1. Ishapar

    WB Coding Stuck on a Menu Screen (Mod Help)

    I have been trying to mod Warband using this mod as a base: I enjoy this mod as it adds various features to native without rehauling the game (especially making there be 12 factions with 2 extinct ones to use and the ability to execute lords). On...
  2. In Progress Cloth Editor Cloth Editor Crash on startup

    Summary: Out of the blue, my cloth editor stopped working. Clicking on the icon in the menu bar opens the cloth editor window but the viewport is completely black and the editor freezes instantly. The only way to close it is through the task manager. I must have tried about 100 times by now to...
  3. The_Schwarz

    Discussion General Removal or Relocation of SlowMotioMode in 1.7.2 (beta)

    Hello, I was just curious as to where the slowmotionmode went? Was it moved to a obscure location or was it removed alltogether? I would think its still accessible as its enabled when issuing orders. It used to be public bool from TaleWorlds.Engine.Scene public bool SlowMotionMode {...
  4. BL Coding Finding base game's classes/functions implementations

    Hello, everyone, I'm trying to make a mod using the new Deployment function, more specifically the camera part. It it very easy to use the Mission class to activate the flying camera, but it is confined to the Deployment boundaries that seem to be governed by the DeploymentHandler. The Mission...
  5. Ishapar

    SP Tutorial Module System Creating New Hidden Chests

    Hidden chests are a great way to add content to your mod. The chests can be used to create possible story elements in role playing mods or used to encourage and reward exploration for the casual game. Originally coming with the Strange Armor set, these chests can be used to hoard a number of...
  6. Ishapar

    WB Coding Help With Adding Chests

    I'm new to coding, and I have become frustrated with one particular problem. I have been doing my own mod with the Diplomacy 4.3 MRCmod and bugfixes mod as my base. One feature I would love to add to this mod are some new hidden chests in various locations (towns, bandit lairs, villages...
  7. Consul_Kaiser

    Steam Workshop coming in soon based on Modding Kit Content update

    See below of recent changes done to the modding kit done 5 days ago: Modified – Modules/SandBox/bin/Win64_Shipping_wEditor/SandBox.dll Modified – Modules/StoryMode/bin/Win64_Shipping_wEditor/StoryMode.dll Modified – bin/Win64_Shipping_wEditor/Bannerlord.Native.exe Modified –...
  8. Error with map_get_random_position_around_position operation

    Code on mission_templates: When i enter on a quick battle and someone get's wounded the game crashes and closes Looking on the wse_crash_log.txt file i have this: I only get this when i put the map_get_random_position_around_position function line, does anyone know how can i fix it ?
  9. Hardcoded values are a nightmare - Coding pattern suggestion for devs

    Hello. We don't have a suggestion section for modding related issues so I'm posting this here. I'm working on a mod currently and I'm amazed by the amount of hardcoded values I've found. This makes it very hard to mod since we don't have much flexibility and we have to patch the whole function...
  10. Cyrus The Great

    SP Native Little Empire

    You must rebuild the castle before the other factions realize your discovery! You know if they see a weak faction, they will crush it! We must be strong and defend this castle! We must improve our economy! But How no one founded this castle? Uhh, It does not matter at this moment. In the start...
  11. Mod folder shortcut in Launcher

    Tiny unimportant feature that would take more time to implement than save but still helpful and make things slightly less frustrating in the long term: A button in the launcher (maybe only appears after clicking "mods") which opens and takes you directly to the "Modules" folder in the game...
  12. lordmuda

    WB 3D Art I need to import obj armor to warband, but always not good.

    Hello there, I want to import some armor to warband. But it is really difficult for me, especially the body and to fit all those things. This is the example of the armor Picture I hope to address this problem, just don't know how to do it.
  13. WB Coding Add a object in multiplayer

    hello everyonne i'm sorry to demand that but i dont know were i can add a item to a class in multiplayer i see some tuto but that look different from me i have the script folder but nothing for unit in so i'm totally lost any help please ?
  14. FiftyTifty

    [Modding] Adding custom units to settlement recruitment pools, & bandit parties?

    There's no modding subforum, strangely enough, so I'm posting this here. In the past, I used ATC Troop Changer as a requirement for my Diverse Troops And Bandits mod, which added female variants of every troop. But, apparently, there have been features added to the engine that make it much...
  15. BL Coding String search in all dll files

    Is there a solution to search for a specific string in all decompilled dll files? I can search with dnspy with ctrl + f in one class for a specific string. I want to do this on all files and on all classes with one search.
  16. WB Coding build_module.bat problem? 'Python was not found; run without arguments to install from Microsoft Store, or disable this shortcut from settings'

    I have downloaded Python 2.6, edited the environmental properties (can be found in windows search) and added 'C: \ Python26' in both User_Variables and System_Variables paths. I have gotten rid of the semicolon ; from ';C: \ Python26' because I have and using a Windows 10. My Mount and Blade...
  17. Wüstenkrieger

    BL Coding Playing an agent animation via code

    Hi, I have a function which gets called by a hotkey, that unequips an item and equips a different one. In between I would like the agent to do a custom animation. The animation is already added via the modding kit, but I cant find any code to carry out an animation by string. Has anyone any...
  18. julijs

    The extent of sieges, how far could it go?

    I haven't looked around in the modding scene, so I don't know if this has been discussed by modders and developers alike, but I have always wondered the extent at which sieges can be stretched. Currently we only have an entire scene, but one fixed location for the attackers and defenders which...
  19. DarthKiller

    Suggestion General Bannerlord Custom Weapon Melee Damage

    Hello fellow modders and hopefully developers, Currently I am sitting on basically learning every aspect of modding in Bannerlord. I have already gotten into creating items, textures, meshes, cloth-sim properties, team-colours, weights and even creating custom item crafting templates/pieces...
  20. CuChulain

    WB 3D Art M&B WB☆ Body Swapping ??¿

    I've searched all over for this, but its kind of specific so... ▪︎I'm trying to figure out a way to assign specific body types to specific characters.. If thats possible? Is that possible - or am I just a psychopath for even contemplating such a thing? - Oh well... Anyway,, I've made armors...
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