B Fantasy Oriental Touhou Gensokyo Wafare (Formerly known as Touhou Tinder) v0.5 released

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Hi, everyone. My name is Shalo. I’m proud to announce that Touhou Gensokyo Warfare ~ the castiron flame (formerly known as Touhou: Tinder), will now finally be released to all international platforms after 3 years of painstaking development. It’s the first time a Touhou Project mod has been officially released for the greater Mount & Blade community, so please enjoy!

steam workshop: https://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=2021409684



Team Credits:
Programers:鬼之幻魔;蚕宝宝;szszss;暮色森林的狼,Arisa Freud
2D Artists:猫茶人形;三十;華鳥風月;W.L.F;NEO
3D Artists:月吟裔德格;晓劫
Music (including two original tracks):矢来夏洛
Scene makers: ExboSCooope;szszss;安娜
Translators (From Chinese to English): nut;AI of the Winter frog;少林野人;Irish
Special effects and data:KUMI;szszss;矢来夏洛;七五五四二零零;响子;古名地恋粉碎小石头;毛玉级莫蒂埃克 ;Nukebirb; Irish
Assistants:Telmac(2D artist);道古_陈琦(3D artist)
Special thanks to:天琴圣域;苍夜流星;GOKI;悦冷; Ghostha;凯风快晴;老干部;药瓶;Raven大乌鸦;学渣之路

Resources credits (known):
人间五十年(some scene objects)
Gekokujō (some scene objects, armors, weapons)

Some unique features about the mod:

  • Touhou Gensokyo Warfare is a mod created by Touhou fans all over the world. Now you can breathe life into your dream of travelling across Gensokyo and fighting alongside Touhou characters (You can even marry them!). If you’ve never heard of Touhou before or haven’t had a chance to play any Touhou games, give this mod a try and step into a whole new world of fantasy, or just enjoy a new type of Mount & Blade!
  • The character creation system is brand new and very different from Native, try to make yourself a good girl in the fantasy world!
  • So far our mod has a story mode containing 4 episodes, if you’ve already played our 0.404 version before you can just play through sandbox mode. We haven’t changed story mode for this update.
  • We’ve added several magical and fantastic abilities to some of the Touhou characters, try to defeat them in the game!
  • For the 0.5 version, we’ve added a politics system. You can vote in faction decisions after you join or create one.
  • You have to buy rune papers to spawn your soldiers if you join the Netherworld, and you can spawn Jiangshi (oriental zombies) after each battle if you have Onmyoji in your party.
  • This mod supports all multiplayer modes.
You’ll learn a lot more from jumping in and getting started with the mod rather than just reading about it here. There are still bugs in some parts of the mod, but we will read all your feedback and work towards improving the mod for the next update, so feel free to comment! In addition, we still have models from some other mods that we haven’t been able to get the usage rights for yet since we were not able to contact the authors during the previous years. So if you find some models that belong to you, please contact us and we can get your permission to use these models. Let’s all work together to give life to Touhou in Mount & Blade! Thank you very much.

Moreover, we are looking for people who are good at modelling, programming or drawing to work with us in the future. We’re not stopping at Warband either, and we are also going to make a Touhou mod for Bannerlord! Contact me through steam or discord (Yarai Shalo#5648)

Finally, if you want to make any modifications based on our mod and share them publicly, you must contact us for copy rights of our original works. You don’t have to ask permission if you don’t intend to release publicly. Any fanworks based on our mod are warmly welcomed. Thank you for your enthusiasm!

If you want to discuss with other players, share your experiences or make friend with touhou fans, please join our discord server https://discord.gg/PUqYrGZ
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