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I have been playing around 75 years in game and has around 20 plus family members. I can just have around 5 parties max. What do I do with the rest of my family members? Some I made governors of my 5 fiefs. Still has a so many useless many family members waiting to age and die. The females I marry off but how about others?

Is there a way to increase maximum number of parties more than 5?



You take them in your party and train them.
Put them as warriors or assign a role in the party to level that specific attribute.
Quartermaster,Scouting,Medicine etc.

You can also make them trade caravans.


Both of the above + I like to cycle through them = moving the older ones to governors and training up the younger ones in parties.

I do dislike the arbitrary party limit tho. I can well afford 10 parties or more by late game.
Use them in battles. It's a pity they couldn't assigned workshops to boost production or something or have them train recruits in towns or have a town governor and town captain of the guard to add a defence boost. In one of my playthroughs i must have had 20 family members or a little more and most of them were not used.


To a certain extend... by late game family members become another cash-cow to milk. If you keep marrying the males off, you can end up bringing in millions in armour and weapons that can be resold. Then send the unarmoured wives off to battle to be 'recycled' and do it again.

But I'm not sure that's the intent of marriage, or family member inflation.

I wonder if there were other tasks and roles they could fulfil. For example in the impending crime updates or use them as some sort of courtier with city perks or running workshops etc... So they aren't all just milling about in the keep all day.


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Now that I think about it, in absence of more useful roles, you could just leave them in various towns to use them as emissaries. It doesn't work for villages iirc, but they can raise relations for you in towns (dunno about castles), though this would probably just be within towns of your faction since you probably wouldn't want them to be captured the instant a war started.
Could be like crusader kings and have council where you appoint people to roles running you clan or kingdom. you could appoint a diplomate to boost chances of getting what you want from a deal with another faction. You could have a spy master to run your illegal business. You could have lore keeper to take out bandit lairs and roaming looters and other nonfaction dangers to keep the security in your domain. I could think of loads more. Hope TW dose something to make the clan system better.
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