.complete_active_quest console command, but it seems to be gone in 1.6? What other options do I have to fix the questline besides...
  5. [POLL]: How do you feel about he console port?

    Just curious as to how everyone feels about the announcement of the console ports and Callum confirming it will be coming to console along with the full release to PC (ie. it's being worked on now) EDIT: Adding the links/screenshots of confirmation as requested...
  6. What the heck is going on with this games development and is there an update on console ports?

    As the title implies the development for this game looks like a big confused pile of spaghetti I tried it out earlier last year and it was awful compared to warband does anyone know if there is any set roadmap they are following and where I can find it? and I'm absolutely going to ask what is...
  7. Stephen-J-2001

    Unresolved Warband PS4 Request

    Hello I am a loyal player to Warband on the PlayStation and would like to suggest two things that I think would benefit already existing players but advertisement and popularity. My first suggestion is simply adding new maps to gamemodes such as siege, battle and fight and destroy these maps...
  8. Console commands - delete parties on world map?

    After I upgraded to beta patch 1.5.8, the bug with bandit spawning has basically ruined my campaign. It took me a long time to notice because I never go down there, but the entire southern desert is just a sea of literally thousands of desert bandit parties, they eat every caravan or peasant...
  9. Gruff

    Additional Console Commands

    Would love to see some additional console commands added as the current list is somewhat limited. There was a mod a while back that enabled console commands prior to the official console addition. The commands on the mod were much more comprehensive at the time but it no longer works with...
  10. Shiroin

    The actual gameplay on Xbox Series X (200men test)

    Hello, guys. I recently bought an Xbox Series X, and I know there must be some people are wondering how the game running on next-gen consoles. So that is why I am posting a thread here to share my experiences. Q: Does the game support 4K and 60fps? Yes. Thanks to Microsoft's...
  11. Iorek

    Character Screen Bug: "Gain 16496 skill points to level up this character"

    I only noticed this today, but there seems to be a bug in the character screen where it displays outrageously large numbers for level progression, and refers to these numbers as "skill points". Now I've actually been leveling up fine, so I'm guessing this is a labeling bug. I suspect there's...
  12. Resolved Missing commands in the console

    Summary: Recently I had an issue where a power outage bugged out a main story quest progress, so I was going to use the console to finish that quest and then start the next one. However I am missing all commands related to active quests, namely campaign.list_active_quests and...
  13. Unicornslayer

    Enable console without modifying game files

    I have a potato computer, so I'm using a cloud gaming service to play this game. I really love M&B, but the problem is that I always end up restarting the game because I didn't know about a mechanic or that I'm simply getting wiped out. I've bought this game last week and I have started 5...
  14. Dragero

    Console - stopped working since 1.4.3.

    I hope I've chosen the correct forums to post this... I have just recently updated beta to the newest version, 1.4.3. Since the update, the console refuses to open up - I have tried virtually every possible combination of keys, tried disabling and enabling the cheat mode, reloading saves...
  15. Please change the default keybinds for Console menu!

    I'm sorry if I missed it, but I can't find any keybinds for console. Currently it is Alt+§, for me atleast. Sometimes I use § to look around and also pressing alt to see where my teammates are and then I get the console menu up. It's super annoying and actuelly got me killed 2 times.
  16. Developer Console Scripts

    Hi there! Is there a way of creating your own script that will be run by the console like for example in Skyrim? I wanted it to be able to modify all character skills at the same time for example setting all skills to level 100 or adding 100 000 exp to all skills. Writing commands for every...
  17. Cajolo

    Any existing command/way to change age of a lord/child?

    I just started a new playthrough and managed to have a baby and siege a town. However in this playthrough I don’t really feel like waiting for x amount of hours before my child is a commandable lord. Is there anyway to speed up this process? Also, the command ”campaign.set_hero_age” is removed...
  18. Command to advance the Dragon banner quest so I can create an empire?

    Dragon banner quest timed out, I saw on a forum posts some days back that you can manually advance it with a command in the console, I can't find the command now. Does anyone know if this is true and what the command is?
  19. PS4 and Xbox players are going to have cheats? Cheats are funny, we want be invencible even using a dualshock!

    I really wanna know If we, console players are going to have cheats like PC
  20. Console commands for leveling up family

    After marrying a spouse with nearly 0 in every combat stat and a x0.00 multiplyer for skill points in them, i was hoping to help them out with a few console commands. After trying all the commands in the dev console mod, I found i can only set my own and companion skill levels, but not my...
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