Thorgrim's Map Editor v0.9.0 (Updated 20/06/2008)

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I think I love you, Thorgrim...

*Warning N00b question*

Which is the root folder? I downloaded it to my M&B directory folder in the program files, obviously thats the wrong one?


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And it's about time too.

Good work, by the way. I expect the people doing the french mods and stuff will make a stunning map of france.

is there any way to edit the actual size of the full map?


Jörn said:
I think I love you, Thorgrim...

*Warning N00b question*

Which is the root folder? I downloaded it to my M&B directory folder in the program files, obviously thats the wrong one?
omfg.... nonono, dont say you really don't know it. you gotta put the insides of the archive into the mnb folder. So that the .exe file of the editor is at the same place as the .exe of the game.


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Yeah, I just now had a chance to try it and got the "dwLinerSize is 0" error myself. All the files were extracted with folder structure intact to my MnB folder.
I'm running M&B v.704, and have a Geforce 5900, if that helps.


This absolutely, positively, without doubt ... wins the prize for 'Best First Post' ...

Thorgrim, thanks much!

EDIT: A new tag for you!

Thought somebody might benefit from this, as I can't remember commands off the top of my head from a new program too easily.

Thorgrim's Cool Editor Menu said:

Left Mouse Button: Raise Map
Shift + Left Mouse Button: Lower Map
Right Mouse Button: Rotate Camera
Shift + Right Mouse Button: Rotate Sun
Arrow Keys: Move Camera
Z: Zoom in
F9: Change Camera mode
`: Change Edit mode
1-6: Select Draw texture

F1: Save Map
F2: Load Map
F3: Generate blank map of current tile type

L: Enable / Disable lighting
Lowercase p: Flate Shading
Uppercase P: Smooth shading
Lowercase w: Wireframe
Uppercase W: Solid mode
ESC: Exit
H: Help Menu

'This Program over-writes the old map.txt file
be sure to back-up the original'

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Um, is there an UNDO button? EDIT: I also accidentely saved, maybe a prompt is needed, I don't think that the game will do well on only water.


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Hey, sorry to everyone getting the "dwLinerSize is 0" error, all this dds loading is new to me, so I'm not quite sure what causes it.

Could anyone getting this error let me know what graphics card / drivers they have (thanks Janus for posting yours), if you have custom textures, and maybe pm me your MSN / ICQ details if you have time to chat?

If I can't solve it I might make a temporary version that just loads bmps for the textures.


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You know what? I was running the Hundred Years War mod which replaces some textures; I switched back to the original textures and the map editor now opens fine. So that was it, the textures.


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Ok, I'll have to take a look at the mod, sounds like they didn't save the dds files quite right, for now I added support for bmps if anyone wants it.

I also added a larger brush size and support for editing mods as well as the Native module.

Edit: Just made a quick update, seems to work fine with the 100year war mod now.


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Shiza! Damn, this might bring me back from the claws of Battlegrounds (mod for Half-Life 1). ****, man, I gots to try me this!


well, i personaly am gonna wait till some more work has been done on the prog be4 i dl it, not cause of a fear of any shoddy coding on your part, but because my computer is a P.O.S. and i wanna wait till all the bugs and stuff have been worked out of your program be4 i risk killing my computer (also found out the hard way, mag7 mod and arena mod do not like eachother, hahahahaha...) so yeah, im being careful untill i get this thing fixed, at least ive got it stable enough to use the internet now...ya know what would be awsome, is if in the future you where able to add the ability to add towns or castles to the map, each one u added on there would have a corresponding basic simple town or castle that corresponded with it that ppl can enter into, then they can go from the re customizing the castles and towns themselves to make them how they want, would be cool i think, but probably a ways away...



Anyone else having a problem where it decides to crash while your in game?

I started a new game and, well, I think a few guys will spawn, but then, I get the lovely error sound and crash (Mother3*(#^%&*(#Errorsi'mgoingtokickthere#(&^@#%)

Only problem so far.
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