'Troop Tree Thread' (Triple T) *Feudal Japanese Troop Tree Complete*

Which troop tree would you like me to work on next?

  • Hungarian Black Army Tree

  • French Compagnies d' Orrdonannce Tree

  • Early-Mid Ottoman Tree

  • Gupta Dynasty India Troop Tree

  • Ancient Egyptian/Mesopotamian Troop Tree

  • Arabic Central African Tree

  • Scythian/Hunnic/Mongolian Troop Tree

  • Qin/Han Dynasty Chinese Troop Tree

  • Native American Troop Tree and Meso-American Troop Tree

  • Bounty/Manhunter Tree

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Finished the Feudal Japanese tree. It took a while. I got caught up planting my vegetable garden and so it took forever to get this one done. I was fortunate that because Japan was an insular island nation it made finding information on their military traditions very easy to dig up. Most of their history was just a large civil war and the rules of engagement for that were usually predetermined by the bushido code and internal imperial military policy. Unfortunately the next tree which is the North-West African tree will take some time. I have very little research done for any tree based on this area and I have a stong feeling this tree will most likely turn into two or three separate trees which I would like to power through in one attempt. I'm obviously going to stick along cultural and geographical lines. In other words Even though the Romans, Vandals and the Carthaginian Phoenicians controlled parts of North Africa each of those conquering militaries belong to different military traditions and not to the native populations of the area. Two more big factors in completing these trees is that I'm learning a new program for creating these flow charts. Also when I have my affairs in order I'm going to go on my (wherever I'm not being worked and to death) somewhat annual two-week long camping trip. Depending upon where I am on these trees prior to my camping trip I will pick up or order books pertaining to which ever tree(s) I'm working on at the time and continue my work with good ol' pen and paper.
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