1. Filips

    Ambient Occlusion on consoles but not on PC

    There is a possibility that the developers release the PostFX file with the configuration used in consoles or it is just because they used another Directx. I have tried the PostFX created by different modders with the SSAO effect but none of them look alike and they are not stable. In my opinion...
  2. BudsGaming0515

    Need More Info Glare during siege

    Summary: When starting a siege there's a chance that a negative filter will be applied and make the siege unplayable How to Reproduce: Start a siege Scene Name (if related): Happens in every town/castle Media (Screenshots & Video):
  3. In Progress Fiefless Kingdom Destruction Issue

    Summary: Kingdom (Khuzait) not getting destructed after last fief is taken by hiring the noble who owns it (rather than taking by force). On the same save a different kingdom (Aserai) successfully disappeared when the last fief was taken by force. How to Reproduce: Take last fief of a kingdom...
  4. PitViper

    Resolved Xbox series X crash

    Summary:Game crashes every time I try and load up my previous campaign. Just got the newest update and haven’t played in about month or so, crashes every single time in the loading screen. Tried restarting it a couple times to no avail. Just seeing if this is a known issue. How to Reproduce:by...
  5. In Progress (Consoles) compilation of all issues

    Hello, im making this thread to compile all issues on consoles and improvements needed in console version of the game. I Hope this will help the devs to improve ans give justice to this amazing game Bannerlord is. We know the devs are working hard to deliver the best version of the game possible...
  6. Mount and Blade II Bannerlord - Xbox Series X Console

    My only grievance with the console version is encountered during castle or town assaults. It revolves around the inability to direct my troops to focus their efforts on specific tasks. I wish for the capability to instruct them to attack the gate for a breach, to refrain from using ladders, and...
  7. BudsGaming0515

    Matrilineal Marriges

    Matrilineal Marriges should be an option at a higher coin cost or through an option to marry the two without consent from the other clan leader
  8. BudsGaming0515

    Need More Info Game crashes during ambush in a siege.

    Summary: Evertime I use the ambush option in Car banseth or any battanian town the game crashes when you go to hit a siege engine. How to Reproduce: Initiate a siege in battania and use the ambush option then attempt to destroy a siege engine EX the bat ram or the onagers and the game will crash...
  9. Closed Campaign map traveling stutters every 2 seconds

    I am having an issue that just became noticeable when I logged into my game today. Every time I travel or just hit the play button on the world map it stutters every two seconds. An earlier save revealed the stutter was there but wasn't as dramatic. So it has progressively gotten worse somehow...
  10. Console Update

    Is there any timeline, status, or plan of action for the 1.2 patch to come to console? I understand that at this point, players are just as tired asking this question, as players are answering with “ Be patient..soon..just wait”. I understand that they want to take their time and make sure it’s...
  11. Cheats for the console edition

    I am once again asking to implement the cheat menu into the console version. We don't get mods, which is okay I guess. But just by including the cheat mode into the console version you guys can double the amount of sand in our sandbox! Thanks for coming to my TED talk
  12. What are your favs?

    With cheats coming to console what are your must use cheats to take the game over the top and make it even more awesomer!
  13. Resolved Console NEEDS mod support

    Summary: Love the game, really do, but without the customization of modding I find myself lacking the want to return to it. I haven’t finished a single playthrough cause I simply get bored by the time I get into the lvl 50’s, I lose drive to expand or even take effort in battle due to the lack...
  14. Can I use console commands on PS4?

    Is there any way I can use console commands on PS4? I married Lilizha when she was 24, after four years she gave me two children but it's been eight years since the last child was born. Because of her age now, I expect that I will not be able to have any more children with her. I have enabled...
  15. DLC For Consoles??

    Are there any plans to release DLC or even Cheats that will increase the longevity of the game for us console players?, We're getting pretty tired of the same old thing for the 100th time around. We need something that's gonna change up the game a bit to keep us playing, believe it or not...
  16. Cheat menu for console edition

    Please unlock the cheat menu for the console version. We can't use mods and having access to the cheat menu would add a little more sand to the sandbox. I want to go freaky with what I can do.
  17. In Progress Smelting/troops ui really bad

    Summary: Smelting menu still broken. Goes to top of list. Spammig smelt often makes you smelt your precious items because of it beig the same button to smelt locked items anyway as smelt. Make it a different button to unlock or don’t show them in the list. Menu goes up to the top or highlights...
  18. SP - General Option to turn off death by old age for console

    It would be pretty cool if in the next patch update or whenever you can, you could add the option to turn off death for the game so you don’t just die from old age nor do any children get born.
  19. Need More Info Xbox Custom game crash

    has there been any update on the mount and blade bannerlord crashes that started happening after the update? for example "These modules versions are different: Native Multiplayer, Sandbox core sandbox custom battle story mode, do you want to load the saved game with different modules" and when i...
  20. MP Add more EU servers. (Xbox Multiplayer)

    You soemtimes have to wait 30 minutes to have a EU sever to pop up...its annoying. There are always East NA and West NA servers aviable for every mode but no EU even though there are as much as EU players as American, if not even more...
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