1. Ishapar

    Recovered MBRepository Files

    It's a real shame that the old mbrepository is now down. I was able to retrieve a couple of the files from the repository and reupload them onto moddb. OSP M&B Hair Models: OSP Helmets pack...
  2. Ishapar

    OSP Hair file

    I am not sure if this is the place to ask, so please correct me. With the closing of the mbrepository,, I cannot download the rar file for the OSP hairs. I have tried to use the Wayback machine, and while I was able to download some other older files, I could not access the page that...
  3. Future Modding Support

    Not necessarily just for singleplayer, but I think for future updates/versions of the game, active modders of popular mods on especially steam workshop but possibly also elsewhere, should be gived early access of the newer versions 1-2 weeks before release in order to have time to update their...
  4. froggyluv

    TaleWorlds Should Consider Paying Modders

    Seriously as a nod of good faith restored to the PC community. Arma 3 when first released (also in a shabby state) realized the value of their Modding community and created a contest called Make Arma not War -thereby offered up to a half million dollars in cash for: Best Overhaul Mod: Winner...
  5. Errayn

    In Progress General Problem related mpclassdivisions.xml - ConditionalEffects causes crash / xml merge error

    So, I was having difficulties with modding mpclassdivisions.xml since 1.8.0 and now I found the reason of the crash. <ConditionalEffect> has an XML merge issue and if you have mpclassdivisions.xml with perks that haves <ConditionalEffect> </ConditionalEffect> in a different module for your mod...
  6. mentalrob

    Admin Tools You Are Searching For. Chat Commands

    Usage While in the server you can open up the chat and type `!help` command to see what commands you can use. User Commands - `!help` shows the help message - `!login <password>` Logins as an administrator - `!me <message>` Me command that everyone knows... Admin Commands - `!ban` Bans a...
  7. Kingclonetrooper

    Need More Info Perhaps there is an error in creating a new kingdom with modding.

    Perhaps there is an error in creating a new kingdom with modding. In order to create a new kingdom, I worked on xml manually, HerosError seems to appear when add lords. Crash may or may not occur until "one" lord. However, if I create "two" lords, I get a HeroError error unconditionally...
  8. Bisoso1893

    WB Coding What do I have to edit in the game files to change a Town?

    A mod called "Crusader: Deus Vult" put cities like Jerusalem, Antioch, Acre and others in their game, but all of these have the same scenes as the Native mod, Jerusalem have the same scene as Praven and I wanna know what do I have to edit to make Jerusalem have the same scene as Shariz or...
  9. VC Other how to edit viking conquests map

    Hello, im trying to make a new map for viking conquest that adds more of Europe but i dont know how.
  10. ClearanceClarence

    How to make a mod that adds more banners

    I have tried this on and off for a long time but I haven't figured it out yet. I really want to add some banners to the game. Any directions to documentation or tutorials would be awesome :)
  11. how to code a old mod?

    hello everyone. first of all, sorry for my bad english. So i want to make work the ZA WARUDO mod for 1.7.2 version. is there a way to do this? this is the link to the mod: I have never created a mod, but i can learn.
  12. mrj760

    BL Other How to replace (rather than add to) Equipment Rosters with XML ?

    As you may see below, I made the Equipment Roster for the Mameluke Axeman include some throwing daggers ... but in-game there are two other (default) Rosters that still remain and take up space in the Roster pool. How can I get my custom Roster to be the only one available to the troop? My...
  13. Deha

    BL Other Modding tool for epic games

    Hello i want to make a mod named Island Settlements adds settlements and a kingdom to islands but i dont have modding kit i bought on epic games anyone can help me or send me the tools?
  14. Ishapar

    WB Coding Stuck on a Menu Screen (Mod Help)

    I have been trying to mod Warband using this mod as a base: I enjoy this mod as it adds various features to native without rehauling the game (especially making there be 12 factions with 2 extinct ones to use and the ability to execute lords). On...
  15. Resolved Cloth Editor Cloth Editor Crash on startup

    Summary: Out of the blue, my cloth editor stopped working. Clicking on the icon in the menu bar opens the cloth editor window but the viewport is completely black and the editor freezes instantly. The only way to close it is through the task manager. I must have tried about 100 times by now to...
  16. The_Schwarz

    Discussion General Removal or Relocation of SlowMotioMode in 1.7.2 (beta)

    Hello, I was just curious as to where the slowmotionmode went? Was it moved to a obscure location or was it removed alltogether? I would think its still accessible as its enabled when issuing orders. It used to be public bool from TaleWorlds.Engine.Scene public bool SlowMotionMode {...
  17. BL Coding Finding base game's classes/functions implementations

    Hello, everyone, I'm trying to make a mod using the new Deployment function, more specifically the camera part. It it very easy to use the Mission class to activate the flying camera, but it is confined to the Deployment boundaries that seem to be governed by the DeploymentHandler. The Mission...
  18. Ishapar

    SP Tutorial Module System Creating New Hidden Chests

    Hidden chests are a great way to add content to your mod. The chests can be used to create possible story elements in role playing mods or used to encourage and reward exploration for the casual game. Originally coming with the Strange Armor set, these chests can be used to hoard a number of...
  19. Ishapar

    WB Coding Help With Adding Chests

    I'm new to coding, and I have become frustrated with one particular problem. I have been doing my own mod with the Diplomacy 4.3 MRCmod and bugfixes mod as my base. One feature I would love to add to this mod are some new hidden chests in various locations (towns, bandit lairs, villages...
  20. Consul_Kaiser

    Steam Workshop coming in soon based on Modding Kit Content update

    See below of recent changes done to the modding kit done 5 days ago: Modified – Modules/SandBox/bin/Win64_Shipping_wEditor/SandBox.dll Modified – Modules/StoryMode/bin/Win64_Shipping_wEditor/StoryMode.dll Modified – bin/Win64_Shipping_wEditor/Bannerlord.Native.exe Modified –...
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