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Note that after version 1.930, an xls table file has been placed in a folder on the web disk to provide more clear and detailed instructions for the new keys. Note that the version number written in the file name is changed, remember to re-check. I will color the table grid to highlight the modified keys. And put an xls table to show the effect of the loaded hero's skill. Some other txt instructions in the instruction folder within the mod, where the instructions about character patches have been invalidated for this demo.

Current player characters with full abilities: Kensan, Tauren, Abhor, Carl, and Mavi the Watchman have been pre-installed IN the current version, while other characters only have actions that have no effect (they need to be called from module. in). Please note that when you equip a staff, you can switch between the two skill templates of Warcraft and Knife Tower. Equip the Transformer Summon Card to transform into a Transformer using the active skill. These three interesting equipment are forced by the system. Note that the first one initially provided 4 races with 3 initial heroes for each and a total of 12 heroes to choose from. However, considering that the animation files would take up a lot of resources and there would be no need to cut heroes at any time, so when setting up camp on the big map and entering the interface, select the currently used player heroes through the culture selection in the upper right corner and the arrow in the lower right corner, if you cannot see the model preview, If the default version is not open, you need to switch to the model hero and exit the interface to use the player hero. However, when you open the instruction folder IN the mod folder, there will be instructions telling you to open the blocked hero in module. in. Note When opening the shield, ensure that the number of heroes installed is not more than 6, that is, half of the original 12 heroes, otherwise it is easy to play several battles memory overflow and jump out

Other adjustments to the difference from previous stitching of the old version:

0. Adjust the opening two modes, choose Warcraft as the first play and Red Police as the second play, no longer mix the camps between the two, no longer sew Warcraft Red Police into a play (the strategy menu of the big map is like a pillar icon, this is moved to the Red police mode).

1. The 4 hero skills and 8 item skills in the previous mod are the same as those in wtf mode. Now the cd intervals are extended.

2. Reworked the animations for each vehicle and flying unit (each vehicle flying unit now has stationary waiting, moving, attacking, and dying to match the Warcraft Remake's original action style).

3. The default player is Kensei, and select different heroes of the same race from the culture in the upper right corner and the arrow in the lower right corner of the camp. At present, only Kensei Mavi Butcher has all the skills installed, while other heroes only have the corresponding casting actions and skill keys installed, which can only be used in common attack.

4. For testing purposes, the default demo ensures that the player keeps his Orcs at 1000 troops and is always friendly to the Orcs.

5. The special gameplay map of camping and the action model of Counter-Strike related to Red Police and Doom will be used, which will be blocked by default in order to stabilize the system. Find load mod resource=ranoanimhero_cshand(non-animated cd mode) and load mod resource=raanimhero_cshand(animated cd mode) in module. If the "#" before the swap is met, the cs gun model animation can be used again (1.920demo re-animates the animated version of the model with crew as the default, so ignore this).

6. Console command function added, the original suture version in order to test skills convenient, cd each countdown interval is very short, 30 countdown actually only 1 second, now restore cd, in order to facilitate the test, press ~ key (do not +ctrl) to open the console, the mouse on the console input box press the left mouse button and wait for one second to let go, Then input WTF or whosyourdaddy these two instructions, play knife tower should know what the meaning, other instructions did not add temporarily, wtf is mainly to cancel the cd unit time interval (that is, every 1 second time into a few microseconds, vaguely can also see the cd countdown effect) and consume the blue blue automatic full. The console can be closed if you enter a wrong command or enter the correct command by randomly typing a letter key or pressing ~ or clicking the mouse outside the input box.

7. Due to the limitation of the amount of blue and the adjustment of the item skills brought by cd, currently the blood stone (helmet position, usually press the keyboard 7 after equiping) can turn the amount of health to the amount of blue in equal proportion, but ensure that the amount of health is greater than 50%, and then the initial equipment of the ring like items (usually the glove position) is recovery equipment. Unlike Warcraft (because the initial skill development uses active skill templates regardless of templates), you need to actively trigger a health or mana recovery speed bonus that lasts for a period of time by pressing a keypad number key based on the item's position in the battle ui. Note that Transformers item cards are not disabled and you can still use Transformers in any play. Then note that you are forced to give a sword tower ah Halim staff item, battlefield using its active item skills, Warcraft heroes can get their own corresponding image hero in the sword tower of the tower of the sword skills, of course, only Kensan Butchering actual skill effect (Mavi to dota phantom spike is still the same as the original skill), other heroes only have cast action and skill HUD change.

8. The Red Police building system on the right of battle ui has been removed, but the Red Police mode can still be used. The original setting was that the unit selection in the real-time strategy box could not be framed to the existing icon.

9. Others: Added a few small soldier units, adjusted the map icon, adjusted some of the trajectory, such as the undead vehicle used to use the night crossbow vehicle trajectory, now changed to shi body trajectory.

10. 1.920demo added a soul extract item, equip the head, the system will send, close to the enemy to use the item active skill (head item active skill is keypad 5), can control the enemy minions, mainly provides a chance to allow the player to use the battle group action slash system.

11. demo 1.930 modified some mechanism of the item Transformers Call card. Transformers still change to r and the left alt key is restored, but now the three skills of qwe are defined as three kinds of continuous missiles with different powers, namely continuous bullets, continuous small missiles and continuous large missiles. Will wear blue in Red Alert mode but wtf's cd mode. And fixed the issue of not being able to get off the Transformers after changing Hero culture.

12. In 1.930demo, we made a simple introduction to the Carl/Blood skills, including Warcraft and Knife Tower. Some skills currently do not have unified arrangement of directed skill classification, temporarily castration effect is like two skills only prevent their general attack but improve the skill damage. Daotakar needs to cut 10 random skills through 3 ball skills arrangement combination, but the difference with dota is that each time to cut a skill, you need to randomly press the first 3 ball skills twice, and then press 3 ball skills to normal arrangement combination, may be a group of 3 to judge the occurrence of bugs after adjustment. The additional two skills summoned by the dota skill template need to be cast as H and J respectively, currently the two additional skills do not support mouseclick icon release like the qwer base skills.

13. Note that after version 1.948, there are additional character patches in the web disk, which can replace the skin and animation resources controlled by the existing players, such as replacing my blood method into Naruto, using my Warcraft ui style but adapting the icon skills of Naruto. This, just like many fighting action games, will provide all the model animation texture special effects script needed for character replacement. Just like the Amazing Spider-Man game changed the player's Spider-Man into CAI Xukun, I this character patch changed not only the change of skin, skills and other script events, the real first use the riding hack to create a Warcraft, and then use Warcraft to create everything else. Note how to install this patch is shown in the xls table file on the web disk, which describes how to use the DLC extra character installation pack and the current actual installation situation.

Emphasize to remind before stitching the old version of the retained function of some differences in the war group easy to adapt to and ignore the operation points of attention:

1.q key is reserved for a skill in the system. The original key is to open the task bar.

2. By default, the battlefield starts from the first person. Please press T to switch between one and three people. First third person is still left button attack but long press will continue to attack, real-time strategy mode must use left ctrl attack, and make sure there are enemies in front of you. The scene has no enemies and neither mode triggers the attack action of the hero player, this is the setting.

3. The new attack mode may turn in the third person, you do not know how to turn, either press a or d to turn to the side (or w to the main movement with the Angle of view, s as the second skill key of non-RTS mode), and in the standing state, press the right mouse button and move the Angle of view with the mouse (similar to the attack defense button of Wargroup to move the mouse body).

4. Because the reworked dialog interface is not completely finished (people in non-combat scenarios have no prompt, so they can talk by pressing f), other people except the arena are fixed, so the functions contained in the original Warband dialog function are also blocked, so if you want to restore the Warband dialog function, Please open the camp jump interface to the lower left corner and find the square setting that conforms to the second row and second column of the button. Do you want to use the new dialog system? Pull and select another option, then you can return to Warband mode and continue to use the Warband dialog mode.

5. Please adjust the hdr to low, because it has not yet processed the highlight normal map, and the model will glow easily in the middle of the scene and at dusk.

6. There is no single thing for cooking, because the interface will be reworked later, there is no need to add things to the menus for entering cities, villages, etc.

7. In the latest version, except for the Sword Master Samuro, the cow Head, the Butcher Abhors, Mavi the Watchman, and Bloodfakal, other heroes only have the general attack and action (previously, the control was opened for heroes with no actual skills installed, but now only the heroes with actual skills installed are opened. In total, only 5 of the 12 heroes are opened. The rest are called IN the module. in file using # as specified in the instruction folder.)

8. Note that the pull option above the Start Big map game button on the left side of the camp jump interface is RPG map mode similar to Warcraft. You can choose Angry Birds, Red Alert, cs, Minecraft and other things only played in this map mode will not affect the additional map gameplay in the sandbox.

The version 9.1.930 emasculates 12 heroes of the original version. In order to stabilize the system, the demo version 1.930 only preinstalls 3 heroes of the Orc, one butcher of the undead and one Carl of the Terran. The latest version only preinstalls two heroes of the Orc, Kensan and Tauren, one butcher of the undead, one Watchman of the Night and one Carl of the Terran. Therefore, when selecting heroes IN the camping interface, do not select those who cannot see the hero model. Select the hero who can see the preview of the hero model animation and exit the camp to use it. If you want to use the hero with the shielded model, change the model and character animation in module. according to the instruction folder in my mod folder.

https://bbs.mountblade.com.cn/thread-2093625-1-1.html this post have developed video log and some pictures

759523711 group a new, originally I have a few groups, but the management is lax, what let the group members play, what can chat content, too noisy may also be cold in the group assistant. New group requires riding hack and Warcraft fans to enter, no more discussion of riding hack and Warcraft outside of content, or quiet. I have no test anyway, casual when Baidu cloud to group backup data and demo

Remastered 1.930demo:

1. Made a simple Carl/blood skill, including Warcraft and knife tower, some skills currently do not have a unified arrangement of directional skill classification, temporarily castration effect such as two skills only prevent their general attack but improve the skill damage. Daotakar needs to cut 10 random skills through 3 ball skills arrangement combination, but the difference with dota is that each time to cut a skill, you need to randomly press the first 3 ball skills twice, and then press 3 ball skills to normal arrangement combination, may be a group of 3 to judge the occurrence of bugs after adjustment.

2. Some special effects are adjusted and added, and the blue cost is adjusted. Currently, items need to cost 50 blue, the blue cost of Swordsman critical attack is reduced to 50, the blue cost of big moves and small skills is separated, skill damage no longer inherits common attack, but is only subject to base value and level bonus, so low level skills are no longer easy to kill small soldiers. rts attacks are scope-oriented and defense-blind but have reduced base damage, while third-person attacks have higher damage but are line point attacks that can be blocked by shields.

3. Adjusted the bug of the Transformer Call card after the revision. Adjusted the problem that Transformers could not get off after loading due to the character changes. Transformers will be 1, 2 and 3 skills simple practical, respectively are different powers of continuous firing ammunition.

4. The new dialogue system mode no longer supports starting from rts mode. It must be started by one or three people with F facing and enter to continue the dialogue.

1.935 Content Changes:

1. Attack mechanics and damage Adjustment: Adjust the attack damage algorithm, skill damage no longer inherits the critical hit, adjust the attack damage in some cases, the critical hit is square (mainly affecting the invincible cut), open the calculation interval of each damage for continuous damage to avoid excessive accumulation of damage, the original rts mode and one or three person attack mechanism. Now the default attack mechanism of unity is that single attack is easy to lose by shield blocking. The original rts ignored shield blocking small area attacks without the passive attack inherited from the item golden stick. Blademaster crit release 3 epee gas no longer, but the eagle arch items, the effect of the passive inherited almost i.e. the eagle arch melee heroes have the ability to ranged attacks, like Carl remote hero's current mechanism, only the first person can control long-range ballistic, according to the Angle of others say similar moba model the direction of their level. The Butcher 3 skill is increased in size but does up to 2.5 times more damage.

2. Adjust the current recovery ring, tough ball, Nihilite and other continuous recovery items, have the passive recovery ability and adjust the value, have the active skill can increase the recovery double.

3. Adjust the attack interval of Transformer skills. Note that 5 rounds of ammunition in robot state 1, 2, and 3 skill attacks will cause hardening until the end of cd cooling. In Transformers, the cost of the four skills is changed to 10. In Mode with cs, the cost of the four skills is changed to 10. In the Karl dota skill template, the cost of the four skills is increased from 0 to 50.

4. Fixed the opening scarlet letter in custom maps involving the Return of the cs to Wolfenstein and Red Police.

5. Fixed an issue where the dota skill status was permanently Shadowed when Kensei switched dota skills

6. Fixed an issue where pressing the keyboard item skill key when unequipped would trigger the cd effect. 7. Add unknown wild monsters in the wild. The leader is the Warcraft Naga and some neutral creatures, such as the fish man Naga Scorpion and so on, have independent action.

1.938 Content changes (patch form, overrides 1.935) :

0. Continue to adjust some blue cost and recovery items and increase the active skill recovery by 3 times

1. Increase the single damage interval of Kal's persistent ability,

2. The Master of Swords used to hit 5 times the attack speed by pressing the attack key, but now automatically hit 3 times the attack speed. Fixed the action conflict between Invincible Slash and Swordstorm (during Invincible Slash, Swordstorm had an effect but did not turn). Fixed a bug where Swordstorm could be used to keep shadow body but continue to consume blue to the end.

3. Use the active skill of the God staff to switch between Warcraft and Knife tower.

Warcraft 3 ability attacks passive swarm damage, dota 1 skill gully summons, 2 skill next hit critical hit 2.5 times, 3 skill is 1, 2, 4 skill used passively releases 3 skill swarm damage, 4 skill is swarm + swarm damage after the enemy spread around once 3 skill effect.

4. Reset the control script and animation speed parameters for some characters. Tweaked the effects of each skill IN the Warcraft skill template for Watchman (requires module,.in to use # call). Tweaked all heroes with incomplete skills to match the Eagle Bow's melee plus ranged Passivity and the Staff's small area no-Miss attack passivity.

5. Adjust the skill effect End Prompt The text prompts the problem before the cd returns to 0

Warcraft 1.941 content changes (group file or web disk patch to cover versions between 1.935 and 1.940) :

1. Adjust the action mechanism of mirror units and the high frequency of Vengeful Souls ranged attacks

2. Vengeful Spirits cannot summon in the arena

Warcraft 1.942 content changes (group file or web disk patch to cover versions between 1.935 and 1.940) :

1. Fixed the issue that the phoenix could not change eggs when it was dead. Currently, the Phoenix will not change eggs when it is dead but will not be revived for the time being

2. The flying unit death itself was set to fire sparks or mechanical components around, but the miswritten decision caused the Warcraft flying creature to fire the same mechanical components as Red Alert's aircraft

Warcraft patch 1.942~1.948 changes:

1, some small repair and adjustment, the zxvb battlefield command key to grow according to V+ keypad 1~4, blue volume is low can not use the skills of the reminder and so on and some data adjustment

2. The main work from 1.948 is to design the extensibility of the structure of the universal animation script for players, so as to facilitate the open interface to add the control and skills of animation characters like me.

Just uploaded two files like

Filename human_1_orignal_bloodelf_naruto.rar

(Later such files will be stored in the dlc nonwarcraft extra role source folder I just uploaded for centralized storage.) Pull it out of the alternate folder where you'll find "resource" and "textures" to cover mod files with the same name. The meaning of this file, human1 is the game itself default human, beast, undead, night elf four races each three hero camping interface switch. The first Terran hero, human 1, was bloodelf, Bloofarkar, so the original bloodelf represents who the original hero was, and the one after the file name (naruto) is Naruto Naruto's English name. In other words, the purpose of this zip pack is to cover the original hero of Warcraft's blood mage with all the resources such as Naruto's animated tiles and models. At this time, when entering the game, open the camp interface, go to the upper right corner of the interface there are two drop-down options, first switch from the default Warcraft character to select non-Warcraft hero additional character expansion Dlc option, Then go to the next drop-down and select dlc script number 1 (the number one after alternate-1 indicates script number 1) to execute Naruto's code

Warcraft 1.952 patch update:

1. The number of additional revivals for players has been reduced from 5 to 3 to increase the damage taken by players and prevent players from being too strong.

2. Added centralized script Settings for melee and ranged heroes. Melee and ranged heroes can be attacked with mouse in first and third person, but ranged heroes can be hit with ctrl long-range trajectory (only the first person trajectory can be aimed according to the Angle of view, other angles can only be flat shot). Currently the main embodiment is the Blood Mage, and the third point update of the DLC extra character pack characters.

3. Mainly the update of the additional character pack, pay attention to the character patch pack txt or riding Warcraft dlc character expansion pack mechanism plan introduction and progress. An introduction to the use of XLS table files. Currently, the player's original heroes that can be replaced through the character resource pack are Kakarot from Dragon Ball Culture, Master Yi from lol Culture (that is, the previous stitched lol heroes will be transferred to this mechanic), Naruto Ujiba and Sasuke Ujiba from Fire Shadow. For usage, see the file I mentioned. Note that after replacing the resource, you can adjust the two script options while setting camp. Otherwise, the actions and skills of the corresponding characters cannot be correctly released after replacing the character resources.

In this way, we can use the mechanics of Warcraft to show the actions and skills of characters from different game cultures, such as Sasuke's Chizoru Susa, Naruto's shadow avatar, and Dragon Ball's Qigong transformation. Note that Dragon Ball and Naruto are ranged heroes, but Naruto does not inherit damage due to the non-explosive trajectory of the Ranged ctrl. Other current ranged heroes inherit melee damage and critical hit bonus. Kakarot's four skill Saiyans will lock the cd after changing, and start counting the cd after the effect cancels. Each hero's skill will be described in xls table file

--------------- Additional characters optional patch -----------------

DLC additional character pack (replacing the original player hero, experience more different or different culture heroes and skills) usage

original role source(if use dlc role, for backup); dlc_warcraft extra role source; dlc_nonwarcraft extra role source The three folders represent the 12 heroes that Warcraft initially provides pre-loaded (X3 heroes for 4 races). The original resource replacement of 12 heroes in the same culture of Warcraft; Non-warcraft culture (such as Hokage LOL) has 12 heroes in situ resource replacement. The following table shows the corresponding relationship. The two DLC characters, dlc_warcraft extra role source and dlc_nonwarcraft extra role source, can be expanded to their respective folders by alternate1-10 folders. Each folder contains two folders, resource and textures, and contains a separate map of the hero's model animation. Copy resource and textures to cover the demo of the version after v1.950. If you have already put the model and texture in the expansion pack (now it is almost reserved, first installed a Naruto), then open the game, click the big map camp to enter the selection interface. Look at the upper right corner, which is the two pull options above character preview. One is to select the default hero preinstallation/additional Warcraft hero extension/additional non-Warcraft hero extension, and the other is to select different control scripts for the same hero slot alternate1-10. You need to refer to the xls table below to select the correct mode and control script number. Only when the actions and events of related characters can be run normally. Since it is in the initial stage, the installation patches of related additional characters will be released and downloaded successively in the form of independent compressed packages with independent version numbers, and the version numbers of compressed characters only apply to the changes of their model, animation and other materials. Code control needs to be synchronized every time the latest mod upgrade patch. The character compression package structure is similar to naruto role patch v1.1, that is, naruto Naruto character patch v1.1. After decompression, two description files in both Chinese and English and a compressed package human_1_(orignal_bloodelf)_(naruto culture) are generated. The file will tell you how to use it: "The compressed package in the same column is used to replace the resources such as the model animation tile of one of the existing original 12 heroes of Warcraft, and then select the appropriate script in the game's camp setting screen to run additional Warcraft and non-Warcraft heroes, so that players can try to control more heroes, and adapt to my new action system and skills and interface system.

Specific usage examples:

The compressed package name 'human_1_(orignal_bloodelf)_(naruto culture)' means that the brf you replace is the bloodelf (bloodelf), the first hero (human 1) that the player originally controlled. alternate_1_naruto: The first folder is alternate_1_naruto, indicating that the script number is 1 and the character name is naruto. The next folder is resource and textures.

Before starting the game, cover the resource and textures files in the zip pack with mods. Each zip pack contains a new model character skin, model action maps, special effects and other resources.

After starting the game, enter the camping setting interface on the game map. Select the option of "Make use of the shadow to identify the Demon Beast Yingxiong" in the upper right corner and select "Make use of the shadow to expand the DLC Package of Special Yingxiong". Then select the next option and adjust it to "Replace # 1 with DLC Manual Control script".

The skin of other additional characters in subsequent DLC is the same. alternate_ number represents the choice of script number. Only with the correct choice can the action control of the replacement character be run correctly.

The same is true for other compressed files." Note that if you want to reset the default character after replacing the extra character skin, you can download the original role source(if use dlc role, for backup) package, which contains the brf resources of the default hero. Copy the corresponding hero's brf and overwrite it. (brf is OK. The default pre-installed initial hero has no replacement relationship between resources such as tiles and additional character replacement packs except brf's model.)


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5.扎营的特殊玩法地图和红警、毁灭战士有关的要用要反恐精英的动作模型,为了系统稳定默认屏蔽,找到module.in 中load mod resource=ranoanimhero_cshand(无动画cd枪模)和load mod resource=raanimhero_cshand(有动画cd枪模),交换前面“#”符合即可重新使用cs枪模动画(1.920demo重新将动画版模型载人作为默认,所以忽略此条)。




10. 1.920demo加入了一个灵魂榨取的物品,装备头部,系统会送,靠近敌人使用物品主动技能(头部物品的主动技能是小键盘5),可以控制敌人小兵,主要给玩家提供一个允许使用战团动作砍杀系统的机会。
11. 1.930demo修改了物品变形金刚召唤卡的一些机制,变形金刚还是r变身,左alt键恢复,但是现在定义了qwe三个技能为三种不同威力的连续飞弹,分别是连续子弹,连续小导弹,连续大导弹,在魔兽争霸模式依旧需要耗蓝和cd,在红警模式会耗蓝但wtf的cd模式。以及修正了因为更改英雄文化后上了变形金刚无法下车的问题。
12. 1.930demo简单做了下卡尔/血法技能,包括魔兽和刀塔的,部分技能目前没有统一安排指向性技能分类,暂时阉割效果如二技能只阻止自己普攻但提高技能伤害。刀塔卡尔需要通过3个球技能排列组合切出10个随机技能,不过与dota差别的是,每次切出一个技能需要随便按2下前3个球技能,再按3个球技能才能正常排列组合,可能是3个一组判断出现bug后面再调整。dota技能模板召唤的额外两个技能需要分别按H和J释放,目前两个额外技能不像qwer基础技能一样支持可以鼠标点图标释放。







https://bbs.mountblade.com.cn/thread-2093625-1-1.html 该贴发发开发日志和一些图片视频

759523711群 新建了一个,原本我有几个群,但管理松懈不怎么管理,机器人什么的放任群员玩,聊天内容什么都可以,太吵了后面可能也都到群助手里冷了。新群要求骑砍和魔兽爱好者进,不要再大量讨论骑砍和魔兽以外的内容,要么安静。我反正没有测试的说法,随性当百度云给群里备份资料和demo







Filename human_1_orignal_bloodelf_naruto.rar
(后期这种文件多了之后要放在我刚开始上传的dlc nonwarcraft extra role source文件夹里面集中保管。)用的时候从里面提出来,存放alternate一数字类似名称的文件夹里面存着resource和textures两个文件夹用来覆盖mod同名文件。这个文件的意思,human1即游戏本身默认人族,兽族,不死族,暗夜精灵四种族各三个英雄扎营界面切换。人族的第一个英雄即human 1是bloodelf也就是血法卡尔,所以original bloodelf代表了原始英雄是谁,文件名称后面一个(naruto)是火影忍者漩涡鸣人的英文名。也就是说这个压缩包的作用就是将漩涡鸣人的动画贴图和模型等所有资源覆盖原始英雄魔兽的血法师。这时候进入游戏后,打开扎营界面,到界面的右上角有两个下拉选项,首先从默认魔兽人物切换到选择非魔兽英雄额外人物扩展Dlc选项,然后到下一个下拉选项里面选择dlc脚本1号(alternate-1后面这个数字一就代表了脚本号为1)才执行鸣人相关代码




original role source(if use dlc role , for backup);dlc_warcraft extra role source;dlc_nonwarcraft extra role source这3个文件夹分别代表了魔兽初始提供预装的12个英雄(4种族X3个英雄);魔兽同一个文化对已有12个英雄的原位资源替换;非魔兽文化(比如火影LOL)对已有12个英雄的原位资源替换。以下表格是对应关系,dlc_warcraft extra role source和dlc_nonwarcraft extra role source这两个DLC人物扩展到各自文件夹内可以看到alternate1-10十个文件夹,每个文件夹内有resource和textures两个文件夹,独立装了一个英雄的模型动画贴图资源。通过复制有resource和textures去覆盖骑砍魔兽v1.950以后版本的demo,如果已经在扩展包放了模型和贴图的(现在几乎是预留状态,先装了一个火影鸣人),然后打开游戏,点击大地图扎营进去选人界面,看右上角也就是人物预览头上两个拉选选项,一个是选择默认英雄预装/额外魔兽英雄扩展/额外非魔兽英雄扩展,另一个是选同一个英雄槽alternate1-10的不同控制脚本,需要参考下面xls表格选对正确的模式和控制脚本序号,才可以正常运行相关人物的动作和事件. 由于处于起步阶段,相关额外人物安装补丁将陆续以独立压缩包形式发布下载,并有独立的版本号,人物压缩包版本号只针对其模型动画贴图等素材的改动,代码控制需每次同步最新的mod升级补丁。人物压缩包结构会类似naruto role patch v1.1,即漩涡鸣人人物补丁v1.1版本,解压后会生成中英文两个说明文件和一个压缩包“human_1_(orignal_bloodelf)_(naruto culture)”。说明文件会告诉你用法:“同列的压缩包是用来替换现有魔兽初始12个英雄之一的模型动画贴图等资源,然后在游戏的扎营设置界面选择合适脚本来运行其他魔兽或非魔兽的额外英雄人物,这样玩家可以尝试控制更多的英雄,并适配我的新动作系统和技能及界面系统。


压缩包名称'human_1_(orignal_bloodelf)_(naruto culture)'表示你替换的brf是玩家初始控制的魔兽人族第一个英雄(human 1)血法师(bloodelf),通过替换包可以替换为火影文化(naruto)的英雄,解压后第一层文件夹是alternate_1_naruto,说明采用的是脚本号为1,人物名称叫漩涡鸣人(naruto),下一层文件夹便是resource和textures。


启动游戏后游戏大地图进入扎营设置界面,右上角从“使 用 默 认 魔 兽 英 雄 ”选项选择“使 用 额 外 非 魔 兽 特 殊 英 雄 DLC 扩 展 包 ”,再选择下一个选项调整到“使 用 额 外 DLC 人 物 控 制 脚 本 替 换 第 1 号 ”.

同理其他的压缩包文件用法.” 注意如果替换了额外人物皮肤后想重置回原来的默认人物,可以下载original role source(if use dlc role , for backup)压缩包,里面装了默认英雄的brf资源,复制相应英雄的brf回去覆盖即可还原(brf即可,默认预装的初始英雄除brf的模型外,贴图等资源与额外人物替换包的不存在替换关系)
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