The RKR is looking for recruits! EU & NA (Line Regiment & Arty) Bannerlord & Napoleonic Wars

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The Regiment des Kaiserreichs also known as the RKR is looking for recruits.

We participate in line battle events and siege events every weekend within Mount and Blade: Napoleonic Wars. We are a fairly relaxed regiment, however, we still require a certain level of discipline during events. You do not have to be experienced in regimental line battles or even in the game. We also do not require that you come to every event and you can also go to both EU and NA events. If we get enough Oceanic members in the future, we would be willing to begin participating in Oceanic events.If you do not wish to necessarily join right away as a recruit or just want to see what our regiment is like, we do accept mercenaries for our events.

RKR is planning on having Bannerlord events once they are a viable option.

Our schedule is as shown: Events

If you wish to join, please contact me on steam @ AzureCuzYeah, if I happen to be offline, please add one of the following officers:

(Regiment Leader) Kaiser von Magnerheim - Magnapulse321

Fürst von Nordenfeld - Ze_Wolf_O_Canada

Graf von Brosenbach - HDBrosky

Herr von Kaden - ༺ k𝓪ℓto ༺

Ritter von Obermal - AzureCuzYeah

Ritter von Walden - Ace

Ritter von Deiter - Bredor

Graf von Inselbach - Legatus
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