Thorgrim's Map Editor v0.9.0 (Updated 20/06/2008)

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Last Update: 20/06/2008

Map Editor v0.9.0
(download from M&B File Repository, thanks to Janus)

Mirror 1:

If you have any problems, check the Help page and the FAQ below before posting here if your problem is still un resolved

Help Page (WIP): Map Editor Help Page

Requires Windows 2000 / Windows XP

New in Version 0.9.0 - 20/06/2008

- Added support for 0.95x and 0.96x
- Fixed some bugs with tree rendering
- Fixed a number of tools so they work with the new water types (eg the shore smoothing tool)

Version 0.8.5 - 7/10/2007 - Dowload - For M&B 0.90x and earlier

- Added support for 0.89x party file format (NOTE: this means that this version map editor is no longer compatible with 0.808 or earlier)
- Added a number of the new terrain types such as ford and desert
- Added the ability to rotate map icons (as now supported in M&B 0.89x+)
- Fixed some problems which caused the module.ini file to be saved incorrectly in 0.89x

Note: The map editor still has hard coded textures for each terrain type, so it will not display the correct texture if you modify the actual materials.  Override the textures by placing a texture of the same name in your module textures dir should still work however.



-- Credits --

Thanks to Armagan and Ipek, Janus for the repository space,
Lurb for his work deciphering the BRF format (which is used to display the map icons),
and to all you fantastic people who keep amazing me with the maps you create :smile:


-- FAQ --

Q: I get the following error when I run the map editor: "ARB_texture_compression_extension not found", what do I do?
A:  Most of the time this means you need new graphics card drivers:

If you have an Ati card:
If you have an Nvidia card:

Q: Can I use this to edit a Warband world map?
A: Yes:
Paryzo said:
1. Download the Original M&B From there website (Free) - Click on 'Mount and Blade' Under other games then click Downloads at the side, and so on...

2. Install the Original M&B files to a folder on the desktop e.g 'M&B ORIG FILES'

3. Go into your Warband Folder and select your module (Mount and Blade Warband/Module/Native*or what every module you use*)

4. Copy the three files 'map' 'map_icons' and 'parties' into a folder on the desktop called 'Warband Map Backups' This is in case you mess up

5. Go into your Original M&B Folder/Modules/Native*dont worry if its not the module you use* and delete 'map' 'map_icons' and 'parties', but dont worry you wont be needing them... And copy the 'map' 'map_icons' and 'parties' from your 'Warband Map Backups' *NOTE* COPY DO NOT DRAG!* there instead...

6. Last but not least, Download the Thorgrim's Map Editor 0.9.0 - - Install To a Folder on desktop, run mapeditor.exe, and edit away *NOTE* It may look like the original map but trust me if you done it right it isn't*

And once your done editing, drag those 'map' 'map_icons' and 'parties' into the warband module folder - Mount and Blade/Modules/Native
and over right everything! (remember you kept backups)

Have fun  :grin: (Also if the mapediter.exe sais something like Unable to find it or something like that, just go into 'editorData' then open up 'Setting' and where it sais:

#  Mount & Blade path
# use "." if running the editor from the root M&B directory
# use "auto" to auto detect M&B path
# or type in the full path: eg "C:/games/Mount&Blade"
# NOTE: if typing the full path, use / NOT \ as a separator
mbPath=auto <----- MAKE SURE THIS IS ON AUTO

Please tell me your feedback... thanks  :grin:


-- Change List --

Version 0.8.5 - 7/10/2007

- Added support for 0.89x party file format (NOTE: this means that this version map editor is no longer compatible with 0.808 or earlier)
- Added a number of the new terrain types such as ford and desert
- Added the ability to rotate map icons (as now supported in M&B 0.89x+)
- Fixed some problems which caused the module.ini file to be saved incorrectly in 0.89x

Note: The map editor still has hard coded textures for each terrain type, so it will not display the correct texture if you modify the actual materials.  Override the textures by placing a texture of the same name in your module textures dir should still work however.

Version 0.8.3 - 14/3/2007 - Download - (for M&B 0.80:cool:

- When importing an obj to replace the map, textures are now preserved.

Version 0.8.2 - 6/3/2007

- Fixed a bug with saving module.ini
- Fixed a bug that was causing a crash when saving the map (and messing up parties.txt)

The help page has also been slightly updated.  I suggest that anyone using the map editor should have a good look over the hotkeys list (most of which do appear when the Map Editor launches):

Remember you can also change most of the hotkeys in the controls menu, and bind them to whatever key you like.

I myself even forget some of the hotkeys from time to time (I know they should all be added to the interface... I just don't have the time), some of them can be very handy.

Version 0.8.1 - 27/12/2006

- Fixed a bug that prevented some towns being shown.

- Hidden towns are now also displayed

Version 0.8.0 - 26/11/2006

- Updated so that it now works with 0.800+

- When exporting map to .obj, texture co-ordinates are also exported.  Use Map_Pallet.png in the editorData directory as the texture.

- Map_Pallet.png may also be used for painting new colour maps for importing into the map editor.

- M&B path name may now include spaces when the full path is entered

- Fixed some minor bugs

Version 0.7.7 - 14/4/2006 - Download - (for M&B 0.730, 0.731, 0.750, 0.751)

- Works for M&B 0.730+ (0.730, 0.731, 0.750)

- Fixes for a number of crashing bugs with welding, deleting faces, cloning faces, smoothing etc

- Fixed some texture problems (with non square textures)

Version 0.7.6 - 18/1/2006

- Fixed borders (north and south were the wrong way round)

- Towns / spawns should be easier to move now (left click to select, right click to move)

- Can now adjust camera speed by dragging a slider (click the little blob in the bottom left corner)

- Double clicking a vertex now selects all vertices in the map

- Added a "weld selected" tool (Ctrl-V as default) that welds all vertices that are within a set radius of another vertex
(set the weld radius in settings.cfg)

Version 0.7.5 - 18/1/2006

- Added a minimap

- Minimap has 4 sizes: small, large, fullscreen and minimised.

- Can toggle the minimap with a hotkey (default is spacebar) or by clicking the +/- buttons in the corner.

- Minimap has 2 modes: textured and un-textured

Version 0.7.4 - 17/1/2006

- Added face scaling (like vertex scaling)

- Some more tweaks to shore smoothing (should be less crashing etc)

- Added thinning, to thin selected faces. This is useful for making rivers thinner, (or wider by selecting the terrain around it), as well as creating roads.

- Some GUI changes / additions.

Below is a road created with the new thin tool.  The road was created by using a brush size of 2, then double clicking on it to select the whole road, and thinning twice.  The texture used was steppe (with replaced by


Version 0.7.3b - 12/1/2006

- Updated the shore smoothing tool.  It will no longer "twist" the shorelines, so can be used many times on the same shore if needed.
It is still recommended that you limit the number of times you use this tool however.

- Heightmaps are now imported and exported with height 0 = pure black.  Pure white = height of 38.25.

- Added a redo button: shift + Undo button (so Ctrl-Shift-z as default)

Version 0.7.3 - 11/1/2006

The main feature of this update is the new shore smoothing mode.
This should save you a lot of time when making a new map!
Note that it also does some optimising to the river edges, as well as adjusting vertices.
This tool should only be used once on any section of water!
Select the section you wish to smooth in face selection mode, otherwise the whole map will be smoothed.  An easy way to smooth a river is to enter face select mode, double click the river, then click the smooth button.  The same can be done for an ocean or lake.
It is still experimental, so dont complain if your map blows up (always keep backups)

- Pg Up and Pg down now perform the same functions as the scroll wheel, for those who dont have one.

- Added a tool to smooth all shore / river edges.  The default key is Ctrl-S, or press the smooth button in face mode.

- Ctrl+Any letter key is now bind-able to any of the functions in the controls list.

- Some key shortcuts have changed, check Menu > Options > Controls

- Changed the popup mode selection menus, hopefully they are now easier to use

Version 0.7.2 - 9/1/2006

- Added heightmap exporting.  Keep in mind this is not very accurate, as the map is fully 3d, where a heightmap is only 2d of limited resolution.
The exported heightmap will be the same resolution as the current window.

- Added obj exporting.  Select the faces you with to export, then select export from the menu.

- Added obj importing.  The mesh will currently replace the entire previous mesh.

- Added colour map importing and exporting.  Similar to heightmap importing and exporting, it cannot be totally accurate.
Any bmp with the suffix -c.bmp will be read as a colour map.
With the addition of this feature, it is now possible to somewhat convert a map to a different mesh resolution. 
Of course some tweaking will still be needed at terrain seems.

Version 0.7.1 - 8/1/2006

- Added heightmap importing: place any bmps you with to use as a heightmap into editorData/heightmaps.
Then use Menu > Import and select the heightmap.
Note that only bmps are supported for now.
The darker the hue of a pixel the lower the terrain will become.
This works on any map, with any size bmp, and will scale to fit the map.

- Fixed y value of location display / copying (it was inverted)

Version 0.7 - 1/1/2006

- Changed font to use M&B font.  Looks better, and renders much faster.

- Added an outer border, roughly where the camera can see to when at the very edge of the map.

- When dragging towns in selection mode, they now move to the exact location of the mouse.

- Can now hold 'z' (or another key if you change the key bindings) to display the location the cursor is pointing to.

- When z is released, the location is copied to the clipboard, for easy pasting into python files.

- A number of useability fixes for GUI etc.

Version 0.6.3 - 28/12/2005

- Fixed a problem with renaming towns

- Map Icons are now lit similarly to in game (but not quite the same yet, and still no shadows)

- Fixed some GUI bugs

- Fixed module resource loading. 
  However you must still specify each module resource you wish to check in your resource.txt file in the editorData directory.
  For example if you have The Last Days mod, and my Map Icon pack for another mod, you can add

  load_module_resource = tld_map_icons
  load_module_resource = thor_map_icons

  Which would check both these files when loading a module, and load the icons if the brf exists for the current module.

- The "+" button in selection mode now adds a new town (but will require you to edit it in the unofficial editor to attach menus etc to it)

Version 0.6.2b - 19/12/2005

- A number of fixes for things that caused crashes with larger maps (and some with any size map)

- Party ids are now not modified by the map editor (however are converted to lowercase if found to be upper case)

- module_info.txt saving is fixed (thanks to Effidian for pointing these 2 out)

Version 0.6.2 - 13/12/2005

- Fixed river shading

- Towns on impassable tiles now get highlighted when saving

- Map Icons are now loaded in a similar way to how they are loaded in game (should be able to show module specific icons now)
  If using the map editor with a version of M&B before 0.710, make sure you change the load_resource line in editorData/resources.txt to "load_resource = strategy_misc_data"

Version 0.6.1 - 7/12/2005

- Can now drag map borders (camera bounds) when in selection mode

- Added snow and steppe forest

- Added a mode to the water lock settings to allow dragging of ONLY water, old static water dragged shorelines too.

- Fixed some bugs that caused crashes

- Fixed some issues with map icons

Version 0.6 - 6/12/2005

- Added popup lists for all modes that used the number keys for selecting the draw type

- Added some keys you can change (cant change them all yet though)

- Can now double click a face in face mode to select all adjoining faces of the same texture (like fill)

- Shorelines now render lighter than deep water (Hopefully Armagan will do something similar)

- Added an optimise function (don't reccomend using it yet though)

- Added a mode help option that displays help for the currently selected mode (can toggle it on and off)


Version 0.5.4 - 4/12/2005

- Trees now show the actual models instead of the stand in tree (though are not displayed exactly the same as in game yet)

- parties.txt and map_icons.txt are reloaded if modified while using the map editor (eg if using python / unofficial editor)

- Mount & blade path is now auto detected, so you do not need to place it in the same directory.  If this causes problems, you can set the path in the settings.cfg.
  NOTE: the unofficial editor currently requires the map editor to be in the root M&B path to launch it.

- Fixed some problems with face deletion

- Added vertex deletion

- Other minor fixes to some draw modes

Version 0.5.3b - 3/12/2005

- Fixed dds loading (If the interface was appearing white)

- Added support to load a mod by adding the mod name as a command line argument

Version 0.5.3 - 2/12/2005

- You can now drag select as many verts and faces as you want (without having to shift drag select many times).  This should make scaling the borders of the map etc much easier.

- You can now un-select verts and faces by using Alt + select / drag.

- Added proper culling (FPS is now much faster when only a portion of the map is in view)

- Added a load menu that lets you load other mods without having to edit the settings.cfg (also fixed loading of mods that had spaces in the path)

Version 0.5.2 - 28/11/2005

- Added cursor wrap to make scaling, moving etc easier.

- Added brush size, and sensitivity sliders.

- Added rotation key (R key).  Rotates the map by 90 degrees.  Note that map icons are not rotated (though the position is rotated). 
          This is because map icons cannot be rotated in game (each rotation of an icon needs a seperate model for now it seems)

Version 0.5.1

- Fixed new Map creation

- Added vertex scaling (Press F8 while in vertex mode)

- Fixed clip planes so you can now zoom in much closer

- New map meshes are now generated with a very similar structure to the original

- You can now set a map border, that has larger tiles to make the map look larger

Version 0.5

- Added multiple vertex selection: click and drag, and shift click / shift click and drag.

- Fixed town and spawn selection so it is easier to select.

- Fixed town dragging so it doesnt lock to vertexes

- Towns now render as whatever BRF model they are shown as in game ( Big thanks to Lurb and his BRF Library!)
- (Currently only shows them if they are in strategy_misc_data.brf, and always applys texture)

- Can change town map icon using + / - while town is selected

- Added face selection, hold shift to select multiple faces.

- Added face cloning, hold ctrl + drag to clone faces.

- Added face deletion, press delete with faces selected

- Added vertex welding, hold control, and drag selected verts onto another vert

Features include:
- Map viewing
- Map height editing
- Map texture editing:
paint any terrain type over the terrain, including forest to add trees
- Adjustable lighting
- Automatic blank template generation
- 30 brush sizes
- Support for mods as well as the Native module in settings.cfg
- Town and spawn point editing
- Vertex editing on all 3 axis
- Map bounds display
- Blending like seen in game
- Tools to make editing as easy as possible such as level caps and automatic texturing of land.

Yet to be done:
- Add all functions to the list of changeable keys,
- Better GUI
- Ability to split polygons / extrude etc

Please do try it out, it should run on anything Geforce2+, though its not really optimised yet (It works fine on my GF2 and my Radeon 9600xt however)

Here are some screenshots to show you what its able to do:





You can download it here:

Thorgrim's Map Editor v0.7.7
Unzip to your root M&B Directory, back up your old map.txt and parties.txt, and run

Example Map

Map Editor Help Page
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Great job Thorgrim, just tried it and it works perfectly.

Just one question though, I can't seem to change the edit mode. The help says to press `, but I've tried pressing every key already now and...well nothing.
Glad it seems to be working, the ' key is the key next to the 1... above the tab.

Maybe next version I can make the keys configurable, but I thought ` would be good since its by the number keys you use for switching texture type.

Yoshiboy: never seen that one, I'll try seach for it tomorrow

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Problem is I have a dirty for'n keyboard which has the ' key in a completely different place. Pressing it does nothing, and same goes for the key above tab (which is ² and ³ on this keyboard).

But at least for now I can already have some fun messing around with the editor, so no worries yet.
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