Viking Conquest: Reforged Edition - Open Beta (Steam) - Update Patch 22/07/15

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Hello all!

This is just a small notice to let people know that Reforged Edition has entered open beta. We are really excited that the Brytenwalda team has put together such a huge content update and that we'll be able to give it to all Viking Conquest players for free!

Much like the patches, we have opted to go the route of providing this expansion via Steam's open beta system, which does mean that those playing non-Steam versions will have to wait a little longer before we release the full version. Everything should be working pretty well right now but just to make sure the release goes smoothly, we wanted to give early adopters a chance to get their hands on the game and try it early so we can find out if there are any urgent issues. Obviously, you enter the beta at your own risk and while the expansion has been created to be savegame compatible, we advise you make backups of any save files etc. - before trying Reforged Edition.

If you do decide to opt in, any feedback or reports you can offer in this thread would be greatly appreciated. Thanks in advance.

That aside, we really hope you enjoy all the new features that this new edition offers (woof!) and we expect to be fully releasing it in around 2 weeks.

For a list of features in Reforged Edition, take a look at this thread.

Update release 22/07 Changelog


-Minor bugfixes and resolved scene errors for both singleplayer and multiplayer
-Fixed Siege problem - reduction in morale when player has money
-Fixed entry points in Lundewic
-Fixed problem with flying troops in some sea battles
-Fixed messenger system issues
-Fixed outer terrain problem in snowy scenes
-Fixed problem with some christian villages that showed as pagan
-MP: Fixed bot control problem
-MP: Fixed spawning on land in fjord and island scenes

-Expanded player cultures and default formations according player choice in character creation
-Added info about battlefield keys in notes page
-Added order flags
-Added advice to player upon discovering adulterous spouse
-MP: Added poll option to change game mode for players


-Quest rewards
-Ship capture rate after victory
-Frisian recruit rate
-Berserker uncontrollable rate
-Monastery raid looting
-MP: Unit and item costs in Warlords mode

Update release 13/07 Changelog

- Minor bugfix and scene problems.
- Mayor quest dialog: stuck after asking a second time fixed
- Dynamic quest script error fixed.
- Crown Bonus fixed
- Banner problem fixed.

- Finish combat once enemies are fleeing.
- New Bal Fiachrach Aidne scene.
- Added option to indidivually tax rate for each fief you own (talk to mayor, local leader or reeve)
- Recruit prisoners cost money now.
- Minor world map improvement.
- Extra info in Royal decree.

Update release 01/07 - Various changes to balance, as well as bug fixing and performance improvements.
There should also be a significant improvement to stability for mac users. Let us know how it is!



-Minor bugfix and scene problems.
-Royal sandbox start companions fixed
-Abbot quest fixed
-Cause provocation quest reworked
-Fixed white ships in Turkish translation
-Fixed problem with wrong scabbards.
-Fixed grammatical errors.
-Fixed appearance of banner symbols on shields
-Fixed Friesland field battle always with a bridge

- Toggle for wounds in options menu.
- Toggle for bleeding in options menu.
- Local Leader gives hints on recruiting dogs
- Dog can be "trained"
- Added dialog with wives in order to have offspring.


-Difficulty in parts of stories and quests.
-Wounds system
-Morale penalty for killing allied lords


Instructions for opting into the beta on Steam:
(You remember that you can also use your Warband Key in steam if you bought your game from Taleworlds webpage)

[list type=decimal]
[*]In the Steam Library, right click "Mount & Blade Warband" and select "Properties"
[*]In the window that opens, navigate to the "BETAS" tab
[*]In the "BETAS" tab, where it reads "Enter beta access code to unlock private betas:", enter the code reforgedbeta exactly as shown
[*]Click "CHECK CODE" and upon confirmation that the beta has been successfully opted into, select "reforged" from the dropdown menu on the same screen
[*]Close the window and allow the game to update
[*]The Reforged Edition beta should now be activated

Savegames compatibility
Play Version
<v1.04BetaRE release
RE releaseOk????

Beta savegame might or might not be compatible with the final version. Everything depends on how many and which changes we will have to do.
I just created an account to say that I downloaded the beta, I am quite excited for this. Is there anything in particular you want us to try out and see if it works?


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Spanish translation finally :grin:

I love you, guys.

PS: Hey, not working for me the activation of the beta in steam :S
I must say I really like all these new options, make the game as easy or as hard as you want. To each their own I say.

BTW: Overhead one-handed spear thrust! :eek:


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mindlessidiots said:
I just created an account to say that I downloaded the beta, I am quite excited for this. Is there anything in particular you want us to try out and see if it works?
Play the game as you normally would, and please try out the new features in particular.
You can see most of them in this thread:,332049.0.html

Please report bugs, but just as importantly balances in the game: running your economy, strength of enemies et.c.


Love the new music, the new gear, the whole customisation of the difficulty. And I'm just beginning of course

One thing that has already turned me off though is the new routing system. I was fightin a caravan with a friendly lord and all the army routed because he charged ahead and die. Like every 250 of them (my men included). I was versus 50 guys and I ended up a prisonner... What's the point ?


Adorno said:
"The head of the snake"  :smile:
Seriously, sounds like something we should adjust.

Always thought a mass route system would be nice at the end of the battle or something but thats indeed a bit extreme :smile:

Btw was I dreaming when I saw an Ai lord flanking my allie ? that was awesome !
By the way - would love to see more life in Screenshot-thread  :mrgreen:
I hope the new equipment is tempting enough to take some nice screenies  :party:


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BrustwarzenLenny said:
By the way - would love to see more life in Screenshot-thread  :mrgreen:
I hope the new equipment is tempting enough to take some nice screenies  :party:

For sure it will!! I've tried just ten minutes and... my god. These new items really llok awesome  :grin:
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