1. Trying to modify BANK sounds ModuleData

    I am on a quest to tweak and refine the soundscapes of Bannerlord, aiming to create a more immersive auditory experience for players. However, the elusive.BANK sound files have proven to be a formidable challenge, and I am reaching out to seek your guidance.
  2. Suggestion General Request to allow using bone name instead of bone type in skins.xml deform keys

    Right now you can only use the bone types for the biped skeleton which are only 28. I think we should be able to use the bone name instead of its type for deform keys with bone scales when defining skins in skins.xml. This will allow more control in races that use a custom skeleton.
  3. Mexie

    "Invalid child element"

    Hey guys! I'm trying to make a custom mercenary clan, and I was doing the combat sets for the special characters, so the family members, and when I try to load in a new sandbox save it gives me this error. What is it saying? Because I couldn't really de-code it. Thanks in advance!
  4. Ishapar

    Modding Horse Archer AI

    I haven;t found any discussion on this in the forums, so might as well bring this topic up. We all know that native Warband has an issue of having horse archer units charge with heavy cavalry instead of acting like horse archer units. This gives the Khergits a disadvantage to their faction...
  5. Ishapar

    Ellipsis Marks Abound

    I have a very weird situation. I decided to try to add some tweaks in the text files to my mod found on this older link: One of the additions I added was the Fire and...
  6. Mission.IsSiegeBattle being false in OnMissionBehaviorInitialize on siege battles.

    Mission.IsSiegeBattle stays false even on siege battles, so the only workaround for this is checking if the mission is combat type and if the current settlement is a town or a castle, but this is a bug so please fix it
  7. Lucon

    In Progress General Sword & Musket - Invisible BUG

    At first, we thought that the reason for this problem was related to the Vistula Legion unit's lack of LoD and texture quality. We acted with this theory and removed this unit, and with the recent update we made, we found that this problem was experienced again by a person at the event on Monday...
  8. Multiplayer server code

    So im working on one big community multiplayer server and we have multiple classes of units with each unit having multiple perks, and depending on a perk you choose the color of your troop changes. The question is i want to make that depending on a perk or a class you choose in spawn menu, the...
  9. CrazyElf

    (Beginner Question) Is there a way to customize unit equipment quality in the XML?

    Is there a way in the game to modify the XMLs of individual units to modify the equipment quality of that unit? To give an example, here is the Banner Knight. Is there a way to change the quality of equipment in the XML? To give an example of the equipment quality (from the Wiki), would...
  10. Modding : How To Make New Kingdoms\Cultures?

    Hi there guys! I've been working on a personal mod for a few months now, where I remake all the current factions into historical versions, by only using in-game assets. But I haven't figured out how to establish new kingdoms from the existing ones. As an example : I reworked the units of...
  11. Native Oriental Hezhong: A minor faction based on China

    Hezhong (or 合众/合眾 - literally meaning combine the public) is a mod that attempts to bring the East into Bannerlord, as a minor faction. Hezhong could be interpreted as 'rabble' and is the name I wanted to call this mod. Description The Hezhong are a clan of rogue warriors that were sent by the...
  12. SP - General Make weapon usage moddable

    The methods TryToWieldWeaponInSlot and TryToSheathWeaponInHand don't work in battles as the weapon usage is handled by engine, the agent will change to the previous weapon in a second
  13. Modding Sound & Voice variation (module_sounds.xml, but become muted)

    I notice that the module_sounds.xml shows the new sub as variation, so I am trying to add variation to human voice. For example, I add one module_sound and edit the other voice_definition.xml However, when I tested in game, I cannot hear any mod voice and like muted. Does anyone know how to...
  14. Ser Daeron

    How to create a module_scripts?

    I want to edit the faction leader and the owner of a city but the code is like this 2442 500 3 360287970189640599 10 -1 500 3 in the scripts.txt AWOIAF doesn't have a module system so I don't know how to proceed.
  15. Duratan

    Modding Multiplayer - Icons above head of players

    Hi all, I was wondering if there is a way to change/replace these symbols with an image?
  16. clementine1945

    how can i edit relations between lords

    I'm using module system, I couldn't figure out how to arrange relations between lords, can anyone help me?
  17. set_background_mesh operation not working

    I want to add new background images for menus such as the start game menu. I have the operation block correct, and the build_module.bat compiles successfully. The mesh is defined in module_meshes with a corresponding .dds file in the module itself's textures folder. When I boot up the game and...
  18. BL Quel langage dois-je maîtriser pour créer des mods sur Mount and Blade II : Bannerlord ?

    Salutations à tous, J'ouvre ce sujet pour que l'on m'aiguille sur le langage qu'utilise le jeu, car je souhaiterais suivre des cours ciblés de langages informatiques pour créer des mods. En effet, j'ai vu qu'il existait les langages C ; C# ; C++, et je peux suivre des cours distincts (débutant)...
  19. How i can change the face expression on corpses ?

    I wanted to make a mod to make the corpses close their eyes, but I couldn't find any way to do this by messing with the native xmls or via code, any dev could tell if it's possible via xml or if i would have to replace some asset ?
  20. TeenBrunette

    Mesh moving during action

    Hello I'm uploadig some mesh models, but sometimes happens they're not fixed as the vanilla mesh, during the animation. What I'm doing wrong on Blender? Thx in advance xoxo
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