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The Windows 10 Thread

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Well, if you're really having a problem. My baby Vraelomonz also spoke of such an issue on Discord! It'll be fun to actually spend time troubleshooting it for him and other users of the internet.

What the hell. Thank goodness I've got Win 7 on my gaming PC...


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Ryzen and future Intel Architectures past Kaby Lake will not be supported by Microsoft on Windows 7, so you need to plan around your ageing Windows 7 Machine.

Unless you plan on using the same computer forever that is.

My PC's like 3 and a half years old, and the specs were pretty good when I built it. It'll last me a while longer, and then I'll worry about getting a new CPU and presumably Windows 10.


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Arvenski said:

What the hell. Thank goodness I've got Win 7 on my gaming PC...
Microsoft pulls Windows 10 October 2018 Update


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Sreaction said:
As soon as support ends for Windows 7, I am switching to Linux... "flips double bird to Microsoft" :wink:
Almost my stance on that as well.With Steam recently improving support for Windows games on Linux, I'm hoping Uplay and Origin will do the same, but I guess I'd rather not play Battlefield than use Windows 10 on my main system.


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Finally moved up to Windows 10 after holding out on Win7. I'll miss it.

Windows 10 Enterprise LTSC 2019 is the way to go, it's great. It has the good backend stuff added in Windows 8/10 but with no gash clutter at all and you can completely nuke all the telemetry. The joys of working in a school.


My only problem has been with fullscreen games crashing. It seems Windows 10 handles them differently and occasionally they lock up so badly they blackout the ctrl-alt-del screen as well. With a couple button spams though I can usually log out and force it down.
I have some old games like Max Payne 2, GTA 3 disced versions and I want to play them. But once I double tab on their icons, nothing happens.

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So, Windows updates consistently fail and bluescreen my Win10 laptop until the whole thing decides to start recovery. It used to be quiet for a few weeks or months afterwards, but lately, they've started trying to force a reboot the very next day.

I'm reasonably certain the root cause is automagic reactivation of a certain semi-essential, but non-functional piece of hardware (primary GPU) that I keep disabled to keep this exact **** from happening. Could be wrong, of course, but, **** it, google ain't forthcoming with answers.

Paying for an entire new computer would be fairly nonsensical at this point in time, and a hardware replacement would likely be somewhere around there anyhow. So. Any bandaids?


Is the GPU from AMD?
My desktop computer sometimes says on startup that there was a problem and Windows has recovered from some error with "AMD Wattman". I haven't paid much attention to it, but I think it happens if I press the power (physical) button. Probably Windows fails to properly close the software and just kills the process.

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Indeed it is. Though, I'm guessing it's a bit beyond being a driver issue.

The fault had happened before, around 4-5 years ago. I noticed some news about buggy drivers roasting graphics cards at the time, and trying to update them just led to the installer choking on itself, IIRC.
In any case, the thing was still under warranty at the time, so I went to the effort of getting it to tech support, but even then, they didn't have a clue what's wrong with it. Took weeks of back-and forth before they finally just replaced the entire motherboard, and shipped it back.
It worked for a while, but then it just crapped out again in...let's say half a year. At this point, I just want the damn thing out of the system so I can have three quarters of a functioning computer.
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