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Extreme amount of uninteresting messages flood us during the campaign. Births, deaths, marriages, whatever. 99% of these messages are completely useless for the player. I think we should get only these messages:
-Any king dies
-Name of the new king, probably 1-2 hours later. These messages are rather for the immersion, but they are rare, so it can be interesting to know.
-Our settlements are under siege or someone started looting our villages.
-Our faction started to siege a settlement. It's unimportant when they loot villages.
-Building finished.
-Births, pregnancies and deaths, tournament winnings in our clan
-Changes related to selected entries in the encyclopedia: clans, cities, persons. In detail:
A trader could find it important if a selected city is under siege, because of the possible profits after the siege.
When we select possible spouses, it is important if he/she marries someone else. Or dies.

Btw thanks for removing the skill gain messages from the feed.

What do you think fellow players? Are you interested in this many messages?
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Spam is spam. Someone important needs to sit down and gameplan a hierarchy of importance for world events and then add nice and varied audio and a new level of detailed messaging presented in interesting ways. Like a pleasant medieval horn for something major yet festive, a forboding sound for incoming War (only works if Wars are treated as serious things not flippant daily decisuions) etc etc


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I think it's a nice touch, to be honest. People always complain that Bannerlord lacks flavor text. Well, this is part of that.


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The text is only "meaningless" because there is little to no gameplay behind it.

I would still prefer they keep it though, it gives a semblance of life in Calradia and at this point I'll take anything I can get.


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I don't understand how they could improve the mood. These aren't flavor texts at all. The spam flood makes me ignore all of such messages including interesting ones.
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