SP Dark Ages [Tweaks] Viking Conquest Tweaked VC 2.025 using Tweaks Tool 1.1

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Download: https://mega.nz/#!CYVgGLoY!qv457ztrBVtrr4UnBit_9VtUTv98Lx1nkEjULs9c4bM

Rationale: Speeds up gameplay. Less grinding. Faster and Easier to make money get an army take over

increase base morale
Food every 24 hours feed 10 soldiers per 1 unit
morrigan stays
companions stay
easy marriage just need relation points
faction village recruitment
5 recruits minimum in village
town/fort culture recruitment
faster building
more loot gold
lower escape chance
join either side in battle
more morale from battle
lower morale hit from claiming all loot
battle continuation after wounded
ai attacks more often
lower relation loss
easy lord recruitment
auto fill fief garrison
increase refuge garrison
increase fief income
increase merc contract payout
troops dont steal from you
disable companion adventuring
better quality goods in shops
shops have more money
double bandit lair view distance
hire prisoners more often
disable stats loss after 757 days
disable weekly renown loss
always ride horse into town
increase torny bets

Made using Tweak Tool


Python Saint
hey @nonam3,

for future reference remember to add the game version  :smile:

this download is based on VC 2.025 and Tweaks Tool 1.1
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