[UNAC S6] Semi-Finals @ 9pm EST! BladeCast_TV! BATTLE OF THE BLIND

KoA John

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Going live @ 9pm EST @ BladeCast_TV!


OE comes in after beating Wappaw in a decisive victory in the quarter finals. They took a win off Moles in the regular season and are looking to do it again here!

Look for YUGE plays coming in from Oodle, Mattyice, Vorn #TheRealAidsWarrior, the human highlight reel known as Grimsight and the rest of the one eyed crew as they look for a half blind victory!

Regular season record: 4 wins, 2 losses

Moles come into this match after a somewhat onesided match against TMW and have proved to be a formidable team throughout the tournament. They will also be looking for revenge and blood in this grudge match against OE.

Look for BIG plays from BIG Tito, Guacamoleboy the mushy, Heat the hot, Jeff the wise old sage and the rest of the poor sighted Moles as they swing their swords while being legally blind!

Regular season record: 4 wins, 2 losses

Get hype boys in this legendary battle of the visually impaired!